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Disclosure is Projected for 2019

Disclosure is projected for 2019. It will not be anything close to First Contact but Antarctica will make a presence in Early 2019. Time is an illusion, as we have stated many times prior so that is why we used “projected”. Learn the occult magick…

Antarctica: Pyramid Discovered There & Ancient Aliens Influence (Video)




antarctica ufo pyramid

UFO sightings in Antarctica are believed to involve aliens flying around its old pyramid bases. Enthusiasts say the remote landmass, up to three miles of ice, buried various mysteries. Conspiracy theorists say aliens lived an ice-free Antarctica long time ago, and many believe so because of a significant number of strange activities surrounding the icy landmass.

YouTube channel UFOvni2012 has been featuring an alleged alien-made ancient pyramid. Researchers discovered strange magnetic anomalies beneath the ice too. These unknown signals increase speculations that the continent holds signs or even old life itself. There were rumors top officials and Nazi knew that aliens made the old pyramid.

Aside from the pyramid bases, other apparent signs of aliens are several UFO sightings reported around the area. Some researchers believe that these sightings could be aliens visiting their ancient bases. An image that made the rounds on the internet shows evidence of military presence as tanks that seem to guard an alien crash site can be revealed in the zoomed-in image. Of course, there’s doubt of the picture, but former officials have come forward confirming there’s alien activity in the area.

One Navy officer, who chose not to be named, claimed he was in Antarctica between 1983 and 1997. His job is to fly cargo and rescue missions. The officer said that he saw some UFOs during his flights. However, the greatest controversy was those researchers that went missing. He believes that they made contact with aliens.




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