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Death of a Super Soldier

UPDATE: Stewart Swerdlow said he heard directly that “He was found dead and unresponsive at his friends in Poland.”

UPDATE: from Aleksander Berdowicz. “He was never in coma. His heart stopped and then they tried to reanimate him for a few hours. The ambulance came and went away after an hour, but 3 other people tried to continue reanimation with no success.”

I have sadly just received a text from Poland, that Max Spiers, British-American super soldier, has been found dead. He had been staying with mutual friends outside of Warsaw. He was found in his room unconscious and with no pulse. Emergency crew was unable to revive him.
Max was a friend. He was troubled and when I saw him last month in Poland, he did not seem right. I am sad to report on his passing. But, he is free of Earthly pains now. Our deepest condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Max.

Death Of A Super Soldier


    • updated the post….. Max is not dead, he is in a coma in hospital in Poland, he collapsed this afternoon and hasn’t woken up since. Please pray for his safe recovery. Thanks.

      • From Miesha Johnston….. Stewart Swerdlow said he heard directly that he was found dead and unresponsive at his friends in Poland. Until more information can come in i cannot confirm anything.

      • UPDATE: from Aleksander Berdowicz. “He was never in coma. His heart stopped and then they tried to reanimate him for a few hours. The ambulance came and went away after an hour, but 3 other people tried to continue reanimation with no success.”

        • I was contacted from Poland just after he died, in a frantic plea for help to locate/contact his Mother. Sarah didn’t even have contact w/ her. A msg was left for Miles for the same reason. He immediately uploaded a public post and video on Facebook ( the ONE thing I didn’t want to see happen). Alek posted a comment there. Through no fault of his own, his broken English was misunderstood about the what had transpired.
          Alek later attempted to clarify this but it was too late. Miles had directly told many peopl max wasn’t dead and was in a coma. While a handful of us worked for over 5 hours non-stop trying to reach Max’s Mother. While he lay dead. Facebook went viral with rumors and COMPLETELY wrong info that he wasn’t dead, he was in a coma, he was in critical condition, Stewart Swerdlow was with him, he was in a hotel room … I went on & on all day. The few of us who knew what actually happened had our hands full and trying to put out the wildfires on Facebook was like spitting on a bon fire.
          Miles eventually took the post/video down, and stopped spreading the BS, but it was FAR too late. This was the most DISRESPECTFUL way imaginable for the immediate hours following Max’s passing. I am livid but can’t wallow in that right now. So much in these circles and the far-reaching platform provided by social media and the internet for egocentricities to run amuck by weak, self-serving fools has far surpassed being out of control. This NEVER should have transpired.
          Of course, everyone wants to know what happened. I had several lengthy conversations with Max in the past few weeks up to & including last Saturday. Yes, there was a lot going on. The man had a private life just like everyone else. PLEASE, respect him, his family and those close to him. PLEASE. R…I…P Max.

  1. ‘@SandraK9 Thank you for your detailed post. I understand from Alexandr’s post that an ambulance came and left having declared him dead. Would you know why the ambulance did not take him to a hospital mortuary for post mortem?

    • I did wonder myself. I don’t know if it was some protocol there that next of kin be notified first or if it was the Polish friend’s choice. They were so panicked and devastated, I didn’t inquire about much at the time. I was about to ask, when after about 4 hrs they did tell me they would wait 1 more hour to reach his Mother then call police & embassy. Shortly after that we made contact and things were carried out.

  2. i had very strange attack this same night and dream about astral fight… from sight ”polish friend” of Max hmm.. so i think that i know who killed Max.. who used him and deleted.. because this same polish group (‘polish bucegi team”) wanted kill me and my family (bloody ceremony)… i am from Poland… and this story is connect with this topic BASES.. blessings❤

  3. i wouldnt be in the same country as that jew spook swerdlow and his witch wife. Everyone around him ends up dead or mysteriuosly “silent”. And of course he’s choosing to keep quiet about everything and do nothing but bash everyone else that speaks out or tries to inquire.

  4. ‘@JamesRink Miles stated in his interview with Kerry that Janet Swerdlow gave him medication. I think everyone needs to be careful before jumping to conclusions. He seems to have suffered an acute gastrointestinal hemhorrage, with black blood oozing from orifices – the previous night. If this is correct (and stories get misinterpreted easily), then the question arises for the girl he was staying with as to why he was not taken to hospital the previous night. Perhaps she thought he just had too much vodka. Vomiting blood however is extremely serious and can be due to a bleeding ulcer, oesphagal tears and varices (ruptured veins), pancreatitis. The rumoured headache in the previous days could suggest underlying liver disease exacerbated by heavy drinking. Amateur speculation on my part, only an autopsy will provide the answers.

  5. ‘@LiviaEtherFlow Who are the people involved with Polish Bucegi? Alek B? Can you expand on your personal experience?
    @SandyK9 Thank you for your reply.

    • Indigo, yes.. Alex B is member of this group.. NAVIGATORS.. I saw his face in night when Max died in BLACK ORB together with very specific sounds…. I had big problem and still have from reason this polish psychopatic ezo group.. and now Alex share info that Max is happy on other side and still have contact with him… it`s big manipulation… they had also special reason to kill Max ~ Chandelier bloodline… I have much info about but the all in polish.. Livia


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