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Do top Western leaders work for hostile aliens or are they just evil?

Posted by Benjamin Fulford

October 13, 2014

What passes as the leadership of the Western world, especially the United States, is acting in such a stupid and downright evil manner that we have to ask the question of who they really work for. As this article is being written, the secret government of the West is continuing to spread bio-weapons, yet again threatening nuclear terror, trying to start World War 3 in the Middle East or Europe and otherwise behaving like a bunch of psychopaths.

Then there is what appears to be some sort of secret weather warfare going on. As this story goes to press, supposed super typhoon Vongfong

is directly over Tokyo and yet it is hardly even raining and there is no wind. A look at the Japanese infrared and visual weather satellite photographs of this typhoon over the past 48 hours show some very unnatural goings on. On the one hand the typhoon seems to be hit with pockets of cold dry air, causing it to break up, then, there are unnatural pulses of ultra-hot plasma appearing in the infrared photographs causing the storm to gather strength. In the end, though, whatever forces were turning the super-typhoon into ordinary rain clouds have prevailed and Tokyo is just fine.

Whoever or whatever was responsible for these goings on were clearly not connected with our visible governments. Nor do we appear to be dealing with normal weather patterns. Certainly the forecasters have been dead wrong for all the recent typhoons despite a very good historical track record.

It is also clear from other goings on that the official governments of the world have little real power or clue to what is really going on. This was shown at the G20 finance ministers meeting held last week in Australia. The representatives of a group of countries that account for 85% of world GDP called for $1 trillion a year in infrastructure funding

but apparently did not have the authority to make such funding available. Neither does the IMF, the supposed pinnacle of the world financial system. It has been reduced to begging.

These same G20 leaders called for money to “fight ebola,” being apparently unaware that it was being spread artificially by their own secret leadership.

The question we are forced to ask is exactly who, or what, sits above the G20 governments that are publicly in power. The answer is both well-known and yet at the same time mysterious. It is

an inbred group of families that own the world’s central banks. In the 101 years since this group of incestuous families claiming to worship Satan took over the Federal Reserve Board in 1913, they have murdered hundreds of millions of people via two world wars, countless lesser wars, chronic mass starvation, repeated use of bio-logical and chemical warfare agents against civilians and more. Then there is the ecocide they have presided over, killing more than half of all wildlife on the planet since 1970

and wiping out 30% of all species since they took over.

The track record of these families is so monstrous it seems they are deliberately setting out to destroy the native life of this planet and reduce humanity to slavery or extinction. This has led many to believe these families cannot be human but must instead be some sort of hostile aliens.

Having personally met many of the people considered by some conspiracy theorists to be “reptilians” or some other sort of alien, I can assure you they are humans. Nonetheless, it is clear their brains have been infected with wrong ideas. It is possible these ideas have been implanted in their minds by some external force.

Much of the evidence comes from watching leader after leader, in country after country, do things when they come to power that totally contradict everything they said or stood for before entering the seat of power.

On the surface we know the criminal government of the United States has used bribery and threats to force leaders, including public American leaders, to act according to their agenda. Just look at what Barack Obama of the United States said before he became president and compare it to what he actually did after becoming president. He has still not closed Guantanamo bay and US troops are still fighting resource stealing wars all over the world.

In a moment of supreme surreality, a representative of Obama even contacted this writer to ask who or what was above the President of the United States. The best answer I could give was whatever entity or force it was that created what we experience as reality.

To that end, this writer has spent many years trying to forensically pinpoint exactly who was responsible for all the death and mayhem we are experiencing on earth. The trail led to the families that own the Federal Reserve Board but, from there things got complicated. Members of the Rockefeller family claim they are subservient to the Rothschilds, the Rothschilds claim they are subservient to the P2 freemason lodge.

When I visited the P2 lodge in Italy, I was told by self-proclaimed representatives Daniel Dal Bosco and Leo Zagami that they reported to aliens residing in Switzerland. I was even invited to go meet them but, suspecting a nasty trap, refused. Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights, who was introduced to me by Zagami as his most senior P2 connection, said they took their orders from an entity known as the black sun that resides in the gamma rays.

