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Eight Reasons for Military Abductions


“They’re using humans as the commodity…because the human being is the host for their biotech experiments. So you’re being sold and traded as pork bellies.” –Cynthia Marie Brewer

I should make it clear that the military often has its back up against a wall when it comes to these programs. The invisible hand rocking the nightmarish abduction cradle is ET in origin. Humans have been used, throughout our history, as loosh commodity. This is going back thousands, maybe millions of years. There are good people in the military that want to see these programs stopped. And often, if they take action, they are terminated like any other defector. Therefore, most comply. –JSNTLC
“Eight Reasons for Military Abductions” by Aaron McCollum, 2010 Below is a transcript of an excerpt of Aaron’s full interview with Bernard Alvarez in 2010. Read with a critical eye, comparing and contrasting with related research, testimonials, etc. you come across.
Operation Spyglass is the United States/global operation of military abductions. Depending on the operation, if it was within the United States, or any of the U.S. territories, and then even sometimes [in] other countries, it was primarily a United States operation. However, there were times when it was more of a co-operation with other branches, and even sometimes we would use regular military personnel who were under the impression they were doing something that really wasn’t [what they were doing]. I’ll give you an example… 1. Illegal Immigrants The U.S. Coast Guard does a lot of immigration interdiction, and they work with the INS on this. So let’s say that there is someone coming into the country illegally. And after the intel has been done, they fit the bill for someone who could be used later (I could talk about this more, who exactly gets targeted for military abductions). If it served us, we could have the regular Coast Guard intercept them, detain them, bring them onshore to INS agents which weren’t really INS agents, and these illegal immigrants would be bussed off. But, they didn’t go to an INS holding facility, and more than likely they weren’t shipped back to their home country. They were taken elsewhere…for other things.

It seems illegal immigrants provide the programs an unlimited supply of loosh, whom no one will know have gone missing, and no one will miss when they’re gone. U.S. citizens are unwittingly used in these programs, as well. Sometimes they go missing, but it seems most of the time they are reinserted into their homes, memories wiped…plausible deniability, and all that. If there is any memory bleed-through, it will just seem like a weird dream, and be summarily dismissed and forgotten…drugs like scopolamine and rohypnol given to abductees ensure this. –JSNTLC
2. Program Defectors There are several reasons why [other kinds of] military abductions happen, and I’ll explain that now. One reason is if you have someone, and let’s say it’s someone working in the projects, say a remote viewer or some kind of super soldier, someone who has been trained, specialized for a certain task, and for some reason, we could say the programming malfunctions and they defect, they run away, they escape. Or you have maybe an engineer, scientist, whatever, who has decided they don’t want to be a part of it any more. They know they can’t just walk out the front gates, so they escape. Two things will happen there. Depending on who they are, what they know, they may just be killed. They’d send down a team, we’d go, we would find them, and we would, um, kill them. They’d be assassinated in some way or form to make it look like it was an accident, suicide, whatever. But, going back to the military abductions, one of the teams that I was with, if one of these people defected, then we would be assigned to go get them and bring them back. So that’s one reason for military abductions. _______________________________________________________________ Background: Tracking Children’s DNA for Eventual Recruitment/Selection Now, for the past 35-40 years, somewhere between [those numbers], EVERY CHILD that’s born in a hospital in the United States, a sample of their DNA is taken. That DNA mapping is then sent to several places. One of the places it is sent to is a “special interest location” that is ran by the NSA. The Shadow Government, people like me and others in the field that we’re in, we just label [these operations collectively] as “MK Ultra,” because MK Ultra was kind of like the grandfather of all [the] operations [actively employed on the public right] now…so I’ll refer to that for rest of the show, just because it’s easier for me to do that. OK, let’s say that “MK Ultra,” then, can access this DNA database, and [they] can actually, based on the DNA, and knowing who the parents are, they can almost do an exact, accurate “prediction,” if you will, on what [covert programs] this kid may be utilized for later on. This is where the recruitment [process] takes place, but most of the time they just stick with [selecting people based on their] bloodline. If the grandfather was used in some way, and the father was used in some way, or the mother and the daughter, most likely generation after generation it’s pretty much a guaranteed thing. My family is a prime example of that.

