Tuesday, July 23, 2024

David Wilcock 2020 Exclusive: The Interview You’ve Been Waiting For! [Part 1]

Watch part 1 of our latest series on Cannib@lism here: http://bit.ly/demons_of_the_cabal Get 20% OFF annual plans [LIMITED TIME OFFER Expires 12/26/19; discount applies to first year only]: http://bit.ly/eow_holiday He’s back! The one and only Mr. David Wilcock! What has he been up to all this time? Many people are wondering and now we have the answers and an amazingly shocking interview! To support David Wilcock, please visit his site: http://bit.ly/divine_cosmos_eow In Part One, we cover censorship, Youtube and Social Media. Who and why has been censored and for what reasons? We also talk about the FISA report, sealed indictments, Q An0n, Cosmic Secret and so much more… so watch it today and let us know what you think! Part 2 (Youtube ) and Parts 3-4 (EdgeofWonder.tv) will be coming January 2020!


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