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Original Record Date: February 3, 2023

Today’s speaker is Rainetta Jones who is a native of Trinidad. At the age of 14, she moved to the United States and then attended Martin Luther King Jr. HS in Manhattan, New York where she had experienced missing time. As a young adult, she had to drop out of the University of Buffalo where she was studying a degree in Molecular Biology due to neurological anomalies which was caused by “Brain Scrambling Technologies.” When she reached the workforce, she developed two inventions the iPod and Kindle and also a novel conceptual hosiery design, all of which was stolen by her Jewish friends that were Russian and Israeli intelligence. They took her ideas and gave it directly to Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos and they hashed out a plan to get her out of the country in England so that Rainetta could not contest the stolen technology or be paid. Eventually, she moved back to the United Sates and began to work as a Certified Administrative Professional at the United Nations and other government agencies in New York City. In 2004, Rainetta meet with the disgraced fashion designer Peter Nygård who shapeshifted into a T-Rex reptilian in front of her.

Rainetta believes she is a SSP experiencer and has had contact with extraterrestrials throughout her life. She is also a medium portal and has communicated with beings from inner earth. Today she will be sharing conversations between herself, with James Rink, and King Oban of the Kemet civilization located underneath Trinidad known as El Dorado. We will learn more about their gold kingdom, culture, and what the King has to say about the Vatican and humanity in general.

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In 2016, Rainetta visited Trinidad, walking along Eastern Main Road, and walked into a portal where she received a message. The message was in the form of a vibration stating that El Dorado existed and has Living Gold. The Living Gold was located inside this portal in another realm. In our session, both James and Rainetta visited Trinidad in astral and were transported to a location in the North Western corner of the country. This location is near an electrical substation. Once the atmosphere shifted we were greeted by an El Dorado diplomat awaiting our arrival. His appearance was male, 9 feet tall, slender, with black colored skin, and wearing a light brown loincloth. We observed that our guide as well as all the other citizens we encountered levitated as opposed to walking.

This portal seems to have materialized in this area due to the electromagnetic field of the nearby power station. It seems power stations can create an environment more favorable to the creation of portals. Before crossing over we ask them what their intentions were regarding us. They promised not to harm us, nor our friends or family either with implantation or physical harm. They said I could visit but only if I agree to let Rainetta participate in the release of the report of the Diplomatic Mission.

They said we were safe and they were waiting for us to return. We go through a black hole; it appears to be a tear in space and time. This dimension is very dense and dark which eventually opened up to golden light. Our perception shifted and we see ourselves in a massive cavern system. We are now in El dorado which is a subterranean kingdom that seems to have been a breakaway from ancient Kemet Egypt. The caverns here lead all over the world including Egypt, Cappadocia in Turkey, Buggecci Mountains, the Himalayas, Russia, Ukraine, Asia, and The Americas. It is highly possible that when the Kemetic civilization fell some of the pharaohs went underground. This is an antediluvian pharaonic civilization that survived the flood. People need to understand that humans have an earlier history that predates “the joke called the flood.”
We were informed that their civilization is 1.2 million years old and their people can live equally as long or even longer due to the life extension properties of Living Gold. Living Gold is the Mother Gold that creates all Gold. It is sentient and can communicate, it is fertile and can reproduce, it is emotional and can express itself. It has both IQ and EQ and distributes these properties freely to all who possess “Purity of Spirit” or seek to become “Pure in Spirit.” It is believed that a person has to be “in tune” to hear what it is communicating.

Again we were given knowledge of ancient history about another ancient Kingdom. We were told, “there are other civilizations on this planet like the Water Kingdom which is billions of years old. “Also Tartaria is one civilization that ruled the planet.” “We do not call ourselves one civilization, we are all independent and communicate with each other; we call ourselves based on our material name such as the Gold Kingdom.” Other Kingdoms on Earth that we take for granted are The Black Hole Kingdoms, The Black Goo kingdom, The Rock Kingdom, etc. Earth has several Black holes across the planet.