Problem, Reaction, Solution.
Note: The military industrial extraterrestrial complex (MIEC) uses its mouthpiece, the mainstream media, to “sell” the public on trojan horses. For example, here’s an idea to ostensibly “revolutionise treatment and prevention of cancer and other diseases” Thinking you’re getting a great service, you don’t question the consequences of this. The trojan horse paradigm the MIEC uses, again and again, always works on people who don’t want to do the heavy mental lifting of thinking through things beyond merely what the benefit to them will be. The MIEC’s paradigm is always 1. create the problem (in this case, “cancer and other diseases” which they create in labs like baking cookies in the kitchen), 2. create the reaction (“omigod, we need technology to solve this!”), 3. create the solution (“hey, why don’t you voluntarily have your ‘entire genetic makeup mapped’ so we could save you?!”). Now, wasn’t that easy. The MIEC banks (literally) on people being unwilling (or unable) to stop and take the time to look each gift horse in the mouth, thoroughly examine it. —JSNTLC
“Sequencing the DNA is considered to be a positive thing from the point of view of the scientific community and for supposedly curing diseases, etcetera, etcetera. It’s probably a double-edged sword…it can be used for a negative purpose, or a positive purpose.” —Kerry Cassidy 32min:17sec
Related video: “Looking for Ancient Bloodlines: A Profitable Businesss” _____________________________________________________________
3. Persons of Opportunity Occasionally you may have a child that was born at home or somewhere else, and they are off the radar. Well, let’s fast-forward. Now you have this child that may be five years old and some kind of anomaly occurs. You know, the kid’s in a candy store and has a temper tantrum and all the glass in the candy store breaks, shatters. Or, something happens with that child, that boy or that girl, and word gets out –this isn’t that common, but it does happen– and somehow gets back to MK Ultra. Now they’ve shown interest in this child. It may not even be a child. It could be someone much older. It could be someone in their 20s, in their 30s.
Now, because of their age, it’s already too late to “break them in,” but they could be “a person of opportunity.” And this did happen with me: I was in Boston, I received orders [about] a woman in New York who had slipped through the cracks, she was a psychic/remote viewer, and they wanted to use her as a person of opportunity for an operation they were doing in Boston [referring to Anya Briggs:]. So we go, we get her, we bring her back, they use her for the purposes that they used her for, [her] memories are suppressed, and she is returned. So, that is a person of opportunity. 4. Info Mules But there are two [types of persons] of opportunity. This isn’t a Manchurian candidate ‘cause a Manchurian candidate is actually a whole other thing. Then you have other people who are “info mules.” What that is is certain people who have been targeted for this –and if one person has been targeted for it, and it’s happened to them, then it usually reoccurs with that same person. What this is is someone taken through military operations, through Operation Spyglass, and information is actually downloaded into their head. This can happen. Mind you, they are under almost a trance-like state. They are under kind of a shock treatment of mind control. They go to a location, and then that information is extracted out. Why is this done? Well, with today’s technology if you give someone information in a thumb drive, or you have someone put something on an SD card, on a cell phone or whatever, there’s technology to intercept that information. However, if you download it into their head, it’s a much more secure way. So, that’s [how] an information mule [is] used. This is not necessarily [done through] hypnosis, but it’s more [likely done] electronically. I can’t really explain the exact process because I wasn’t one of the operators or engineers. I was just the go-to guy –get ‘em, bring ‘em, take ‘em back, you know, and move onto the next task. They don’t know what hit ‘em. They usually wake up disoriented, eyes are fuzzy, they may be a little dehydrated, and usually they’re so confused that, you know, they think they either have a bad hangover, or their drink was spiked. Sometimes it’s so unusual that they don’t want to talk about it at all, and they suppress that. 5. Human Lab Rats
This one is a little bit more intense –I have to say that before I describe this, [so] this is my audience warning. You have people that are taken to be used as, really, human lab rats, and they are taken to underground facilities [DUMBs] and they’re used to test out new drugs, biological weapons, any new technology that they want to use on humans. They won’t test these things on animals because, frankly, it won’t have the same results as the real thing. So humans are taken as lab rats and they’re kept there indefinitely.
6. Sex Slavery/Pedophile Rings
Then you have other humans, primarily children, again this is why I had to warn your audience, that are taken for two things. One, you have children and younger people taken that are then put into the national and international sex slave projects for [purposes] more [having to do with] the elite…and other things.
7. Adrenochrome Harvesting

