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Please support Healing Soul Survivors, INC; a tax exempt 501c3 charitable organization, established by James Rink in 2012, with your generous single or monthly reoccurring tax deductible donations, through either credit card or debit card through our address, this will allow you to cancel your subscription, without the need of customer service, but we hope you will stay with us. We also accept donations through PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Revolut, and Crypto. Your donation will help support James Rink on the Super Soldier Talk mission, and the Timeline of Disclosure SSP Conference, and or meditation programs for, PTSD trauma and awareness; sponsored by Healing Soul Survivors, INC. James Rink’s platform has brought global awareness of the  MILAB phenomenon to over 10 million people. Countless lives have been saved by bringing awareness of handlers, alters, and truama based programming. Will you please support James Rink in his mission of global disclosure until disclsoure is not needed, as the truth, will be self evident. 


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