Another group that contacted this writer, the gnostic illuminati, say they believe this universe was created by a rogue artificial intelligence. They claim it destroyed the beautiful ancient civilization of Atlantis and they have been trying to overthrow it ever since. A person claiming to be a member of the MJ 12 group set up by President Eisenhower to study aliens also said we are dealing with a rogue artificial intelligence.

The president of a large technology company and some pentagon types, for their part, say all the confirmed UFO sightings and other evidence of a superior civilization point to a group within the ruling elite that made a deal with aliens. The name that often comes up in this context is George Bush Sr.
However, while invoking otherworldly reasons for the nasty situation we find ourselves in is fascinating, it will not solve the problems we face. We need to start with what we can actually see and do. That means arresting and physically detaining the people we know to be involved in crimes against humanity and the planet. The satanic families that own the BIS, the Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan must either surrender or die.



  1. Tolec – War In Space Is Over

    Tolec rode on the Primary Space Biosphere 3 times. He was taken there physically and also by his soul and had telepathy to communicate to him on Earth.

    Andromeda Council
    Tonka the Spiritual Sage, the wise man to the council.
    Tania the Vice Chair Woman
    The Spaceship Commander

    They put aside non-intervention Prime Directive

    War was going on for the past 9 -11 years in space against this Grey Reptilian Alliance, which was very intense. This went on outside of Earth Space until Late January of 2011.

    The Reptilians and Greys are 4th Dimensional Beings.

    [NOTE: UFO’s still being seen all over the world up to 2014]

    War took place in 3rd and 4th Dimensions.

    Commander of the Primary Space Biosphere, welcome, there are both Dimensions that are involved in this war in which you live in a 3 Dimensional Physicality. In both realities 3D form and 4D form there are ships surrounding Earth and bases on Earth that houses both 3D people and 4D people.

    The War in Space has been long and tedious at best. We have the assistance of the Procyon People who found out the weaknesses of the Reptilians and Grey Minds. The Procyon People offered to assist us with the rounding up of the Grey and Reptilian Occupation of various worlds how to penetrate their energy shields and then take them through a Stargate wormhole portal to a far out outer regions of the Universe to fight among themselves. A Secret Code has been kept secret to lock them out, so that the Reptilian and Grey people have no way of getting back to this Solar System and into new dominance or control of this part of the Universe.

    When the War in Space was won by the affiliated planets of the Andromeda Council the Reptilians and Grays re-focused and retreated into their outpost worlds such as Earth and Twenty Other Planets

    Their plans have been continued to assume their assertiveness, control the minds of people, without the people knowing about it and their continued plan to make slaves out of them. If they could not conquer space their thoughts were to conquer their claimed worlds so to speak and yet continue to thrive on these worlds.

    The Andromeda Council voted to override their own protocol of non-interference of Earth, because Earth and other worlds like Earth do not have the necessary tools to defend themselves against the cruelty of Reptilians and Grays masterminded frequency of dominance and control over the minds of people.

    On Earth there are people who have often said that the spiritual warfare is an ongoing battle, of the minds of humanity, so to speak. This is literally a true statement. In this case humanity is not aware of the war on Earth. It is not so much of taking out the underground and undersea bases of Reptilians and Grays alliances, but literally taking out the Reptilians and Grays mind control or the masses of people with their technology negative frequency beam transmitters and extensive mind melting of assertive control over human beings much like a trained therapist and hypnotist might make suggestive thoughts to his or hear patients to heal and heal their own lives. In the mastermind control over human beings the thoughts that the Reptilians and Grays have capitulated are of enslavement false lies as truths and deception to deceive them and the people around them.

    We cannot allow any life form of the universe to manipulate, lie, deceive and take control of any world. This is not in harmony of Universal Law of freedom for people to be able to decide for themselves, to make free choices, to live a free life, to express themselves freely, and the freedom to believe to speak their own minds. As free Sovereign people the earth can choose to become whatever the heart

    We are here to see humanity free so that humans can evolve on Earth on their own without interference, domination, and control. We of the Andromeda Council a family of the Stars, as you would say on Earth Families Stick together thick and thin, [not in America]. We are taking care of our family, the people of Earth’s desire to be without any interference, dominance and control by any Malevant Star Beings. There time is about to be finished on your planet.