“Modern humans began to appear on this planet 3 million years ago. The human physical body under the right conditions, wavelengths and attunement can easily live 1,000 years. That is how much damage was done to the human race. Every time the human race was damaged by miss-attunement the result was amnesia. Amnesia is used to program and alter.
This is how ancient people lived on earth. They existed and thrived due to attunement. Attunement is tuning into the wavelength of the lifeform and becoming one with it. Once you have achieved oneness, you can then communicate with the lifeform. However, to pass the test the elements cannot view you as an enemy. You can’t have divergent behavior. Once the element views you as a friend. It will allow you to direct it.”

This was their form of spirituality and advanced science wrapped into one. Around us, the walls, ceilings, and the ground reflect solid smelted gold. Strewn across the floors we see golden Egyptian-looking artifacts. Everything was gold with exception of some jade, emeralds, and rubies gemstones. Gold is used to reinforce the walls from earth tremors preventing cratering. Does it hold the city together via some form of communication? Does the gold communicate to the elements to know when tremors or earthquakes are coming and reinforces itself to prevent cratering?

We are taken through the cavern to the northern part of the city. There are mountains in this region with golden light. The artificial sun is created by luminescent Gold reflecting technology mimicking daylight. The kingdom seems to be technologically advanced however, they don’t require physical hardware but utilize their consciousness and electromagnetic frequencies to drive matter.
Traveling in this dimension, Rainetta experienced shortness of breath due to the low oxygen levels underground. Our Diplomat handed her a liquid gold elixir to drink, which he stated would assist her in living longer and breathing easier. Liquid Gold altered her cells allowing her to breathe gold particulates in a low-oxygen environment. After drinking she immediately felt better. They also give James some of the elixirs which had a calming effect from severe anxiety as a result of milab programming. It appears this elixir changes how your brain functions. It allows you to see royal blue chroma light frequencies which manifest greater psychic abilities. Perhaps this is connected to the insect kingdom as bees can see in blue and there is a connection between bees and Ancient Egypt.

James and El Dorado
We asked our diplomatic guide why they were hesitant to receive James. He made it very clear it wasn’t James, but it was the entities who captured him. James was given an ancestral reading. He was told that his oldest DNA goes back to Persia and that he was Aryan also. Thus the connection to the Nazi programs. He was Greek before Rome overthrew it, therefore making him Roman as well. His genetics is stored in multiple places of which the bulk of the genetic information was stored in the Vatican. Due to this “hook,” they wanted both parties James and Rainetta to share this knowledge. In this way, there is no bias or prejudice. If James was to disclose this information alone, nefarious actors and ignorant people would think this was
white Aryan Civilization and use it to their advantage. They stated, “even if you’re a “white man” standing in front of a “black statue” people will think it’s “white” because you are “white.” The terms white and black were used because they are surface earth terms used for classification. Please note, this civilization bears no racial prejudices or racial classifications. Instead, they view individuals based on their purity next to the Living Gold. A person is placed next to the living gold, if it becomes brighter their spirit is pure and elevated. If it becomes darker their spirit is tainted. It means the purer the living gold the higher the spiritual vibration. They are also concerned that the people who captured James would manipulate him.

Our guide now brings his attention to the US government. They indicated that a faction of the US government is using military satellites to seek out their realm; however, The Living Gold is shielding them from these surveillance technologies. In particular, the South Atlantic military satellites (STH ATL MILSAT as he calls it) have been monitoring this area from Northwest Trinidad, under the waters of the Gulf of Paria, and into Northeastern Venezuela. This group within the US government is above the Pentagon and acts like a third military that receives orders directly from the Vatican. They possess their own satellites however, they also piggyback off of other military satellites.
This secret faction in the US has destabilized Venezuela in search of this Living Gold. The Kingdom in El dorado is concerned they may target and destabilize Trinidad in their pursuits. Their King has decided to come forward and share the knowledge of their kingdom to alter the mission of the secret cabal. He stated that as a last resort and to protect their kingdom they were willing to create an Earthquake that would submerge the area, or cause lava to flow into the Vatican City. This would also result in the destruction of the Vatican Library which holds the true record of humanity.

