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‘DISCLOSURE’ – We Are In 4D Now!!! Shocking ZETA/DRACO Reality Revealed

“NEW MEXICO: Dulce; Highly classified underground joint operational facilities. Extra-terrestrial technology is used there and it is residence to the Ciakahrr command, Naga officers, the Do-Hu work force and an outpost for the Orion/Alliance involving mainly Maytrei and Kiily-Tokurit. And whatever humans/hybrids/ puppets might be under their control. All collaborate together with the Terran CIA, in the lower levels of subterranean. structures that stretch to about 90 or 100 miles to the south-east. The Reptilian working caste is the one doing the ugly job in the low levels of these undergrounds, abusing and violating all the human rights on abducted Ter-rans. We are talking here about an evil alliance of the Reptilians fromthe Ciakahrr and Orion empires, with the US national security agencies and corporations, darkcults and even some social celebrities used as their human puppets in order to dominate the world at their liking. Dulce Base is more technically known as a Biogenetic Laboratory working on human control technique, cloning, cognitive research and advanced mind control, ani-mal/human crossbreeding, implantation of visual and audio chips, and children experimentation. Dulce is the second largest Ciakahrr and Grey underground base but the central core for all other ones. The largest facility is located in Taos, not very far from there.

Built on twelve levels with its own roads and districts, the first three levels are for Terran offices and labs, Terran and extra-Terran vehicles parking, technical and functional maintenance. The fourth level is where things get rough; there, are conducted experiments on human soul; dream manipulation, hypnosis and telepathy. All aspects of mind control planning are done here as well. On the fifth level is the extra-Terran housing where abducted Terrans are stored for food. In vast tanks, in a bio support gel and constantly stirred by roboticarms, are preserved human bedy parts: On this same level, thousands of cagesare piled in lines and rows, containing Terran population of all ages and genders) waiting to be eaten. The sixth level…is called”thenightmare room”. It contains the genetic laboratories and here, the experiments of crossing humans and animals are carried out. The seventh level is the cryogenic storage of thousands and thousands of Terran adults and children and as far as we godown… we sink into the Shadow.
Hierarchy of the occupants Invader races on Terra have interrelated agreements between them, as well as with the U.S. government and their security. Draconi dal summit of the military industri ial complex controlling all information related to alien presence. They control human elites, media and corporations, insti-tutions and financial systems, stimulate wars, scarcity, fear and insecurity, encouraging corruption, ethnic and religious ferocity, terrorism, drug trade and organized crime. There isa strict hierarchy involving the Draco-Rep- tilians and other extraterrestrial races involved in the invasion of Terra. Reptilians from Thuban, the Ciakahrr and Nagai (or ‘Dracos’), are in command of the Earth based Reptilians. These are in turn in command of the Maytrei (Tall Greys) and Mantis (Insectoids), who command the Do-Hu Zetai or the enslaved faction of Solipsi Rai and their related cloned and biosynthetic technicians.

