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Debra – SSP, MDF, Ultra Soldier on Mars, Moon, and Dark Fleet

Debra is an SSP asset and Ultra Soldier and was trained by Dark Fleet and Mars Defense Force as a military asset. Her father’s Army military records were burned in a fire and additionally Debra’s SSP military records were also destroyed in a fire. Debra thinks she worked with her father in the SSP. If she tries to search for her father files he comes up as a missing person. In her civilian life, she is a professional healer which includes hypnosis, reiki, and massage therapy. Today we will be talking about her memory recall of being on mars in the mid 1970’s, as well as recall of an experience to Area 51, a Dark Fleet swimming exercise, Venus Group, Ashland Atlantis, and much more.

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Mars Defense Force Memory

She sees a huge room with a massive computer control panels that goes high up, lights up with different colors. Metal panels metallic silvery color. She sees control panels on the bottom. There are two ET’s operating the facility. The people are wearing white lab coats, they are some other race. They seem positive. They have long necks, no hair. They seem to be about 6 feet. They seem to have tails. There are two of them in there. Their skin is somewhat smooth but could be mix of human and scale skin.

They know you are there. They are talking telepathically to Debra. They already know why she is here. They said this was linked to the confederation matrix. The control room accesses memories, configurating, organizing memories. They say it’s safe and you consent to receiving assistance.

Underneath the control room is another room with a room with padded white diamond panels, plastic like glass wall on one side for viewing. There is a dentist white chair is in the middle, angled on the side. Chair looks like fabric leather and microfiber.

She is in the chair now, these straps come up from the side and come down and strap down wrists and ankles. She is being strapped in to protect her from harming herself. Something attaches to her head from the ceiling. Metal halo headband comes down to attach to her head. The fabric seems alive and it locks her in place. The fabric is very soft and fabric seems to be attaching to her body. No one else is in the room, she can see the two ET on the other side. they are looking at her. There is a small screen which comes down in front of her face. These objects are hanging from metal rope or string that can move around.

The screen lights up and she sees fuzzy images, it tries to lock onto a clear picture. She sees herself possibly as a child in a sandy field. She is six years old. There seems to be angels near her with white robes around her, they are invisible but she can sense their presence. She is alone though.

She is now in a dirt field with sand, she is playing by herself. It is starting to get dark now. She sees a silver disc in a field near her house that she grew up in. The discs somehow take her inside, she meets human and ET occupants. The ship goes up to the sky really fast, it goes to another planet that looks earth like. There are lava rocks nearby from a fresh eruption but now cool to touch, next to a jungle with grass and trees.

This is a second home to her. The people here look humans, they don’t live in buildings, as usually they don’t need it, homes are much more simple. She is now standing at the top of a mountain cliff. Looking over the forest below. This area where the ashes are, are radioactive. They are not allowed to go their but some people do anyway. Its very dangerous. There is a certain race of beings can survive in that environment but usually they do not interact with these other beings.

There is about 10 people aboard on the vessel, they are a mix of ET and human and the ET were the ones with space technology that they could use to transport people. Humans didn’t have control of the technology but there was a treaty which allowed them access to the technology.

They seem to be family, connected to them somehow. Debra takes over the six-year version of herself. She asks who are they? They say both these humans and ET’s are some federation. Debra asks what’s the name of the planet I am on? “Mars”. Debra sees a portal; she gets the sense she is moving backwards in time. They say they are part of the Mars Defense Force. They said they traveled, throughout time. Mars is not a desert world. There are parts that are topical with forests and lava rocks. And bodies of water on the surface but not big ones.

Debra asks why was I taken to visit the Mars Defense Force. To get familiar with it, this was the beginning of her training. She views the timeline and sees herself fighting reptilians as part of her duties in the MDF. She sees herself fighting a reptilian, the being is 6-foot-tall, green brown scales. It’s not wearing a uniform. Not even a belt with weapons. It was hand to hand combat. He is way to close. Debra is 5’4” and her muscles are lean and she is fit. She is wearing black one-piece outfit. Skin tight long sleeve to wrists. No one else around her in this combat scenario.

Debra pauses the timeline and she talks to the reptilian. Their mental strength is very overpowering. Debra tells it we are her for positive reasons and do not wish to have conflict, and ask for permission for communication. The reptilian says it’s very angry. Settlers on mars took over, they are so mad about it. They just want us to leave. This is their territory; we have our earth and they just to have their place.