The Vatican had been seeking out El Dorado since the time of Columbus. Secrets documents from the Americas were given to Queen Isabella and then turned over to the Vatican. Columbus was a Jesuit; he took the assassin’s creed. This is why this region had been ruined by conquistadors. Conquistadors were Jesuits according to King Oban. Then, in the modern era, the Vatican sent out Nazi U-boats on a secret mission in the Gulf of Paria to find El Dorado. During that time Trinidad was controlled by Britain, later the United States of America. The allied forces were clueless as to the true mission of the Nazi U-boats in the area. The Nazis were unsuccessful and were expelled from the region due to American intervention. Today there is still an abandoned American Base in Trinidad called Cha-gu-ar-amas or (CHAG).
The Vatican created the Nazis. They created World War Two as a cover mission to find ancient artifacts, ancient technologies, and entrances to pre-flood antediluvian underground civilizations. World War Two was a cover. It had nothing to do with the Jews. The Nazis were in pursuit of pre-flood civilizations in Central and South America, The Caribbean, The Himalayas, The Middle East, North Africa, The Americas, the Pacific, Eastern Europe, Palestine, and today Ukraine.

Today, the war in Ukraine is not about what you’re being told. The Nazis under instructions from the Vatican are still trying to get control of these underground cities. In Ukraine, these underground tunnels go all the way into the heartland of Russia. Thus the Russian response is no NATO intervention on their borders. This is a Vatican takeover of Russia. It is a Vatican mission. Columbus was a Vatican missionary. The Vatican also is seeking to stop the Pharaohs from returning. These pharaohs are from the original breakaway Kemet civilization who reside underground and off planet. The Vatican only wants their Antichrist messiah’s arrival. Thus the reason the Pharaohs were demonized in the Bible.

At this, the conversation turns to Venezuela. This area was once home to an advanced prehistoric civilization deep in the jungle. This race used dinosaurs to guard the entrances of open black holes similar to Congo today. We asked if Tesla and Marconi were residing in this region, and as rumor has it he faked his death. They answered saying that “Tesla was a Venusian and that is where his knowledge came from, even though he was born in Eastern Europe.” They ended by saying, “he was not located there.” They went on to say that Venezuela is also saturated in Living Gold. The Vatican has all the hidden documents with locations of the hidden treasures in inner earth, especially in the Americas and the Himalayas. The terror the Vatican has caused will eventually destroy itself as the Jewish Zionists and the Nazi factions are now at war with each other. It’s only a matter of time before they are all gone; the question is will they take humanity with them?

There are several tunnels here that radiate light. They harness lava and they can hold it without it burning through everything. They use it to smelt gold. The earth’s core is a reactor that gives off massive amounts of electromagnetic radiation, in the presence of this field gold becomes highly charged. On the surface, we have much weaker EM fields however near power stations the field is stronger, hence open portals. Gold in the presence of the right electromagnetic fields equals levitation, communication, emotion, intelligence, and sentience.
Gold is just like water and crystals. It can store data bytes of information. We have gold in our body approximately .2mg per person. However, the human body requires 1 gram of gold per person to be fully attuned and able to communicate on a molecular level to the consciousness of the planet. Even though our gold levels are very low we are still a valuable resource and our bodies are mined by evil et races.
The ancients wore huge amounts of gold to tune their bodies into the planet. However, in the modern era, most humans have a toxic overload of aluminum which tunes them into destructive radio frequencies. This unnatural tuning hooks the individuals to the grid. This is done to facilitate hijacking by malevolent AIs. Gold, silver, and platinum help tune us into nature, and correct cosmic frequencies.
At this point, our guide leads us to a meeting with the king. He is in a state of mourning due to the passing of the queen. Rainetta asked if we had to perform a sacrifice to meet the king. They tell us, no, they fled their homeland to escape those barbaric practices. They knew the Dracos were coming so some went underground others left Earth. King Oban as he is called is sitting on a throne. His appearance is grand, he is huge, 9 feet tall, and sits with his legs wide apart. We both lay flat on our stomachs. He touches Rainetta’s head, shoulders left and right, and then left and right hands. He touched us both to read our DNA based on the gold in our bodies to determine if we are of the right intention. We are wrapped in a gold band around our waists. He then pours this gold liquid on our heads and now we are permitted to look at the king. The king is wearing a white robe covered in what looks like gold dust. He is wearing a gold mask with green jade eyes for pupils. Rainetta is permitted to see his face under the mask. It appears to be glowing in a white-gold color. He speaks in telepathic clicks which seems to characterize an ancient language.

