Monday, July 15, 2024

David Wilcock LIVE: I Can’t Tell You Any of This… Because It’s Classified!

What do the top insiders tell us about underground bases, extraterrestrial life and their presence here on Earth? David will take you deep down the rabbit hole of the latest and greatest inside intel. You can also sign up for David’s new online course, Sacred Science of the Michael Prophecies, at This is an eleven-part, ten-plus-hour online course in all the best Sacred Science teachings of Archangel Michael that David has fastidiously developed with scientific data over the last 30-plus years. David is joined by the ‘Cosmic’ insider Chris Beskar, CEO of Stavatti Aerospace, for a “peer review” of this data — and the results are eminently watchable and deeply fascinating and inspiring for our future. This course also includes all seven of the Michael Prophecies books, ready to go as deliverables from the moment you sign up — just like the eleven-part course with cinematic production value. CRYPTO NO-GO: Please be advised that David does not contact anyone in the comments section, nor does he use, buy or sell any form of crypto. If anyone is posing as David and inviting you into a contact, particularly if it involves money, it’s definitely not David. He does not have the time to do this, but there are very fastidious thieves who impersonate constantly.


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