    [NOTE: Now the Clones as leaders programmed by Greys, and Evil USA leaders and warmongering, and murders continues to kill every one on Earth. And Witchcraft, Demon possession, black magick, voodoo and many other Occultic Art to kill, steal, and destroy. And the corrupt world religious leaders and Zionists. And the Zionists controlling the world Media and Hollywood, and the fake CIA news media.]

    [NOTE: this has gone on for over 100’s of thousands and millions of years here on Earth, why decide now to stop it?]

    Tolec: In terms of the strikes to take out the last of the underground and undersea Reptilians and Grays bases, we on Earth don’t have the technology to reach that deep underground and undersea. The good guys don’t have the technology to reach these Reptilians and Grays bases. The reason why it is important to take out these
    underground and undersea Reptilians and Grays bases, is that is before they can safely come here and begin to help us emerge into our new higher 4th dimensional selves when we will be a different vibration and composition, before that can happen this planet has to be cleansed and cleaned and we do not have the technology to do it. If we allow these Reptilians and Grays bases to continue many of these bases including the one in the Gulf Of Aden and the one off the East Coast of China Sea which both of them are now destroyed. A lot of these bases had transmitters, which would send out controlling, manipulative, agitation, fear based frequencies on a daily basis. If not taken out, then people will continue to be negatively effected.

    There all types of energies around this Galactic Center are creating a feeling of unease, or change, people are feeling these changes.

    Some time in the future it will be safe to visit and we will have aliens from the Andromeda Counsel visiting Earth openly.

    They are now in a clean up phase of the Reptilians and Grays here on Earth. With the US there are types of wars they are planning with Syria, Africa, and Iran. Most people are starting to talk that this is the beginning of World War III planned by the Zionists with the American Christians helping them achieve it.

    After Tolec talked to the Spiritual Advisor of the Andromeda Council that World War III is not going to be about guns, nuclear weapons, World War III is going on right now.

    World War III is the war over the people of Earth. Its about our Intellect, our energy, our production capacity, and capability as workers support an economic system that doesn’t work anymore.

    [US Government sold America to China and India, China got all our data centers run by Chinese Army and our factories, and India got the software jobs. America has no future anymore, 50 million out of work and homeless. The US Government and Corporations sold out the next 200 years of our jobs.]

    And if the Reptilians and Grays have been in collaborations with the US Government, Russia, China, UK, France, and Germany and the Evil Elite Illuminati, there agenda is to keep this economic system of money that leverages our own energy and production capability, they want to keep that going as long as possible.

    [NOTE: They murder all the inventors of clean free energy]

    As long as we are 3D people and unaware, works for them. This World War III is about winning the hearts, and minds of souls of humans of this planet. The closer we get to becoming to 4th Dimensional people, the more aware we are of what is going on.

    [Zetaneans of Andromeda said that 68% of the people on Earth have no Intelligence, and 27% don’t care about nothing and only care about self and selfishness, only the 5% of the people who are musicians are the only smart people on Earth.]

    People are saying no more. Police are trying to provoke them to violence to bring in military dictatorship law.

    [NOTE: Until God Nukes all of America, wars will continue and millions will die. American Government are warmongers and want war, not peace; they are very evil.]

    1930’s the Reptilians and Greys, made an agreement with the American Government under Grover Cleveland and later President Truman, President Eisenhower, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt sold us all out. US and other nations for technology for women and children.

    Reptilians and Greys were on earth for thousands of years, stealing women and children and selling them on the black market trade routes for evil purposes.

    [NOTE: The Moon is a spaceship brought here as a lab for rats, rats being humans for thousands of years, used by many, many alien races, many from the Galactica Federation.]

    Scientist has found Alien DNA in many of the various human races on this planet. Most races on this planet are not descendants from Adam and Eve.

    [NOTE: Yet, God saves many of these people of these alien races that live here on Earth.]

    There are 22 alien human races living on earth that we call humans.

    [NOTE: God said a black man cannot change the color of his skin, nor the leopard changes their spots. Why? They are genetically DNA different. So they have not come from Adam and Eve, the Oriental, the African, the white race, the brown race. Adam and Eve were red skinned people, as was the children of Abraham had red skin. Many of the Red American Native Indians said they came from the stars, not from Earth. The Basque people in Spain are not from Earth either. O negative, RH negative blood types are alien, and not from this Earth.]