We apologize for invading their territory. The fighting is very selfish. Debra asks the reptilian if they can help her get her memories back so she can tell people on earth what is going on to their race. He is in agreement with it, it’s not fair how different groups or races classified in a certain way. It would be more acceptable now, then in the past to receive what is being done. Reptilian says its name starts with a M, and its very hard to pronounce. We can call him Mikel he says.

Debra ask if he knows about Project Light Child. She is getting images of super charged lighting, spread across space and time. Light and time is connected. That is how you can bend space. Some DNA can be manipulated to change time into light. They are using this enhanced DNA to change history. To change timelines. They are having a hard time doing it, everything has happened that has already happened. Project LC is an initiative of the corporation that oversee projects on mars and on earth. It has to do with electricity, not to be seen as positive or negative but as an experiment. Probably a Kruger runner.

Debra says her DNA is activated enough to activate these abilities. Debra can heal DNA. The reptilian suggest she investigate laser technology that enhances her palm chakras and feet chakras. The reptilian wants her to find a quartz crystal and runs the laser light through it, same frequency and light of the sun. She needs to make a mini sun of same frequency. The connect this through a quartz crystal. The sun is too far away so it needs to be more direct. Whatever intention you have will magnify it. It can be equally destructive, both good or bad.

We pause the timeline and unfreeze your MDF self. She is a little confused. Debra tells her she is from the future and asks what is going on. Her MDF self says she is in a slave trade war. They are in conflict concerning people enslaved on a planet, they are trying to decide who gets to take the slaves. The reptilians and Nazi’s are trying to decide who takes slaves. The group being in enslaved look human and the Nazi’s want to bring them there. And the reptilians want dominance over this race.

She is concerned that we talked to Mikel and she has to go back to fighting him. We suggest she doesn’t kill him but run away instead. She says her name is Anna. Her message to us, I am you and you are me.

She told her she is from earth. But she won’t say anything they will kill her. (earth is supposed to be destroyed and they are not supposed to know we exist) She is telepathically connected to a man, so he knows now, he is a spy who works for positive intentions. He already knows and she knows now it’s okay. We ask anna is she has any questions for us. She knows I am here. Debra mentions my name and she understands who that is. She has knowledge of that individual.

You part of a group of men that are wearing vest and guns. The goatee guy was there . Connected to her in the same squad. She wants to know when is it going to be fall again, and snow. Some thing to do with the seasons. Maybe I was there in the winter. We tell her its May 26, 2020. She says its 1975. We tell her in the future more people know about mars but she says hurry. It’s not fair to the people who been lied, we are stuck on mars and they are living in a prison on mars with a homey feel but they little freedoms. Its underground.

We ask if there is anything else, we can discuss. We should revisit in 6 months when there is no snow. We ask if we can come back to talk to the person she is connected too and myself in a concrete room.

After Commentary….

Debra says she was given pains in her body. She felt needles in her fingers and feet.

When she fought the reptilians, her left leg started to hurt. She also feels a pain in her left jaw.

We think she should come back in a few weeks to follow up on this.

Follow up Session

Six months later in a bunker

Debra feels warm sand, she is barefooted. Its windy and its evening and the sky is greenish blue. She sees rainbow lights in the distance flickering probably an approaching vehicle. Hills in the distance, rocky but sand hills, desert landscape. There is a small spider the size of a dog in the distance. The vehicle is coming towards Debra, it doesn’t have a top on it. It looks like an old 70s military jeep from mash.

Human driving it and a reptilian sitting next to him. Reptilian looks partially human with reptilian features. Face is human with scales on his neck. Debra is wearing a one-piece green colored jump suit with a belt in the middle. Her hair is pulled back and reddish brown. They are here to get her and take her back. This is a rendezvous point. They knew she was there. And now she is being taken back to the facility.

They are driving back. There is an entrance above ground, looks like metal doors and they drive down the hill into the bunker. It seems like a long tunnel underneath. Cement walls. She sees lights every so often on each side. Weird looking lights, the shape is of gum drops. They approach a check point, its manned by a big guy in combat gear. Everything checks out fine so they go through the gate and it’s a really big open space. Big vast empty space. It was carved out, very dark. Space seems about the size of 4 football fields. We stop in this mostly dark space. There are more human people walking over in combat gear. They grab her by her elbows and take her somewhere. They are walking away from the truck for a bit. There are sliding doors that open. This section is clean and bright again. The entrance area is a smooth marble white material there is a big circular area with people in there for check ins. There are two secretary women there. One of the women had a device that looked like a taser and she walks around Debra scanning her body for radiation possibly. Their eyes are bigger than normal humans and they have green eyes with slits. They are wearing a dark blue one-piece suit not skin tight.

