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Donald Marshall, James Rink, Queen of England, Cloning Center

Monday, May 27th, 2013 Donald Marshall

Much to relate to you. The past week has been very strange at the cloning center being activated each night after entering the R.E.M sleep stage. Open my eyes and I’m staring right into Queen Elizabeth’s eyes while I’m chained to a cross in the main arena. She says, “So I’m a putrid hag am I?” She has a knife and I remain silent. She repeats herself and advances and starts stabbing, Stabbed to death with the crowd watching. Some were crying and some watching with sick interest and fascination. Then all goes black, I open my eyes again and I’m in a new cloned body, unstabbed, I fall down curled up remembering the pain (pain echo) and some old man I don’t recognize says, “Why don’t you want to hang with us Don?” I stand and say “Because you’re the creepiest bunch of loser perverts in the world and you should be put to death.” Then someone says, “Are you calling my mom a pervert?” and then multiple people crawl over the hockey boards and come out like savage zombies to tear my arms off… they are only trying to be seen and heard by the celebrities there but they have no material to say or do so they jump at any chance. So I fight while I can, and try to blank my mind until I can wake up. I’ve been introduced to many “super soldiers” abductees who don’t know exactly what is going on and are manipulated and deceived nearly daily since childhood.

James Casbolt has been there in the stands. have spoken to him some, but he’s not there every time and is partially memory-suppressed. James Rink is nearly totally memory suppressed and as a result, acts drunk and out of it. As a clone, he wasn’t allowed to retain the memory as they’d test him with brain scans and sodium pentathol (truth serum) and he would have sought help and informed us as much as he could, so they left his memory suppressed.

He tried to help me when he was there in the stands and things would start to get edgy like someone was trying to raise the ire of the crowd to attack me. James Rink would (drunkenly) try to tell a joke!!! He’s known for his jokes there and says, “UM, have you guys heard the one about the chicken and the octopus?” Time freezes like lol and everyone looks at him. He has a big smile on and looks a little shaky but is happy to have turned their attention away from me.

3 days ago I opened my eyes there and they were all acting happy. People said there would be no more pain for you because you have been promoted from victim to member. I said, “I’m never joining this shit. I am not a scumbag that would attend this retardedness and I hate you freaks!” They all acted sad and depressed, I said that and they told me the new way things would go. The super soldiers and I were entertainment for the old filthy perverts and the Vrill and parasitic human hosts of Vrill. The Mk Ultra scenarios we have been put through are like short films they watch to test our reactions, bravery, and strength in the face of adversity…

But the super soldiers are grown up now, and at 30 years old, sometimes the memories will trickle back to you so they induct these people into the Illuminati around that time or just kill them… They showed me the new line of super soldiers. A list of only the cutest children and they had me sitting in the stands a few nights ago. They brought out about 8-10 of them… but I was told not to laugh or make fun. The clones of these kids came out into the arena in single file in skin-tight black stretchy suits with a utility belt, a little knife strapped to the leg, and a pistol on the hip… They looked at me and said, “Ready for inspection SIR!”

The new line of Super Soldiers. The Illuminati wants me and the others there to be a part of running these children through traumatic scenarios for humor and to mess with them terribly. I wasn’t going to play along, so I said “You brats aren’t super soldiers, you’re a buncha little kids and this is a very scummy place. Don’t believe these rotten people… don’t trust your scuzzy parents or the dirty uncle that brought you here… you are victims.”

One of the little boy super soldiers said “But you guys get smarter and faster than normal. I said “Nope… no super soldiering for you” The kid pulled the gun out and shot me in the stomach, just like that, I had my pain sensors off so It felt kinda weird but no pain. I was lying in the stairway leading up into the stands bleeding and I laughed a little bit. Others in the crowd laughed too… The kid says “I’m sorry, are you going to be ok?” I said “Yup supa soldier, I’ll be fine,” and everyone laughed. He was excited to be the center of attention and shot me again. This time in the chest through the lung, “AWWW” everyone says in the crowd… the kid says “What?” then some old man in the crowd says “HE’S NOT GONNA MAKE IT NOW!”

Well, the kid freaked, dropped the gun, ran over and climbed the hockey boards, ran up the stairs, and started crying and hugging me, I knew the freaks were going to try to scare this kid because they did the same kind of things to me when I was a kid, I said as best I could while coughing up constant blood. “Don’t worry okay, this isn’t even my real body.” Once your lung is punctured you can cough the blood up like vomit and breath and talk for a bit until the lungs get too full of blood. You can also cover your mouth and nose and pressure exhale hard and the blood will come out of the bullet hole until air bubbles out. Same thing, you can talk and breathe again for a short time until you lose too much blood, then you’re sick, immobile, and then all goes black.