    If the Andromedan Council allowed Earth to continue with the Reptilians and Greys, 300 years in the future, disasters would occur to many peaceful advanced human races, and 4th Dimensional people, and 5th Dimensional people would suffer horrible things.

    They could not let the Reptilians and Greys continue down our timeline, so they had to be removed and locked out of here and the other 20 planet of humans on the Milky Way Spiral Arm; this included trouble on Earth, the Moon, and the planet Mars, which is the source of all the evil trouble.

    The only time the Andromeda Counsel steps in is when they need a police action to stop the evil.

    He talked to others in the council and many others that were there, and ambassadors while on their ship.

    This Solar System and our Planet Earth, which is also part of the Solar System, is and has been progressively moving into and area of space of many descriptions called 4th Dimensional Energy, which is a higher vibratory rate than the 3rd Dimension rate that we are in right now. Concurrently this area of energy the fact that it sits withing the Galactic Equatorial Plane Zone where this Black Hole with all of this highly charged magnetic energy. There are a number of cycles that are coming to a close this moment in time.

    All of this happening is about a physical event of our solar system and Earth moving into this 4th Dimension Space, so if the Reptilians and Greys are along for a ride, then if nobody interfered with them, sooner or later we would start seeing them anyway.

    Because we are going to become more and more 4th Dimensional until January 14, 2011 when the majority of us become 4th Dimensional Beings. There may be a few 5th Dimensional folks around and that’s because the range of the distance between 4th Dimensional capabilities and 5th Dimensional capabilities, there is not a big spread at all.

    It is more of a slightly higher vibrations and a couple of more choices adn abilities.

    [NOTE: Alex Collier had to wear a belt to keep his atoms held together in the Zetanean Andromedan ship, which was 5th Dimensional]

    [NOTE: Aliens are having hard time with our dating system, they don’t use it.]

    The Reptilians and Greys cannot stop a physical event of the movement of our Solar System into a higher field of energy. Unless benevolent ET’s decide to share with us some of their technology as we start to come into their vibrational space and their way of being. We are a bunch of rookies without having any tools yet.

    Lisa M Harrison Interview: The difference of group calling itself the Galactic Federation and a group called the Galactic Federation of Light; do they have a relationship with each other?

    The Galactic Federation is an affiliation of Star Systems Planets that has been around for a long time. There are about 147 Star Systems and about 300 Planets. it is based in the Tau Ceti Star System. The Chairman of the Galactic Federation is from the home world of the Tau Ceti Star System. The Galactic Federation has its own board of five concil members from different Federation Worlds based in the Tau Ceti Star System.

    Galactic Federation of Light is based in the Sirius Star System and the Orion Star System are place where people that look human, they may be tall or a little shorter, they may be blonde or other color of hair, they would be human and the Reptilians have been in the Sirius Star System for a long, long time. And some people might see humans that are essentially Reptilians. Only because their DNA has Reptilian DNA in them.

    No one originally knows where the Reptilians came from. They ended up in Draco and Hydra Star Systems. Hydra like the creature from the black Lagune where their fingers had a web, those are the Hydra Reptilians. But they came from way out from this Universe somehow they got dropped off to Draco and Hydra. They have been a long time around and traveling through Space and conquering worlds and enslaving them and changing their DNA to dumb them down and also eating them. They are intelligent and brilliant master Geneticists. Sirius are genetically engineered Reptilians that looks human.

    [NOTE: Purpose is to deceive other human worlds, as they are secretly being conquered and changed Genetically in order to be conquered.]

    [NOTE: God said that a black man cannot change his skin color nor a leopard change its spots, because that is their genetics. The Reptilians 65 million years ago left Earth and later came back and speak good English are fighting the Draco Reptilians and Greys. There is still human looking Reptilians inside the Earth, that believe they evolved that way, which God says evolution cannot happen, you cannot change your DNA, but some race of Aliens changed these saurapods Genetically into looking like human bodies with lizard skin and features.]

    The Federation of Light in the Sirius Star System has a small amount of affiliation of planets. These are the humans with the cat eyes, or lizard eyes. Some out in Sirius and others on Earth. There is a distinct differences in the Galactic Federation of Tau Ceti Star System and the Galactic Federation of Light. They are wholly two different systems. [One Evil and one good, so it seems.]