We Reconnect and We Understand
He tells us we were invited into this realm because when she was last in Trinidad, Rainetta was able to hear the living gold calling her. The fact that she heard the call indicated to him that she was a descendant of this Kingdom. The people living there have no clue what is there.
He tells us “Why do you think the Vatican named Trinidad after the Trinity? There are three pyramids in Egypt and there are three mountain ranges in Trinidad. That’s how the Vatican knew where the gold was located. I do not want to destabilize Trinidad. El Dorado is here, it exists, and it’s located in Trinidad. It has a king, the Vatican military knows it exists. We built these cities using lava-harnessing technology. Lava helps us bore through rock in a way far more efficient than rock deflagration hardware. We also use lava for smelting rock and we can even tell lava where to go. After we bore our tunnels, we then seal the walls with living gold which acts as a plaster along the walls. The gold plaster hardens which makes it very hard for the walls to crater.

The Vatican military faction puts hardware into people’s bodies to track them but our group doesn’t need to do that. The group that controls the Vatican is unnatural to the laws of this planet. The US has three military factions; ground forces, The Pentagon Administrative level, and the Highest are Vatican Black Knights. El Dorado has not established diplomatic relations with the people on the surface because we wanted to remain neutral and secret. Changes on the surface are now forcing many pre-flood civilizations to go public. The advancement of technology on the surface is causing a massive amount of fluctuations in what you call time. In our Kingdom, time is not divided into numbers; time is controlled by a “Grand Wave” or “Mother Wave”. Changes in that wave are what create breaks in time. Those breaks in time you classify as a nanosecond, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc. Time is different in our gold kingdom because of the stronger magnetic fields near the core. Also, time varies for the water kingdom. Time also depends on the changes in the fields based on how the field interacts with elements. Our lives are based on both Liquid Gold and riding the waves thus the reason we can live for millions of years. Yes, this is the life-extension technology they are after. However, they will never be able to because of their nature.

On the surface, your Government is using weapons like CERN which impact the “Grand Wave” which controls the dynamics of “time.” This is why time appears to be moving at a rapid rate. The fluctuations in the waves are directly affecting our kingdom. The “cabal” have not put thought into how their actions impact other Earth Civilizations. Maybe they are doing this to force us to the surface to steal what belongs to us and destroy us. We cannot be destroyed. They tried with the flood and failed. Their technology is not as powerful as ours. Maybe they are trying to force our hidden civilizations to emerge. Atlantis is a water civilization. Lemuria is in a Black Hole under what you call the Mariana Trench. Everything in Ukraine is fake, the war is about the civilizations and the cities beneath them leading into Russia.
We want to confront the Vatican for misleading people in their religious books. We also know the Vatican has all the ancient texts from Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, to Buddhism.

The Burning of The Library of Alexandria
There were two attacks and two burnings of the Library of Alexandria, the main reason they wanted it gone from the surface was to keep the people enslaved and ignorant by hiding the secrets of the Grand Wave and the power of the Living Gold. Think of time as a wave, each of these waves can be broken down into fragments which are data points. Each fragment is what you call seconds, minutes or hours, etc. Humans calculate time with linear numbers. But where we exist, time is an actual wave that is constantly moving. In the Grand Wave there are data points and somewhere within these data points exists the library Alexandria.

