Detroit Disclosure Conference – Tony Rodrigues: The Secret Space Program

Presentation on the SSP and 20 and back program
September 8th, 2019

Tony is an insider and experiencer of what is becoming known as the ’20 and Back Program’. He will detail what has happened to him and how he overcame it. He has awareness of various exoplanetary colonies and space species, and will be speaking about his experience in this rare public appearance. His interviews with Dr. Michael Salla on ExoNews have received over one hundred thousand views.

According to Dr. Salla, “Among the things that impressed me in Rodrigues story was his description of the older generation of German spacecraft as retrofitted submarines. This was consistent with Tompkins’ description of the first US Navy space craft being retrofitted Nautilus class nuclear submarines which he shared in an unpublished interview. As far as I’m aware, Rodrigues was the first person to reveal this very significant piece of information.”