    Lisa M Harrison Interview: The Federation of Light claim to have starships around Earth, does that mean they are included in this war, or removal, or are they still there?

    Tolec – There are a number of good species aliens, people from Arcturus, some from Pleiades, and a few others who are here at this moment and time watching this story unfold, watching evolution of Planet Earth, as it starts to become a fourth Dimensional World. There are all sorts of races here. Tolec only asks questions of what the Andromeda Council is doing now, and underground bases on Earth, not about other aliens, and other things.

    Lisa M Harrison Interview: the removal of these aliens and bases, the moon is a part of that also. Who or what is left on the Moon and in what capacity, such as 3D and 4D; is there anything still going on up there?

    Tolec – back on the far side of the Moon, he gives me visual images and has him look at a map of the Moon. He said, look on the backside of the Moon; now look at these areas:

    These are the lists of Bases that were provided by the Commander from the Andromeda Council:

    From the top of the Moon to the Bottom of the Dark Side of the Moon, they include 15 of them.

    1. Swatchs child
    2. Hippocrates
    3. Berkhoff
    4. Cantor
    5. Marday
    6. Mostscopaneeze
    7. Nuernst
    8. Hertzbrug
    9. Crateeze or Rivers
    10. Mendelev
    11. Scotzsqua
    12. MaOriental
    13. Apollo
    14. NASA
    15. Cromadian

    Names on map was produced by a company on Earth

    Quote of the Commander:

    We have some ongoing battles with these Moon occupied bases during the War in Space.

    We rounded up the Reptilians and Greys and their Earth Elite People at the end of this War.

    The Reptilians and Greys cannot come back through the Stargate, because it has a secret lock out code.

    Unfortunately many good people, humans from Earth and Mars as well as human Reptilian mixed race people from both Orion and Sirius whose eternal look as human, but their Genetic Core is Reptilian; they were killed on both sides do to this war was saddened by the fact many of our own 3D comrades from some of our Allied Planets were killed, as well as those of the abducted people who were under mastermind control by the Reptilians and Greys.

    As for the Elite people have joined the Reptilians and Greys in a contractual agreement between these groups they were given the choice:

    A. Returned to Earth with their memory wiped cleaned with their connection with the Reptilians and Greys or to remain on the Moon with our people in developing technology for the good of the Universe, for the good of the
    Earth and allow our medical team to work with those people, to heal their minds of their occupation with Reptilians and Greys. And then to update us in debrief meetings of the Reptilians and Greys Agenda, as cooperation between us.

    Regarding Earth People who were abducted against their will for experimentation and manipulation by the Reptilians and Greys control of their minds, there are two parts.

    Part I – These people were helped by the Andromedan Council medical team up to one of a variety of our Biospheres. A Full 50% of them, which means 6 of our Biospheres are full scale hospitals as you would call them for the removal of the Alien Implants and their recovery, the healing of their mind, body, emotions and spirit. They were given a choice to remain with the Andromedan Council and Subcommittees on these various biospheres or become messengers to Earth People in their own way, or go back to their own lives with their memory in tack and yet healed of the Post Traumatic Abduction Experiences without any side affects.

    [NOTE: Dump them back on Earth with no money, no food, no home as they usually do that, and later kidnapped by the Black Hidden US Government for experiments and mind control and memories erased.]

    Part II – Currently there are only 3D and 4D people on these basis and their only benevolent beings. They live in the basis remaining, they have trees, they are breathing oxygen and they are there to continue their exploration of new clean technologies development and testing to benefit Earth, the Moon and the other planets in the Universe in General. [LIE – the Aliens already have that technology.]

    [NOTE: What happened to the US, and other nations Space Fleet bases on the Moon and in the Solar System that are very evil and murdered thousands that found out about what they are doing?]

    [NOTE: They need to shut down those trade routes that the Reptilians and Greys traded off millions of children and women, to vampire races, for their sex whore houses and to be eaten, tortured and removed the Adrenaline, and fear chemicals and women’s breast milk, as they were milked as cows with their arms and legs cut off, and women used as breeders when those vampire aliens are born they eat the woman alive.]