If you are targeting a data point along the wave, for example; The Library, because that data point exists eternally and cannot be removed you can target that same data point from another timeline causing a similar or different effect as the first. Meaning it can be targeted a second time to clean up their mess. At the peak of the wave, they can attack multiple times from multiple timelines. The library still exists on the wave and will always exist on the wave. Any human can tune into the wave and acquire the knowledge hidden in the Library. The physics of time given to humanity by the Anunnaki is garbage. Linear time was given to you as a spell to prevent you from living forever. Time is not linear, events in the past still exist on the wave. The human race must understand that what they call time is a grand wave.

Changes in “Time” or Change in “The Grand Wave”

The changes in time can also be used as a weapon. War causes distortions in the wave that alters linear time. Bombs tear and fragment the datasets of the wave. When a species experiences rapid technological advancements it alters the data points in these waves resulting in the appearance of rapid time anomalies. With the rapid advancement in “time,” along the wave combined with technology and collective descension, the result is always absolute destruction. This is due to the collective descension of the human spirit on Earth. Some things can impact how fast or slow this wave moves. The spirit of the planet must match the consciousness of the people to create a stable Grand Wave. Cell phones, Wi-Fi, antennas, towers, and satellites are causing humans to be out of attunement and could potentially destabilize the wave which we call time.

Vatican, Nazis, and A Galactic Regime
The Vatican has a history in our region of stealing, killing, and raping for gold. They would go to even greater extremes to get Living Gold. They don’t care who they steal from. The Vatican wants Living Gold to control the entire universe and create a Nazi Galactic Empire.
Gold is used on other planets to reinforce structures, preventing the collapse of both structures and atmospheres. Living Gold can assist in creating planets. If they get their hands on Living Gold it’s game over for the Galactic Order.
We want our civilization to be known worldwide and make living gold so abundant that no one group will be able to hijack and steal it. That way the Vatican will have a hard time controlling it all. They have killed thousands and decimated millions to get this gold.

Question About Black Goo and The Vatican
The Vatican worships Black Goo, I think because black goo communicates with us as well as The Living Water. They have kidnapped and tortured its queen to learn her secrets but she refuses to give it to them. Due to its sentient nature, the Vatican would use it to control all material life on earth. They are also trying to control the consciousness of water, but they will never be permitted. The Vatican must release the Black Queen and return her to her location in Argentina. She is being held hostage and they have been torturing her to reveal the mysteries of the cosmos. She was kidnapped off the coast of Argentina during the Falklands War. They took the queen and split her in half, one portion went to a Vatican research island off the coast of Chile. The other half was taken to CERN in Switzerland.

King Oban would like to remind the Vatican that there is a volcano under the Vatican, we, the El Doradoans are the masters of lava. Could this be why they put their Library underground? It is a strategic defensive tactic. If these texts were released to the public it would result in a renaissance in human consciousness. This is partly the reason they are holding the planet hostage. The Vatican claims their god in the bible drowned our ancient civilizations, but that is a lie as we are still here. They cannot drown a fish and they cannot drown us.
The king tells us his name is King Oban. In their empire names have meanings in written form backward and forwards. Oban and Nabo have meanings. It represents both sides of a person’s character. He then gives James a gift of a gold necklace with a jade pendant and a script written in white. This allows him to enter their kingdom. Rainetta didn’t need one, she is one of them.

Touring El Dorado
We go to an active volcano and view lava mining operations. They call lava “red goo” in English. Lava has its own sentience which the El Doradoans use to communicate. The lava does a service for the kingdom and in return, the Kingdom does a service for the Lava. We humans, can also communicate with lava and tell it where to go. Lava has a frequency, if the lava recognizes your frequencies it will listen. Lava creates pressure for gold to form. They use lava for carving and boring rock. It can cause the rock to break apart and become sedimentary.
We can tell the lava to decrease temperature.

In ancient days, people worshiped the volcano and imitated the Gold Kingdom. They believed there was a “god” in the volcano. The people were not wrong, they could communicate with the lava but in a very primitive manner using tuning. Once you make a connection, you can become its atomic structure and then begin to communicate. If it recognizes you, it will respond. This is used as offensive technology. When the monotheistic religions came, they told these people they were crazy and worshiped demons. However, Volcanoes do speak a language and we can speak to them. The volcano communicates with animals and tells them where to go. The Human race is not attuned to this frequency; however, they are attuned to radio and artificial frequencies.

