i was eating and then i looked in the mirror and found this as well as 9 needle marks in various areas in my mouth including lips and two cheeks.

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Milabs, Monarchs, Mkultra

Does any one know what caused this?

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I was eating around 12:30 last night and felt something which i thought was food stuck in my tooth. So I looked in the mirror and found this as well as 9 needle marks in various areas in my mouth including lips and both cheeks. I did not bite myself while eating as if would have to have really chomped down hard and would have felt it.

Ten minutes after posting this picture the internal bleeding went down and now this is what it looks like. This was taken about 45 minutes after the incident began. I think they came back to fix their mess.

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  • My late night “source” in N.Y.C., tell me that “They” are Most Likely Using “Portals”. However I believe That Their “SuperSoldier Equipment” is Being “Re-Structured” to withstand “The 1260 hertz Frequency Drop”, That The SOLAR SYSTEM is Slowly Edging Twords AND WILL SUSTAIN FULLY, As An Evolutionary “Realignment” Of The “Base Operational Frequency” with NATURE’S RATIO'(S), Of Time/Day-Night/Year, AND Physical, Body, Mind… Brain wave activity.
    Basically, (turn) OFF The Machine, and ON The Body, Cohesive Bi-neural Integration > “grounded” oscillation With Earth Frequencies & Solar Frequencies, RESONANCE of Both… each balance each = 0, “Zeroed” by Harmonic attributes of every individual, from the Heart <3
    – That is all –

  • I know this was posted awhile ago but I just found it now when I tried looking up MILAB and cheek needle mark injuries. It is interesting the mark is nearly identical in placement and size to mine that I woke up with 2 days ago. First there was only one mark but today a second one. Too perfect to have been a simple cheek bite… I have had other experiences such as dreaming about receiving an implant in my left nostril and waking up with that nostril bleeding…which it still occasionally does. Also, despite having very healtht teeth one tooth in my upper,right jaw cracked and fell apart over several months. I have found references to others with the,same tooth missing (my friend included who is also being targeted) and I believe they are all related to being implanted/drugged against ones will. The cheek thing has really perplexed me, and I notice that the more I talk about the subject of human experimentation and try raising awareness that the nightly attacks and physical anomolies ( including burn/blister marks on my back upon waking) seem to pile up quicker. This is a fantastic site, thanks for making it. It really feels good knowing Im not the only one. Hopefully networking via websites like this one and my own will prove helpful to the many other unwitting victims. Wishing everyone happy truthseeking,


  • This might be a repost comment but I dont think my first one published and I felt compelled to share my two cents…I found this site, thank you for taking the time to make it! I found this site by searching for MILAB cheek needle marks on the off someone elsecould be having a similar experience and imagine my surprise tofind pictures identical to the ones I just took of my own mouth…I had a needle mark on a very sore area 2 days ago when I woke up and today a second one appeared. I think it has something to do with mind control/emotion and thought control plus experimentation. I have had similar incidences such as dreaming of being implanted in my left nostril then waking up w that nostril bleeding, blister/burn marks on back upon waking, strange marks on more personal areas even doctors cant account for, a tooth which crumbled out despite having very healthy teeth ( I have found a few references to the upper right jaw being used for implants and teeth crumbling as a result if being chipped during the procedure. A friend, also a target, has same tooth missing!) I suppose that inside the body is a good spot to camouflage wounds which is,why they do this. Too bad I couldnt figure out how to post the pics the marks are very very similar its uncanny. Def not an,accidental cheek biting. Pretty crazy. I also notice a tenfold increase in the physical anomalies as I become more outspoken about my experiences and move towards publishing my book andmake more concentrated efforts toblock the artificial thought suggestions being put in my head. Unfortunately for them, they choose the most powerful/bright people to use in this way and it is my belief that this very fact will grotesquely backfire on “them” when we all use our abilities to send that negativity back. Best wishes!

    my book free online to read in unedited form and my blog.


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