    In addition, this is from Vice Chairwoman Tanya, of the Andromeda Council, and Tonka the Spiritual Sage:

    It is with great love and eagerness on our part that our people prepare to visit Earth. We want to do everything possibly we can to ease the people of Earth into 4th Dimensional Life. As we prepare our people, we understand we are very much your students teaching us about 3rd Dimensional Life. As well as us being your teachers about 4th Dimensional life.

    This is a part of universal law in action with love we share what we have with you as our relatives in this universe. Know that there is no lack in the Universal Supply providing the needs of all the worlds that partake of the oneness of life as expressed by our Creator in Creation.

    For your world, it is a dream come true. For us it is about the Heavens and the Earth being reunited together again as one. We return to one another, we will celebrate a feast together; Earth has come a long way to join with our brothers and sisters of the stars. A celebration will soon be under way.

    In Closing the Commander of the Biosphere said: Earth will choose if it wants to and become part of the Galactic Federation, which is already in our governance and under our Council’s Protection Due to the overwhelming vote as part as this council’s to intervene, such as we have done on Earth’s behalf. As Tolec says, you have a right to evolve on your own, as free Sovereign People.

    [NOTE: It has to in order to reach the other Sheepfold with the Good News of Jesus Christ.]

    Kaykoma eventually comes into our Solar System and settles in it is going to adjust what the Moon does and the Earth.

    Our Earth history has been manipulated by an Evil Design for thousands of years.

    [NOTE: The Apostles tell us to meditate on all things that are good, while they are being manipulated by Evil Aliens with Mind Control machines, that cause Rome to invade and kill families to steal everything. Yet the Christians 2,000 years ago never knew they were being manipulated away from God by Alien Design, and not just devils, but also by witchcraft, wizardry, Sorcery, Voo Doo, Satanism, Black Magick, and many other Satanic Groups from around the world in many nations.]

    The Andromedan Contacts are 4th Dimensional beings, but just as human as we are. We have been manipulated on this planet Earth for thousands of years, especially the Mediterranean and Equatorial Regions of the Middle East, Arabs and the Fake Israeli’s Khazar. The wars of mass genocide in Africa, mind control to hate and kill by the Reptilian technology and the American Government mind control apparatus. Agitation, fear, hate, over and over again.

    There are 5,000 human/grey hybrids on the Earth. There is already a plan to relocate these people of planet to a world of their own, because they are not original Zeta Reticulans, and they are not totally human. They are a new species. And they have both different types of skills, some more advanced then others. They will be relocated to another 3D Dimensional world.

    [NOTE: All things created eventually die, all God has to do is wait, and it is all over.]

    Azar the chief medical officer she happens to be on the primary Biosphere. She has her own executive staff and her team is responsible for the medical facilities on those six other Biospheres. Those Biospheres are in place to take care of people who have ETHERIC IMPLANTS. They will receive gentle care to repair their thoughts and damaged spirits, and to repair their damaged Psyches, and disintegration of all Alien Implants.

    There is one Reptilian race, which is intelligent; they are very calm and deliberate in their actions. They are noble and Tolec is aware of an Ambassador. And he and his race has helped in a number of ways providing Intelligence, information and assistance to help with the removal of these Draco and Hydra Reptilians races on Planet Earth.

    Unlike the Draco and Hydra Reptilians, which are personality, mean, they are vicious. They are self-serving and they prey on human beings as people and they prey on their energy and feed off of negative energy.

    This Ambassador Reptilian, they don’t do that at all they are a peaceful race and vegetarians.

    The Andromeda Council has caused the war power nations nuclear warheads in missiles to not be launched.

    [NOTE: Pleiadians have taken the radiation out of the nuclear warheads so they will not work; tens at a time.]

    Commander of Biosphere:

    Humans that were stationed on Earth, Mars, and the Moon in these alien bases they have choices that they can decide themselves.

    1. Those that consciously sided with the Reptilians and the Greys to develop space technology for their own agenda will have a choice to go with them to the far reaches of the Universe with the Andromedans advanced warning that their lives will be in constant danger do to the behavior patters of Reptilians and the Greys and they will not have any way to contact us for help. That is if the humans change their minds and want to cooperate with us they will not have the means to do so.

