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EBE 3. March 2018:

Question: 5) Bob Brown – Beaconoflight Radio:

Can you tell me if there is a Base out at sea under the water……can you tell me if the Bempton radar station is still being used under ground till this day .I want to know what the orange lights are above the sea of the coast Bempton and Flamborough. And also the farmers are have problems with they sheep they are being killed by some thing very strange at Bempton can Olie tell me who it is please ?

Answer: EBE

There are many civilizations, they are measuring. They have bases there. The station is navigation. Lights are signs to transfer, transport objects from the sea. It is not quite easy. Pressure of water in the sea on the objects act on their way up. When they at pulling out objects rom the sea up. There is much going on under the ocean, yes and in underground.

Everywhere across the Earth. Your Earth is a research project. And you humans, your souls were thrown into the bodies we have developed and programmed. The Earth is uneven inside more , how from angle point of view from Space. Signals are coming up everywhere. People do not see them, only some are uncovered. Signaling devices mounted from superficial leaders. It’s a commissioned laboratory for communications . Yes, the squadrons the formation of our and others civilizations have their purpose, goal. / Ebe, and what about the sheep? / – The sheep belonged at a time of exploration for a certain civilization of our neighbors. Our neighbors they needed to get DNA. They needed to gain DNA. DNA, which suddenly , by itself has been reduced . The process of tissue formation in sheep had a special effect. Did not formed tissues stability in sheep. From sheep were removed from the body by organs using a laser . Were removed organs , which were unstable due to tissue and so the movement in the laboratory was minimized in the tubes with tissue and so the movement in the laboratory was minimized in the Test-tubes with tissue for the purpose of their task. Sheep are therefore able to be reduced to clones. It was found in the tubes. Test – tubes that our neighbors have hidden in the box – vault, encapsulated in their rock. Yes, all it about the sheep.


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