Thursday, June 20, 2024

Duncan Cameron Prostate Cancer

Hello everyone,
Duncan’s quest for living and healing continues, every day is a challenge and an opportunity. As usual for Duncan, he is working diligently and quietly seizing every opportunity to heal himself from the stage 4 prostate cancer that has metastasized to his bones. If anyone can do it, I know Duncan can in spite of all the odds that he is dealing with.
To all of you who already donated to his healing fund, we want to extend our immense gratitude. Please know that made a huge difference in his life and many tears of gratitude were shed every time a donation came in.
We are continuing to raise money for his continued treatment and also the purchase of the Theraphi device. You can read more about it in the Go Fund Me campaign:
In addition to traditional medical treatment Duncan is getting high dose vitamin C infusions, lots of supplements and treatments on the Theraphi device. While it is not FDA approved, the Theraphi device has been implicated in many successful cancer remissions, the latest being an aggressive stage 4 cancer. Duncan dowsed the Theraphi device and with daily use his cancer could potentially be healed in a month. Because of the difficulty in accessing the Theraphi device Duncan is also raising money towards the purchase of the device. The cost of purchasing the device is $25,000.00.
Should Duncan be successful in raising enough money to purchase the Theraphi, anyone who donated  $50 or more will receive a free session. Duncan will be exploring the possibility of giving sessions remotely with the Theraphi for people who can not be physically present.
Please feel free to share Duncan’s Go Fund Me campaign with anybody who may be interested in supporting Duncan. 
If you wish to read about the Theraphi device:
Many thanks!
Duncan and Nora


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