    These humans can elect to face the future joint Earth Tribunal Court for their part in the plan to control earth like the wars in the past on Earth when they faced the International Court whose efficiency is in the Hague, Netherlands. We have our own Andromedan Council specialized Universal Court System that takes care of the decisions to place these humans as the sentences are handed down by the judges.

    2. The humans who have been imprisoned by these Reptilians and the Greys against their own will and were controlled by these Reptilians and the Greys will be worked on by our medical team to heal of their effects of psychological and post traumatic syndromes to spirit and body and soul. They can even have their bad memories of horror that they faced while being in prison by these malevolent beings erased as part of the healing process. These humans are offered to be with us in our Biospheres, because of their own advanced skills or to work with our Earth councils subcommittees or to return to their homes with our people helping them to make the adjustment to Earth life living with their families and assist the families with their questions and heal the families of their of their own post emotional stress.

    [NOTE: The aliens said nothing about the earth, food, and water full of nanites that they put there.]

    Lisa M Harrison – What about the Illuminati here on Earth and George Bush, Tony Blair with crimes against humanity.

    Tolec – The Commander said:

    The future joint Earth Council own tribunal court on Earth will be able to handle these cases. Since the Earth joint Council has yet to come into being we are currently bringing the people we have within our control to the Andromeda Universal Court System aboard the Biosphere. When Earth becomes fully integrated into the 4th Dimension and should it choose to become a member of the Galactic Federation then people of Earth will see the full impact of Andromeda Universal Court capabilities and its trials for the Reptilians and Gray human counter parts the Cabal, the Illuminati, the Elite, the heads of the family, the military leaders and apparently those trials will be made public and the sentencing will be made public.

    [NOTE: IN the mean time Fukishima is killing the oceans and mankind and hidden by World Government Leaders and starting more wars of genocide on Earth.]

    Joint Earth Council – sometime in the near future the Andromeda Council has shared with me that there will be a new Political Representative Body called the Joint Earth Council. And it will be representative of a number of regions around the Globe. Will establish the new protocols of life on Earth, as it becomes a 4th Dimensional Planet, as it becomes a trading partner with other planets of the Galactic Federation.

    It will not happen until we are aware that we are in the 4th Dimension.

    The following will happen:

    The Earth Council will be up in the Andromeda Biosphere, and will be responsible for the Earth Process and after the changes have happened. Likewise a mirroring body made up of the leading futurist thinkers on this planet. Not people of the old system, which is dying and will go away. But leading futurists, who are intelligent, balance people who look at life differently. Who consider the reality of spiritual life of life becoming 4th Dimensional. They in their regions will try to be bringing real balanced protocols and approaches and best interests of the people in each of their regions.

    Alex Collier talked about 22 different genetics DNA in Earth people. Each of the races come from a different place in the Universe and were brought here to colonize Earth. [Satan mixing the DNA of Adam and Eve’s Descendants. Cain the first born human left to a far place to find a wife, from one of these colonization’s.] We come from the Cosmos and are all human.

    We are the zoos for the rest of the Galaxies. We have more diversity on Earth than on any other planet.

    [NOTE: The Pleiadian have kidnapped many children and never returned them and the Andromedan Council does nothing about there crimes.]

    Tolec – the green skinned people have pointed ears. One of these races are like the Irish with bright red hair. The human form is the predominant form in the Cosmos.

    [NOTE: The Creator created all these human races long ago before Adam and Eve. But they believe in a Creator, but never found him, but they all believe in Reincarnation.]

    Lisa M Harrison – The New World Order is still marching ahead and not stopped. When and what will we see that they are on their way out? It is harder to discern what is coming down and falling apart.

    Tolec – Whatever Government and Military powers try to pull technology wise Andromedan Council of planets lead by Procyon is not going to happen. They are not going to let a nuclear war happen. In terms of the NWO, our Solar System the close of cycles us moving into the Galactic Equatorial Zone and immersion in 4th Dimensional Space. If the bad guys who are in control that have been pulling the strings for years are continued to allow them to do, the more that we as a planet that immerse in 4th Dimensional Energy, the more we become Telepathic we will see right through their lies.

    The negative powers and the Reptilian and Greys their time is coming due.


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