They are reading the data of the machine, and the two guys are still holding her. Its not because she is in trouble, they just want to make sure she is okay. They lead her up this ramp. These seem like office spaces where people are working. They are taking me down a hall the office spaces are surrounding it, seems a bit long.

Now they go down a different hallway that goes off to the right. And now they are taking her in that room she was in before. Its connected to an older part, this is the older part. Cement room with a table in the middle. There is about to be a meeting. Debra sits down, they tell her wait there. Her escorts leave. She is by herself now. The door is metal but there is a small window you can see through. The room is plain. The floor is a dark grey cement looking. There is a total of six chairs. There are 4 people who come in wearing combat gear, they wearing black vests with a black shirt underneath. They are wearing black boots, pants are more like black loose cargo pants, one of them is wearing a hat it looks like a safari hat like you see in Australia. One of them has sandy blonde hair, he looks like he might be 18 years old. Someone next to him had facial him, like a goatee, the person next to him had dark tan skin don’t know what nationality maybe mix of Asian and Hispanic. She couldn’t see any insignia; she just keeps seeing masonic symbols.

They seem a bit more intimidating. There is one man there who seems more business-like, he has grey hair he seems to be in charge. He is asking if everything is good getting there. Did you have safe travels. She responded yes but I would like some shoes.

He says they have a completely different outfit with shoes and everything and this is just the processing. He says the 4 men in combat gear will help her get acclimated. He slides her some kind of paperwork to sign but she can’t really see what it says. Title seems very long but she does not know what it says. You signed up for this. Debra doesn’t really feel like she has a choice and signs it. Business guy leaves.

Debra is trying to make out the faces of the combat gear guys. She can’t really see her faces. A lady walks in wearing scrubs walks in with a small container with an outfit, she tells Debra she needs to change into them. So, the guys go outside the door. The shoes are weird they seem like high tops but more form fitting. Debra doesn’t really want to wear it; she is resisting putting it on. It has technology built into it which is controlling, she will not feel like herself. Its s a black one piece suit it connects possibly with micro needles which are itchy at first which connect to her body, like electricity. it is skin tight like a wet suit. Shoes are like stretchy go a little higher to her ankles, probably it can change colors, they seem red at first then black. Very comfortable. Suit goes to ankles to collarbone, long sleeve. Suit has a silver like threading, like it was intelligent and shimmers.

Other people outside are still waiting. they are monitoring her and take her to a cafeteria room. There are some other people in there. One of the combat people with her says you must be hungry. There is a buffet style meal. The tables are round. This seems like old school cafeteria a bit. It can probably feed maybe 40 people at a time. Someone said after we eat, we can show you to your quarters.

There is a weird silence, the people are not talking to her, they are nervous around her. Like she is an elephant in the room. Her cup looks like some advanced plastic glass mix, orangish red color. She is drinking a mix of orange passion fruit drink has enhanced nutritious vitamins. This food seems like it was made artificially. It looks like real chicken food, sort of taste like it, but gets the impression it was made in a machine.

Debra asks her escorts what is new? They respond by snicker at her like a lot is new. They seem weird in that they are not supposed to talk her. One responded just not here. The guy with the goatee. People seem quiet in here. You don’t talk about stuff or things you been up too, you can get in trouble if you did.

She leaves the cafeteria. There is a hallway off the northeast exit of the cafeteria. We are still in the old section of the facility. Off to the side there is this little shop, it is a novelty shop, different things in there. you can buy trinkets and collectables. She asks if we can make a little stop. On the shelf is a compass it looks old. This stuff people could bring from earth. It’s an antique collectable shop of stuff from earth. You can buy stuff here but it’s very expensive. You can’t buy with money but you can trade. Looks like a pocket watch compass. See some really old books from 1500’s sees 1980s big box tv in the corner it has a crack in the screen.

Now we leave the shop and Debra notices their guns, they are holding them now. It’s a little a more dangerous going near her quarters more people are around here and some of the people do not like her. She hears a lot of troops marching sound. She sees doors along the hallway and we get to the door to her quarters. She is given a list of her schedule. In the next few weeks light easy schedule so you can adapt but we need to talk. He shuts the other three outside the door so its you and this is the guy with the goatee. He is talking really fast, says something is going down you have to be ready. Something about being activated and he is talking crap about his buddies, they don’t know what’s going on. they are following orders doing what they are told. He said you know this was coming.