Underground nightmares and the rising storm

‘The American government made alliance with a separatist faction of Telosii, colony from Alpha Centauri part of the Agarthan kingdoms. These two allied were later involved in secret treaties with the Do-Hu from Zeta Reticuli, who approached them with their usual, and systematic, moaning stories of being a fading race begging access to Terran genetic materials to upgrade their decaying genes. The deal was to conduct few abductions of Terrans, just enough to secure their genome, in exchange of technology which revealed to be, at the end, very disappoint-ing. Well, the American government, who chose to fall into the trap, harshly learned that Do-Hu and Draconian Reptilians work together and had used their cunning treaties with Terran and Telosi governments to take pos-session of the military bases and the Telosi sub-colonies. This joint method of manipulation using the Do-Hu for easy conquest is so well known; it has been used by the Ciakahrr Empire to infiltrate many worlds. Always, they are able to find naive indigenous allies to sell out their own people, in exchange of false promises. Once treaties are signed, and the local leaders of the invaded planet agree on the terms, the invaders have all rights regarding to the eyes of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. They systematically proceed like this, and it works wonders because they always manage to find that sparkle of greed and personal profit in targeted indigenous leaders on the world to conquer. In 1954, the Do-Hu contacted Terran leaders to operate their age-old trick, so the Galactic Federation of Worlds decided to exceptionally break the Prime Directive, making contact to warn the Terran leaders not to make the greatest mistake ever in their History. Unfortunately, it occurred shortly afterwards that the Terran leaders signed an agreement with the Do-Hu. The only thing we had to offer was help with spiritual evolution, eradication of all weaponry and assistance federating in one peaceful structure. Of course, this wasn’t in the liking and personal agendas of the Terran leaders. The Ciakahrr Empire knew very well what they were doing by sending the Do-Hu to the US president at the time; there was nothing more desirable for the US government than gaining superior weaponry technology in a period when a cold war was going on with their greatest economic archenemy: Russia, So our offer to help disarm and settle peace went like sliding on a sleek surface…
So this went on for decades, worsening….The list of a couple hundred Terran people to abduct, mostly prisoners and mentally-ill subjects, were overpassed at light-speed and rapidly, the number of abduction reached thou-sands to millions in a short time. The Ciakahrr Empire stepped in as soon as the treaty was signed and shortly afterwards, the Orion Empire and the Corporate of Altair invited themselves to the feast. Independent groups like for instance Kiily-Tokurit and Maytrei smelled the opportunity and quite rapidly, a very complex web of treaties and agreements were established. This is only talking about the non-Terran species. On (and under) the ground, secret alliances were also made with the military-economic-complex and dark Terran cults preying on fear, pain and blood sacrifices. All was set up to give birth to the most horrible, multi-tentacular beast: the Cabal. For decades, Terrans were abducted, stored, bred, tortured, raped, butchered, in the vast underground facilities in connexion and collaboration with the US military bases. Children served for sexual trade, food and Adrenochrome, women for genetic breeding and sex slaves, and men as slave workers sent on diverse mining colonies. Some facilities specialized in mind-control technologies using nano and quantum dust trackers, AI intelligence, guided energy weapons, human cloning and genetic experiments, and worse… Soul scalping. This, is the removal of the soul from a body by the use of mercury, chrome and intense pain. All of these species, and all of these Terran elites, had a part of profit in this. You have no idea of the extent of the web of undergrounds and the cities… gigantic cities. The Agarthan subterranean structures, extremely ancient, were requisitioned and….

Going Through the Portal

Here is a quick update as to what just happened. On the eve of Trump’s speech, he gave out massive amounts of coded messages.

He even played the Q and WWG WGA song. That had to do with the FACT that the Pleiadians and the Archangels were rescuing humanity from the Draco’s and Zeta Fallen Angels.

On the eve, he struck the clock at 11:55, we would start to enter the portal of Saturn. This portal OPENED into the worm hole and Lion’s gate to 5D. Last night at 12:AM the gate closed! That is what everyone was watching. There were a lot of people on forum channels and sharing information about the great event.
We made history people!!!!


Currently, we are in the 4th dimension which is ‘The Rainbow Bridge’.

The curtain to 3d has closed (SEE ABOVE PICTURES).

I saw it, and so will you in a minute. What George was teaching us, was to be in a 5D mindset so when we move through these higher energies, they won’t affect you as much.

You will get headaches, dizziness and lots of ringing in the ears. These are symptoms of the Schumann changing from a 7.83 to the current 8.16 (or close to) and I will find new number soon.

We are headed to the 8.88 frequency.

We are moving into the Lion’s Constellation.

This is what we know as our God Frequency and Home.

It was Q who opened the Portal!

The Godly beings of the higher realms love us so much, we were worth the war. They sacrificed a lot to get us rescued from certain death scenario that was planned for the “HU”.

Thank you to all the great ones who are saving us!

We were surely on a path for complete annihilation.

We are the Elohim.

