Monday, June 24, 2024

Draco Battle on Mars Update from Bruce

The Spartans from Halo look a lot like us.

I got an update on what’s going on out there in space. The news is that we have been beating back the Draconians on Mars ans they have been retreated in some areas and leaving the planet, but other ones are still wanting to fight. And 60,000 Marines have been sent to a couple planets and other star systems to help the Connonians fight the Draco there. It took like four months but we sent over 60,000 Marines over to those planets. The Connonian cyborg doggos are pretty cool.

We snipers have been taking out Draconian Military leaders and disrupting operations and doing most of the work, and other Marines in the assault roles have been pushing them back.

Anyway, we got some new tech. I didn’t see them much but I saw that we Marines on Mars also have these giant mechsuits and they are really effective at fighting the Draco, but people were saying that they are really expensive and have a lot of moving parts.

Now we have newer ones that look really similar and instead of being binded at the joins with gears and other parts, it is like a combination of gears and this glowing blue energy that binds it and propells action of the limbs and different things. So they are lighter and tougher now and faster.


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