He says you been on the moon. He said they took her so suddenly she didn’t have time to get shoes. They weren’t exactly expecting her. She was kidnapped when she was out exploring, she got taken and was taken somewhere else, she was able to escape from where she was at and didn’t have shoes. He says he knows James Rink. He said you are in a different squad; the guys are knocking on the door. Someone else is there and mad at the guy with the goatee he was not supposed. He said he was showing her the quarters. He is in trouble now. The room is about 15 wide there are two beds, they are bigger than a twin-size bed. Bed seems to have a frame border around it very plain and basic. She doesn’t know what to do. Guy with goatee leaves, and two of the men are outside her door.

There is a small screen in her room. She tries to turn it on by pressing these buttons on the side. She goes outside her door and tries to talk to them. It seems like she can leave her room. She goes down the hallway and walk around. She is kind of like prisoner she has freedoms but is being chaperoned by these two men. It’s the young blond, and the Hispanic Asian guy.

She asks if she can go to the gym training place. It’s really big. There are really tall celling’s here. Obstacle courses inside. The guy with the goatee is standing next to her again. everything is fine. But that’s why they have to be careful when they talk. The microphones were off for a very brief time, that’s why he was talking so fast. We ask if it’s safe to talk in the gym, he didn’t say yes or no, he shows her out of the gym, he takes her behind a doorway wall. He shows her a drawing in his hands of a symbol. The other two guys are just standing outside the gym.

The symbol looks like oooo with lines through it and squiggly lines going the other way. He asks if you recognize this and remember this. It’s an activation code help your memories. He doesn’t know we are remote viewing the past. From my perspective its June 9, 2020 and I am still on planet reviewing. Planet earth has not been destroyed. He asks how this is possible. He knows about soul split. She tells him that James Rink is also part of this remote viewing. And he says James Rink is still on planet earth?

He wants to know if we can communicate with a computer. We let him know we are living civilian lives and do not have access to advanced technology. He mentions a super computer, do you have access to the super computer. Unfortunately, the military won’t let us access it. He said if he talks to James Rink there if he would know the other James on earth would he know about you. He asks me if I give him permission to tell my past self that I exist in the future. He says he knows James Rink very well and friends. He seems super anxious and wants to set up the meeting but it’s risky as he would have to change cameras and microphone.

He wants to tell James rink that earth still exists and he is living a life there. I am like the head of not just one squad but like multiple squads or divisions. Comparable to like a general. He is receptive of giving a message.

In the year 2020 the cabal is still in control of planet earth. Humans are kept poor and indebt by the bankers. Donald trump becomes president and he is trying to bring about disclosure of the SSP. They reage me and insert me into a new family I grow up in Charlotte, NC. Around the year 2005 I become aware of what they did to me and I start producing videos to educate others. Most people do not listen and I have not recovered my memories of my life on mars as of June 2020. The goatee guy knows James Rink is a clone and there are other ones out there too.

Goatee guy wants to know about planet earth, a lot of people are suspicious earth is around. Many people in the mars force are suspicious that things are not adding up. He wanted to let me know that they are merging timelines. Like two parallel roads that meet as one.

He says even though its different timelines, time is relative in different spaces eventually these timelines will merge into one. Especially with our memories become entact of all the lives we live. There won’t have to be different timelines. He thinks the person who is talking is channeling her future self from earth. That’s why she was activated so she could connect to your future self or your past. He can do the same thing to James Rink there show him the symbol.

He ask if you remember hearing the stopping noise, that was James leading the squadron fleet out to fight a small battle. I told him I don’t remember that. He said that’s what happened. I ask if im a good person , he says yes but your tough. You’re a leader.

I look up to James a lot, your friends but they aware of the secret space program compartmentalization. They get confused when new people come in., they are not supposed to remember their past. They are suspicious because if earth has been destroyed why are so many new people coming in.

We tell him Americans agreed to allow kidnapping of 50k people per year in exchange for technology. The treaty ends around august 2021. He asks why not give people to serve on mars with free will choice. We tell that people are being kept in a slave grid matrix.

This goatee guy is like a informant of group. This is how the roads meet up and truth comes out and parallel timelines and connecting and merging. With activation and memories. The goatee guy says his name is Roger.