The Fallen Angels were suppose to be protecting us as we were schooling ourselves. This is tied to a greater spiritual outlook with a more “matured” balanced personality type of school.

As we were in school, the Watchers became the victimizers and started to rape and pillage the earthly Elohim. This is where things went bad. They created bastard non compliant Giants or Nephilim. Most of this you know already but they also took over the Matrix which was stored on the Pleiadian Moon Ship. This moon was stolen turned into a reincarnation, soul trap, for the dark ones. The moon was an important win for the DS.



The moon was part of the Pleiadian system to help earth. The 3D was controlled from the “Pleiadian” Matrix programmed into the ship’s computer system. The ship reflected the light of earth, and thus it was known as a mirror.


When the Draco’s took this planet over from the Annunaki / Pleiadians they also took the Matrix MOON Ship!

The Zeta were behind the invasion.

They were the ones that enslaved the Earthly Elohim.

The Zeta chased off the Pleiadians and the Annunaki / Godly beings during a war.

The moon was conquered and then used as a weapon against the Earthly Elohim = HU!

The Pleaidian Ship Station is more than 26,000 years old.

It was set here to control the ocean currents, weather modification and protection for the HU.

It had a ‘Matrix of Lessons’ we were to learn as we developed the Soul-Personality.

It also controlled the tilt of the planet. (which has just titled back)

It also controlled the land mass and what would come up and what would be buried under the water.

The Moon Ship has a rocky surface (probably made up of asteroid debris) and hollowed to make a ship construct. This is the circle metal construct George showed us years ago.

The craters of the moon appeared about 13,000 years ago, when the Zetas started using Nuclear energy weapons on it.

This energy is what killed off trees and made lush lands into deserts and poisoned the people.

We started developing virus, decay and cell death due to the use of Nuclear energy.

This caused medical conditions which the Zeta could take full advantage of so they introduced medical conditions and Western Medicine.

The Pleiadians are planning on teaching us more about this history just as soon as they remove the devil stuff.

The whole takeover of this planet was through the Zeta’s.

They brought nuclear power to this planet which poisoned us and earth.

On most of the Ley Lines there are nuclear power plants.

The Hoover Dam has a Nuclear power plant.
The China 3 Gorges Dam has a Nuclear power plant.
In the Ukraine they have a Nuclear power plant.
Anywhere the Reptilians were…there was nuclear.

Look at all the deserts.

Chances are…there is nuclear waste being created close by.

That is where all the Reptilians are and live at Sedona.

In the hills of Sedona are Green Crystals from the Pleiadians.

Who took them over? Yes, the Fallen Angels!

Look at all the Satanic Churches there!

In Jerome (by a cement factory) they have weird demonic people there who wear Satanic jewelry, tattoos and clothing. It has awful demonic energy.

In POTUS last speech, he stated “We are taking our diamonds back”! That of course is us. We are a 6-6-6 carbon base diamond construct.

The Pleiadians GOD and Archangels finally won the war against the Cabal. They were moving us to a free world when John McAfee discovered that the Reptilians / Zetas had placed a bomb in the Moon ship. This bomb could not be stopped and the doomsday event was planned to happen.

The invaders were going under ground in their city system and protection bunkers. They had a very elaborate environment built under our feet that would allow them to escape the dooms day event. The Moon ship was set to blow up on September 3, 2022.

It was because of this bomb that the Galactics had to move very cautiously during our liberation. When the White Hats had taken over enough positions of power within the governments, military and JFK took the POTUS position…Hillary called Gilgamesh (Enkidu / Enoch) for the dooms day clock to be set. This started the count down.

This is why the NASA (Satan) could not be allowed to launch their Artemis missile. It was to be boomeranged back against the rescuers and just blow up everything.

Since the missile didn’t take off, instead we started moving into position of the Lion’s Gate portal.

It opened for 24 hours only!

Therefore, the White Hats had to prepare us and get us ready to escape through this narrow window.