I told these kids I would get them out of there as soon as I could. The strange thing is, the prime evils thought this would solve everything, Told me I could do whatever the hell I wanted to these unfortunate mini super soldiers in the making, beat them, have sex with them, or scare them with the Mk Illusions, They seemed totally convinced this would bring me over to their side. They know I hate child molesters and the whole operation they run… strange their reaction when I laughed and refused… they acted sad and depressed like the last chance was done. Some cried and some threatened, it was pretty ridiculous… they called me a fool and said they’d not be activating me again, I said “Yup just like every night,” and they called me an idiotic loser with no libido (sex drive) and deactivated me…

The next night, I open my eyes to look into the withered sick saggy bulldog face of Queenie Elizabeth staring at me with hatred. I was chained to the same cross in the center of the arena yet again, she said nothing so I said “Good to see you losers aren’t going to bring me here anymore, I’ve almost forgotten the stench that emanates from the bait bucket Elizabeth calls a vagina.” The retard snarls and came in stabbing… my pain sensors were on this time though and I screeched like a squirrel. (everyone does with extreme pain) It’s not like the movies.
She continued for a while and no one was saying anything. NO ONE BUT JAMES RINK!!! LOL, he says with a shaky voice “H-h-have you guys heard the one about the…” and Elizabeth shouts “Shut up James,” and the guy sitting in the stands says, “ok,” and looks to his feet. It continued for a little while. I spit in her face when I could, couldn’t kick, they had connected my ankles with a chain and the chain went in behind the post of the cross I was on, couldn’t kick… so the hag just stabbed, and then started slicing long lines on me, kids were crying, some saying mommy don’t bring me here, I’m scared, this and that, and Elizabeth just relished it all… the attention, the fear… she is beyond psychotic retarded. That was 2 nights ago, I wasn’t activated last night for the first time in a while. I hope I’m not there tonight either.

Transcript Conversation Between James Casbolt and Donald Marshall

James Casbolt: Okay this is what happened at the Super Soldier Summit. Myself and another couple of men came into people’s hotel rooms at night. James Rink talked in more detail about his Super Soldier Talk and showed pics of the busted locks. We took a group of about 17 of us to two trucks waiting in the car park. The group was divided into two and our truck headed to Area 51. My wife Haley was in our group along with James Rink and other men and women. Gyno chairs were on board and we had the women strip and sit on them where we measured their orifices with speculum for the alien/human breeding program and doctors took notes. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Nazi leadership from WW2 who took the medical notes. The woman were then dressed in black leather Nazi SS uniforms, like dominatrix suits with zippers on the crotch. We all then walked into a lab with small grey technicians. The women were all then put on a line on a bench, bent over, and unzipped the crotch area. The small greys then went about giving them some kind of super enemas and harvesting their feces into a tank which they use as some kind of drug. This event is connected to the events at the cloning center Donny talked about above.

Donald Marshall: They have many methods to mess with people, I remember the zipper crotched pants, Vrill eat human Excrement (shit) it tastes like candy to them. Many people attend the place, and many are on my friends list even. Some remember and talk to me occasionally; some are memory-suppressed and only remember certain things they were allowed to retain. The super soldiers have been put on display there to exhibit pleasure techniques, AND for a grim torture show for the rich and famous to enjoy. The people in the stands go on a wide variety of drugs and have sex during the screaming the victim does. (usually me) The new line of super soldiers are in for a terrible time. Some of the older super soldiers are still victimized regularly, especially the ones who have voiced their opinions about how they don’t like the place and don’t want to attend. You’d never be the same, They’d mess with you using fear-based stuff and if you steeled your nerves and were brave, they would torture you until you cried and begged for them to stop just to have a sense of victory over you. Would be a bad time.

Awake Parent: Donald, have you tried using some energy techniques, e.g. the sokaisi to protect your soul from being grabbed by them? Surely, there must be some way to help you!

Donald Marshall: Roman Catholic. Baptized, I don’t go to church though. Nope, heart problems and headaches. I don’t see any entities in waking hours lol. They monitor my every move and thought though… with the MK Ultra stuff… artificial telepathy tech. I’m on a GPS tracker too somehow and they know where I am at all times. Like the movie The Truman Show. Stopped praying when I was a teen… pray to be saved, and get tortured anyway,… I just gave it up, also it seemed to arouse the freak clones there when I’d attempt to pray. Prayer does not deter Vrills or clones from torturing anyone in any way. Only the necessary chips for me, mind voice chip and tracking chip. They didn’t want to affect my intellectual capacity as it would have affected my song production and TV ideas and stuff. Supposedly one in the head, one in the guts, and one in the right forearm.

Super Soldier Summit May 2013

Super Soldier Summit May 2013

Broken Lock in my Hotel Room from Mass Milab Abduction to Area 51,

James Rink and James Casbolt August 2013


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