When the ancient civilizations built the pyramids, the stones had a specific frequency. People could communicate with the atomic particles and fields of the rock causing it to move. Using attunement, the stones of the pyramids were telekinetically put into place. Humans used to have this ability. How do you think Noah got his animals into the Ark? He had to tune into each of the animal’s frequencies to communicate. Noah convinced the animals they were friends and not enemies and they believed him. A link was made and they entered the Ark. This is not a biblical story. This story was worldwide and should not be relegated to the Bible. All surviving civilizations knew of the previous flood. At this point, the king gives us a tour of the gold pools. He tells us that this is “The Fountain of Youth” however it is not water but pools of Liquid Gold.

Secrets of Living Gold and Transformation
King Oban tells us “Gold permits you to live in two dimensions because the physical body contains gold. Water permits you to live in 4 dimensions and can allow the human body to change into multiple forms. Gold will tend to refract itself and bend to cause the body to enter into other dimensions, but not in a physical form. The person known as Jesus was anointed with Living Gold to raise his vibration. Being in earthly form lowers your vibration making you privy to manipulation. Lower vibration simply means denser. Thus Living Gold from the Alchemists known as Magi or Magicians was brought to him. Alchemical processes are cosmic! This allowed him to ascend into two dimensions. Refracted gold and electromagnetic frequencies allow individuals to live in other dimensions in other forms. This is Ascension Technology!

As an infant, Jesus was baptized twice with gold and then with herbal resins. Frankincense and Myrrh resins can capture the essence of life for 1,000s of years and they can help you live a long life. You can store your essence in resins. When Jesus was baptized (anointed) in living gold it created an altered body which also extended his life. The three wise men were alchemists and anointed the child with resin and gold in preparation for his ascension. This allows for an increase of information stored in the brain and the electromagnetic field of the person so they can perform what we call miracles. There are liquid gold pools here that can change human cells so that instead of requiring oxygen to power the cells they are now powered by light, oxygen, and gold. If we were to bathe in the pools our spirit would become brighter and bigger. It will also change how our brain functions as well as our ability to process information. What you call miracles would then occur because you are now interacting with the fields.

The king now asks us if we wanted to bathe in the Living Gold pools because they would activate us to become Christlike. He advises us to remember what Rome did to Christ. During his time in Egypt, Jesus Christ was bathing in pools of living gold and water. This resulted in a change in his field, that’s how the tyrants found him. Our signature would also change and there are elements on the surface that are tyrannical, and they will know. So, we decided to drink from the pool. This will create more subtle slower changes in our DNA. At this point the chroma in our vision changes. Normally an eye is geared to see mostly blue and green, but when you bathe in gold; the light particles that enter the eye become bluer. This activates dormant parts of our brain. The Living Gold also activates the crown chakra which allows massive amounts of information to be received. Living gold also causes the physical body to emit gold-colored light.

The king thanks James for helping bring his daughter Rainetta back and presents him with a wife. The wife will allow James to have a child thus permitting unrestricted access to the kingdom. At this point, James asks, “are the gold pools the fountain of youth?” King Oban replies, “yes, the gold pools are indeed used for life extension. However, we have been bathing in these pools for millions of years, but we will not permit your rulers to have long life.”
El Dorado and Life Extension Technology
Rainetta’s DNA is very complex; she can access multiple kingdoms that the bible claimed were destroyed in the flood. Living Gold is where the bible got the concept of eternal life. The gold communicates with us, it can become whatever it wants to become. Living Gold consists of small subatomic particles and inside are elements of all creation. Once activated with electromagnetic frequencies it can become a lifeform and it can renew life. Just like the Volcano can destroy topographic landmass, the result is that plant life increases.
Ormus is a white powder residue from melted gold. It can repair the telomeres. Longevity begins in the cells and from there gold can augment the cellular structure to be powered by electricity, light, gold, and oxygen. However, the most potent form of gold is when it’s in its liquid state.