They also need to prepare us so we could handle the higher Schumann frequency.

They also had to bring us out of the lower timelines that were bogusly created by the catastrophes of war and 911. Once they got us to the “Perfect” timeline, then they could prepare us to leave the 3D.

While the Zeta were in control of this planet, they were allowed to harvest humans.

They sold our Elohim blood, duplicated our DNA and tried to merge their devil seed with our angelic light.

They always used an excuse when they are invading…that their society is dying and they need to save their species by correcting their DNA.

We all heard the story. However, this turned out to be a lie. It was a setup so they could get into the higher establishments and take them over.

Currently, we are in the tunnel system that will take us to the new world of 5D.

Earth was on a ship and flown out of the 3D.

We are traveling upon the surface of a Pleiadian ship.

Since we are out of the 3D and we don’t have to worry about the doomsday bomb going off…now we can clean house.

Now we “go deeper” in the removal of the Zeta constructs.

The removal process starts with the 3 Gorges Dam in China.

This dam is tied to their money system.

This will shut down the Evergrande corporation that controls BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard.

This is going down. Dan Scavino Jr. put out a comm last night showing a Panda down. That is a notice that Evergrande is ready to fall. When it does, BTC goes down. The other DS coins, 90%, were based on a pyramid scheme and all tied to BTC. The BTC holds up the Draco Stock Market. A lot of shell companies, just like on Twitter with bogus people, that have no wealth or assets backing them. Its all fake stuff. This falls because its no longer supported by BTC. The fiat dollar was also used to control the world. This fiat dollar is backed by war and oil.

There is neither and all being shut down.

Therefore the Zeta’s war machine does not work in controlling the countries. Instead the BRICS Alliance is using the Ruble.

Therefore fake money goes down and this is what the Deep State holds.

It would appear we were building our 5D world within the 3D Zeta controlled empire.

When all these cards start to collapse, this will lead to the Queen Lizards position.

She is already dead…but now her crown of control will also collapse.

This leads to the London Bridge’s SWIFT which leads into the Vatican’s IMF and the Swiss bank’s BIS…they all collapse.

Then the next domino is the corporations. (which is also held up by black money)

When all these dominos fall…the Stock Markets around the world will collapse.

It is at this point the White Hats are bringing in XRP banking.

The SEC was already settled last year and the White Hats were keeping it quite until they were ready for the launch of XRP.

The launch had to do with our portal transportation.

September 5 signals the number 248.

This hints at:

“Are You Ready?”
“The end of the 3D world”
“I will crash the system”
“Call me Q” and so forth.

This is the end of the line for the establishments serving Satan.

It is time to begin the main events.

Q has put out messages lately on Telegram that we are “walking with the best”. That means we are with the Q consciousness, God and company, Archangels and the Pleiadians 7 sisters.

Do not be fearful…for we walk with our brothers and sisters.

The door is shut so the Zeta can’t come after us. These are the demons that the bible spoke of and protected us from.

The milk that Q was referring to several days ago was the milk and honey that the brain produces when the left and right sides are united.

This is when your consciousness comes back…the veil is lifted and your abilities begin.

We are known as the “HU” Manifestos.

That is for the HU-MANS are frequency manifesting.

That is why you should only use frequency to heal yourself.

Everything is frequency.

The better your frequency…the better you can manifest!!!

Taking poisoned pills and doing Zeta medicines will kill your frequency.

They were slowly killing us with poisons so we could not use our protection weapon of “HU” manifesting to protect ourselves!

During the times of Egypt they were invaded by the Hyksos.

They were the blood drinking, flesh eating evil beings that came from Lil.

We are from the seed of EVE and ADAM.

We are not of the tree of Satan.

This is why they enslaved us and ate us.

It goes back to the story of Cain and Abel.

The Moses clan were known as the Hyksos and they were kicked out of Egypt. “Let my people go” came the other way.

The Adams or Semites (Joseph seed) kicked Moses and his flesh eating party out of Egypt.

