Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Earth Alliance bases

The Fourth Reich fired a super sonic missile at one of the Earth Alliance bases that is in Queen Maud’s Land, Antarctica which happens to be located near an ICC base there as well. The Earth Alliance base has protective shielding so the base repelled the missile strike. The super sonic missile exploded and now there is radiation leaking in Antarctica because some components of the missile had radioactive materials, so now the civilian scientists and researchers are being evacuated from Antarctica. There is also drilling happening to the center of the Earth crust with certain type of water minerals coming out that have properties for prolonging life expectancy, this is in the Queen Maud’s area. Now why would there be an Earth Alliance base in German territory?

The Anshar took the metal scrolls from one of the underground library repository vaults in Antarctica because those metallic scrolls had the crystalline obelisk grid design schematics holographic instructions for how to build them on the Earth surface. Those designs could not remain in the vault to be found. The crystalline based obelisk grids are not supposed to be built yet on the surface of the planet, those crystalline grids do power the Inner Earth cities and contribute energy to the artificial sun power source grid as well.
During the last deluge flood the elites had used crystalline technology to try to power up the pyramid systems on the surface of the planet and caused a massive explosion which in turn created the massive flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and a polar shift type event that had left the last cycle of technologically evolved human groups back to square one on most of the planet while the elites left in their space ships to neighboring planets waiting while the earth was mostly stabilized again and habitable to return later on and start again. I wonder if the SSP data glass pads have any information on what the elites had done to cause the last global disaster, and it was man made.


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