We are masters of lava. The core of the earth is liquid molten lava and in that liquid state, it can take on any lifeform it wants. Why do you think the Christian bible states the streets are paved in gold? We pave our walls with gold. These are our secrets. The church didn’t give people the secrets but kept them for themselves. The truth you seek is beneath your feet!
When you consume Living Gold, there will be a reversal of maladies including; pain, inflammation, and neurological damage. Gold will repair neurological fractures; similar to the Japanese art of Kintsugi in which they use gold to repair a vase. The cabal uses torture to fracture the soul of their soldiers. When you micro-dose living gold, it will repair these fractures in the brain. Gold will seal the cracks in the brain and the person becomes one again.

Mysteries of Christ and Gold
Jesus came from a gold kingdom. People would say go to the white light; you should however go toward the gold. When you aim light on gold it reflects and refracts. The kingdom you seek is a golden light kingdom. What you are trying to build is a living kingdom. This is what brings a golden age. The son of God is the Christ of golden light. The Christ you seek is found in the wisdom of gold.

Tell the world El dorado exists; nefarious forces are still trying to find it. Tell the world the liquid gold pools belong to all of the people of earth and not just the elites. El Dorado is here; it will never fall into the cabal’s hands. The day is coming when the ancient civilizations that were allegedly destroyed by the flood will no longer hide. The humans that live on the surface of the Earth have ancestral connections to these inner Earth kingdoms, as well as other subterranean kingdoms, reptilian kingdoms, and even more secretive ones. The Reptilian kingdoms love gold, they are not permitted to use our pools, because they are working with the Vatican. After the flood, reptilians were given a choice of where to live. They didn’t choose the jungles because they wanted to live under the earth searching for living gold. However, they do not have the nature that is required to access this spiritual kingdom. Reptilians wanted bigger agile denser bodies therefore living in inner earth was more conducive. Your cellular composition changes when you live underground due to lower oxygen.

Accessing the Gold Kingdom
The properties of gold and spirit must be united to access this kingdom. Just like normal gold is a byproduct of living gold; crude oil is a byproduct of Black Goo. Black oil does not come from dead dinosaurs, it’s a byproduct of this black goo kingdom and the queen who is being tortured. There is water in the streams and oceans and this water contains all the knowledge of the planet. Even the blackness you see in space is actually droplets of water. You don’t have the technology to see it yet. Space is not what you think it is. The darkness you see is light in its liquid form.

Planetary Travel Technology
Let me explain how we travel. We do not use flying saucers or ships; we do not use gate portal technology either; but we use golden light body to teleport. The brain is built like a tuner on a radio dial. You can travel to distant stars by tuning into the planet’s frequency. Once you make contact with the planet’s frequency you then become one with the planet. The process of decoding occurs. You then de-atomize your body by locking into the frequencies of the destination planet. The body then changes its frequency to match that destination frequency. You then plot the course from where you are located to your final destination by changing your body into light particles. There are particles smaller than pico size which humans can tune into to travel without the use of portals or another inferior tech. To them, ships are inferior and are used to compensate for a lack of spirit. The oceans have currents, for example, once you enter a certain current like off the coast of Africa you are guaranteed to arrive in North America. Just like the ocean currents there are similar currents in space. If you enter these currents you are guaranteed to reach your destination. All planets have waves like currents that allow you to travel there with or without tech. Your scientists may still not be aware of these planetary currents that allow for immediate travel.

If humans could access this capability; then the people monitoring the grid would notice bursts of light leaving the Earth. Earth is ruled by tyrants, they would see all these slaves escaping their matrix. In religious terms, the bible speaks of a rapture. In what they call rapture, the body disintegrates into particles that are yet to be discovered and are way smaller than subatomic particles. When Jesus ascended his body atomized, and he then turned into a point in the universe and was lifted and ascended. Light and sound are slow, but our travel is at the speed of vibration. Vibration is faster than light and sound because you are riding a current. Current moves and so does vibration. An object propelled by vibrational forces will move faster than light.


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