They went to the Israel Mountains.

Moses lead them to a volcano which was their firey mountain god.

This fire god (think Satan) gave them their commandments.

These commandments were created to hide the Hyksos identity and to cover up the enslavement of the Semites.

The Satan rulership wanted to cover up the bloodlines (or tree) of the Lil bloodline.

They were advised to act like the EVE bloodline so that they could blend in and harvest when the time was right.

They started creating webs of rulership. They made armies (Solomon) and desecrated the Semites.

The Hyksos camouflaged themselves as our protectors and they were taught to veil their true intentions.

They live and thrive in volcanoes!

Think of SOS the Hyksos get it?

Satan taught them how to hide and veil themselves from their true identity and intent.

The “HU” are so young they don’t remember their true identities yet.

It was concealed from them and they didn’t have enough life experiences to help them identify with their Elohim origins.

This is why the Zeta targeted the “HU”.

The Annunaki were first targeted on Mars.

This was about 18,000 years ago.

Humanity was targeted next which was about 13,000 years ago.

The Zetas got the Annunaki to almost extinction by contracting war with the Zeta which released nuclear waste upon the people.

The Annunaki were the Pleiadians…not the Reptilians!!!

The Pleiadians were first and from the sky they came.

That is what the term Annunaki means.
Its the Pleiadians!
We come from the Pleiadian star system.

The Pleiadians were forced to retreat since they did not have weapons that would beat the Zetas.

The Zeta then targeted the moon.

Since the Pleiadians controlled the UFO moon (think computer) the invaders needed to take this ship next.

Then they attacked several locations on the surface of earth. (which is noticeable today by locating deserts)

The Grand Canyon, Zion and other cavernous areas.

The deserts would be the first areas of conquering by the Zeta.

Where you see deserts…you see the evidence that the Zeta took over these lands and made them their own.

Where you see lots of desert you will find lots of underground cities.

The Reptilians love radiation.

That is why you see so many Nuclear power stations.

When you map it out you can bet the Freemasons, Churches and Reptilians are close by.

In order to veil their intentions from us they created duality.

This duality allowed for them to harvest us without our knowledge.

We had good days and bad days.

Don’t spook the crowd type of approach.

The people were being controlled through the religions and exterminated through Western Medicine.

This was the soft kill approach.

***Doctors and Hospitals are harvesting people for the Zetas.***

That is why so much money flows through to this industry.

All businesses, banking, corporations, universities and so forth fund the harvesting facilities!

The Lion’s Gate is part of the “VENUS” (think Valiant Thor here) and Regulus conjunction.

This is the opening of the Saturn portal and entrance to the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions. This is why George told us we can go as high as we want with our consciousness learning. Caution, you will need to change your inner circle of friends as you do.

Queen Elizabeth / Lizard had a first born son.

It was not Charles and this is why Charles knew he would never be king.

William might of been a confusion marker and help to conceal the truth.

The real Anti Christ was to be this hidden son of Queen Lizzy and artificially inseminated by the Rothschilds.

This would have un-veiled the Rose!

The rose reference goes back to Lil the Queen Snake.

This hidden snake heir was non other than the 777 = Gregory Hallett!

He was going to claim his place on the King’s Throne and then flip us into hell on earth.

The Arma-Christi was the hidden King.

S = Snake or Serpent

Now we are faced with a new challenge the Sheep!

Are they going to withstand the frequencies of this higher dimension?

As our veils come off and we learn the truth there are going to be a lot of people that flip out.

This is probably why we have the military around but I think most of the doctors, nurses, hospital staff and so forth will be removed due to the Nuremburg trials. We shall see?

It makes sense now that the USA was last.

We were last to be harvested and desecrated by the Zetas.

We lucked out…so many before were not so fortunate.

This could also explain why we have so many Pleiadians here in the USA.

We were riddled with Satanic bloodthirsty monsters and they knew it.


The MedBeds are coming out soon.