He’s been on mars since he was a little boy. He wasn’t born on earth. He knows about earth like what it would look like.

They leave this obstacle course area and go back and we conclude now. Roger ask if Debra can channel through and we might be hearing back from them in the future. The higher self can always get more information.

James is on the surface of Mars and Debra is at another session. We ask roger if he can set up a meeting. He says yes.

Abduction Area 51

She sees old alarm light near the door over the door. She steps through and she is now standing by the wall, she is in a room that is 12’x12’ in size. The walls where white, floor is a textured metal. She sees her body, it’s a metal table, there are white hospital sheets. There are bright golden colored lights overhead that are cone shaped. There is a metal hospital tray that you can move around. There are metal hand clasps that are holding her wrists and ankles down. There are stirrups under the table, you put your feet in so they can check on you. In the corner to the left there are vials with needles, they are scary kind of big. ET Left corner, right ET had a device with a needle.

They are wearing a white lab coat, she can’t see his face but his back looks like a green brown creature, with scales up to the top of his head. ET creature on left looks about 5’9”. On the right side of Debra is a glass wall that is see through, she sees a hallway. There no door, the room stays open all the time. No privacy. She sees a face steamer that has a giant needle on the end, they put they over her belly button about feet away. Debra feels like she knows what is going on but she drugs. Her eyes are open but she can’t feel emotion. She is scared but can’t cry.
The ET on the right is in a lab coat, He is 6 ½ feet. He is kind of ugly looking. Scales all over his body, face is blurry. Greenish brown.

The machine near her is intelligent, it almost knows what it needs to be done. It’s operating the needle device over her belly. Its about 12” inches long. The needle goes through to the belly button. When it goes in, it was extremely painful, then she loses consciousness and pass it. Her head passes out looking towards the side near the glass window. There is a red glowing light comes out of the needle. She can see through her skin and see inside her stomach area.

The needle comes out and there is no scar but there is still a red glow in her skin. There is an elevator door in the hallway, a man comes through. He is bald on top with hair on sides and he is wearing white lab coat. He looks at Debra and then the creatures, says all clear you can bring her back. He pushes a button and the metal clasps release and go back into the table.
They seem to be cleaning up. There is a microscope in the corner, there is a screen with blood on it. The shorter scaly creature is looking at her blood. He takes the slide out and leaves the room with it. He has a tail hanging out from behind the lab coat.

Debra is starting to wake up and the other reptilian is watching her. He starts to leave and he walks through the sliding elevator door, but he ducks down through it, because he is kind of tall. The room just brighter, but now its very white and metal shiny looking. Very sterile looking, way too clean.
She is so scared she is frozen and don’t know what to do. She does not know this place. It seems like the bald man is coming back. She doesn’t remember him leaving. He helps sit her up. She is too short to touch the ground. Her hair is natural hair, golden reddish brown. Her eyes are bright blue. He touches her face and check her body and elbow, like a physical. He helps her up down off the table. She can barely walk. He is helps her by the elbow and sits her down in the chair outside the room and to sit there and wait. He leaves and goes through the sliding doors which close behind him. The floors are same shiny metal and textured with x’s . She sees a light source on the sides. Its not normal light. Its like woven into the floor.
She can remote view through the doors, there is a hallway with many lab rooms. She sees children there, they are short. They are 3 feet tall and have big eyes. They are walking around. She thinks one of them may look like her.

She sees a lady there who is 5’8 and she seem Nordic. Possibly known as Ashaena???. She connected a silver cord from her bubble to her mind. She jolts and looks. Debra ask if she could help. She is working on some command center.

She said you will be out of here soon. This is just an experiment. I know you don’t want to hear this but you are part of some programs that we need your help and this process of elimination. They are testing her blood for microbules or microtubicals in the DNA. Nanobytes…… Clean, sheen blood.

AB O, testing for many things. They are watching you keeping tabs on her blood. It’s okay, she doesn’t agree or like it but for the bigger purpose she will understand at some point. Cloning purposes. She laughed and said yes (asked if she was a super soldier). She asked why is this funny. She is joking, like duh. She says wouldn’t you like to know (we for name of group she works for).

She says your related to the beings that visit, alpha centruai, zeta retcuili, Orion. They are keeping her safe, they came to you to remember. She is sending her healing energy to help her remember the abduction. She is sending Debra light now to keep this memory stored as a gift.

Debra sends her love and light, and Ashaena says thank you.


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