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Donations Needed for Super Solider Summit 2013


Lorien Fenton who is putting on the super soldier summit 2013 needs to raise $2000 to meet obligations to get the summit off the ground. She is personally going into debt to make this happen for us. I don’t want to see her get burnt.

For the past few weeks she has been suffering with a sore throat from all the stress and has been unable to book us for all the shows she wanted. Additionally, she was planning on get us media coverage on Coast to Coast who originally agreed to give us airtime but has since given us the cold shoulder; for reasons which are unclear at this time.

I know many people are suffering financially and if that is you then please don’t feel obligated to donate. But if it is within your financial means to help and you believe this is a message that needs to be heard then please do so. Help can come in many forms other then money; for example you can call up coast to coast and let the listeners know about this summit and how important it is to show your support. Or you can go on message forums and post a banner html link to the summit as seen on the left using the html code seen below.

<a href=””><img id=”i-3412″ alt=”Image” src=”″ width=”170″ height=”359″ /></a>

I have already donated some money of my own but I can only give so much. None of the super soldiers on the guest panel are being paid . Additionally many of us guest speakers are paying for our own travel expenses just so that we can share our stories with you.

There are no other groups or organizations who are helping milabs get their stories exposed in a public way such as this summit. If Lorien gets burned we may not have another summit for a long time. Which is guess is what milabs wants to begin with. Lets not make that happen.

To donate money you can visit the supersoldiersummit website and scroll to the bottom of this link where it says Donate now. Click on the cached site if it has trouble loading. For some reason some people have trouble loading this link. Additionally you can purchase tickets and come see us which is what we would really like to see.


Your help is greatly appreciated. Soon we will have nesara, the prosperity programs, and amazing technologies such as free energy, teleportation technologies and much more returning this planet back to the garden of Eden. But to make way for the new we must expose the old and bring to light that which has been kept hidden. The disclosures at this event is one small step in this direction. A dam is cracking now lets make it burst.


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