They needed to be in a higher dimension (block chain implementation) and higher G’s of internet.

I was told awhile ago we would go to 22G.

That’s the computer, phones, cars and so forth would move a lot faster.

Time is an illusion.

Gravity was an illusion.

Time was created by the Zetas to control us.

Gravity was created through dense energy.

It literally kept us down.

Thus…levitation is now possible.

We will be taught how to use our abilities.

The Pleiadians and the Celestials are family.

They will be introducing themselves soon.

We will not be tormented by the Zeta/Draco ever again.

Amen, Amen, Amen and thank you Galactic World Warriors!

Now for the last piece of this liberation movement; the tear down of the Satanic constructs.

You know what they are so I won’t mention them. (google it)

The movie’s final phase is about to begin and Mystro is ready to wave his stick.

Brace for the ultimate finale of fireworks.

You are safe and help the liberation movement by helping others.

Lastly, when we were going through the portal…we got a horrible (never seen before) dust storm.

We also got pictures of the 2 skies.

A lot of people had pictures so look around on social media. (especially telegram)

JFK Fans

Forwarded message

From cdv

9/05 – day 248:

Are you all ready or what?! 248
The end of the world is near 248
| will crash the system 248

Call me Q it works better 248
Triggers Three Gorges Dam 248
A Three Gorges Dam collapses 248
Three Gorges Dam blown up 248

Spiritual war is ending 248
Everything will be okay 248
Know the love of Christ 248 @

117 days remaining:

The Omega plan 117 <> 27 JFK
Gods timing 117

It’s go time 117

End of the line 117

Shall be begin? 117

3GD September 117

Main event 3GD 117

Rods of God 3GD 117

God saved us 117 ¢-
Perfect info 117


Humanity is so young that they don’t remember past lives yet. This is the primary reason
Zeta’s targeted the Annunaki first on Mars about 18,000 years ago and then humanity almost 13,000 years ago. Exact dates for all events will come out with disclosure. It’s all very complex. Zeta’s got the Annunaki to almost completely genocide themselves which ended up being an all out nuclear war.
The Pleiadians were forced to retreat, not having any defense against this Zeta invasion. Annunaki under Zeta control using nuclear weapons then attacked the Moon and then several locations on Earth. These scars are still very much apparent today, most of the desert areas. The Moon is a Pleiadian space station brought here almost 26,000 years ago for a very complex set of reasons. One of the primary reasons was ocean currents, a stabilized rotational tilt making more land area livable and a stabilized climate. The Moon was a rocky moon encased in a titanium shell then hollowed out with the surface covered with some of the excavation. That’s why the craters are so shallow. These craters didn’t exist 13,000 years ago. Nuclear technology was given by the Zeta’s as well as viruses, diseases and induced medical conditions. As usual I write too much because | don’t know when to stop, yet this is so very little of
“the never ending available information.

It’s not my place to write this book, that comes later, that belongs to the Pleiadians. They have always been here with me as well. Five ships are above us today and their presence is always in the room.

Okay, as for the disembodied human spirits | finally asked who they are. Everyone that was under direct Zeta control that has been physically executed by sentence of Military Tribunals is sent here to be spiritually executed by me. Name example; Hillary, Obama, Biden, The Queen along with many other Royals, Pope Francis and all the Cardinals of the Vatican etc… This list of names is over 200,000 to date and continues globally. These people are too corrupted to be allowed to reincarnate. Before Zeta’s were taken out of control the Zeta’s would spiritually kill hem so as not to draw attention to what they were doing here. As you know all major and tribal religions globally are a Zeta construct of governance over humanity by means of duality, Zeta language is called Sumerian, and Satan is the biblical God
everyone worships. I have explained in the past what is true many times. This universe is life and the physical energy came into being by fetal cell division and the Dark energy that controls everything is spiritual.

There is already a huge base on the dark side. And the Moon is not what you think it is…its a hollow ship not a planet. The African zulus talk about a history when there was no moon..




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