Molecular structure of adrenochrome.
Then you have people who are taken for –and this is where it gets a little more, you could say controversial, but I’ve seen it myself, and others have spoken about this as well. There is a biological chemical within the brain that is extracted when you invoke fear, and the easiest way for them to do this is through torture. Whether that’s psychological torture or physical torture, the results are the same. And what they’re physically extracting is known as adrenochrome. This adrenochrome, a euphoric biological drug, is then used by beings not of this planet. [Note: the following paragraph was said at 37min:30sec, but was inserted here for cohension of subject matter] This isn’t second-hand information. This [adrenochrome extraction and/or use] is something I did see. At one of the facilities I was at, I definitely did see this. This is in a facility at Vancouver, British Columbia, which was a major outpost, one of my main outposts for doing milabs around the Pacific Rim. And yes, I did witness it there. And again, this is where it gets a little more controversial, you could say, but I did witness this and I know it in my heart and soul so I’m not afraid to say…it’s not necessarily the humans “getting off,” you could say, on the adrenochrome. [Note, compare with similar testimony from Phil Schneider in 1995: “There are nine races of alien populations that look at a human being as a bag of food…they don’t eat the flesh and the bones, and all that kind of stuff. They use the glandular secretions of animals and human beings as a mixture of the vitamins for their food. They get high off of our adrenal gland substances, called adrenochrome. It’s something like cocaine to them.” 33min:40sec]
8. Spare Parts
And then the last [reason for abductions, a particular activity] which has pretty much stopped now (it’s almost really done away with, because there’s really no need for it, but…) humans being taken for spare parts, whether it is a lung, an arm, an eye, whatever. [Note, compare with similar testimony from Barry King in 1995: The program diverted some years ago to a very sinister side when they were using spare parts from humans. They were abducting people, a lot of these people never saw the light of day, again. They were used a spare parts, very like the film, Coma. In fact, that’s sort of ‘regional hospital policy,’ where they’d get taken to a certain operating theater, and that’s the ‘termination room.’ Well, think of that laterally, and that is what happens at Harwell [] and Peasemore []. Various individuals are abducted, taken there, they never come out again. Again they’re used as [?], [?] specimens. In the beginning it was just a random thing. Anyone would do. I mean, obviously we could get a number of good spare parts from this person, all well and good. And then they started to get very fussy. Source: (I lost the time mark for this quote, sorry)] So, those are the main reasons for military abductions. Now of course, there could be other reasons involved, [such as] taking someone that maybe is a political figure of another country, and wanting to get information out of him. But those are the main reasons for military abductions within the United States and internationally, under Spyglass. Full interview with Aaron is here: [excerpt begins 22min:30sec]


  1. Hi, thanks for re-posting this transcript, James. I didn’t appreciate what Aaron was talking about back when I first heard this interview a few year ago, as I do now, given my experiences of late. I think this adds insight into what is going on with abductions. That Dragonstrike (John Stormm?), himself having worked on the ops side as well, pingback’d this article from his website, to me, adds creedence to the information perhaps being quite accurate.
    On the one hand, I have found this information to be somewhat liberating, as pieces of a disturbing puzzle slowly come together one by one. Yet on the other hand, I find it quite saddening, frightening and anger-provoking that so much has been/IS BEING done to us, while this information is being kept from us. My suspicion is what Aaron discloses in this interview is only the tip of the iceberg, a mere summary overview, and that there is much, much more involved with this subject.
    Just to be clear, I inserted a brief personal commentary, which is the portion that begins with the words “Problem. Reaction. Solution” and ends at my username acronym, “—JSNTLC.” It dovetailed on Aaron’s comments on how people are tracked, from birth, due to their genetics, and that this comes into play later in their lives. I comment on how gene mapping is being used right now, as evidenced by what I’ve been seeing packaged and sold by mainstream media, and as discussed by researchers in alternative media, such as Kerry Cassidy. I quote a related statement she said in her interview from a few years ago with Cynthia Brewer.
    Aaron’s transcription then resumes at the words, “3. Persons of Opportunity.”

  2. Also, it’s hard to tell as they are formatted on this page, but as they were originally formatted on my Facebook page, the following two paragraphs were italicized captions displayed beneath the picture of the man holding the weapon, and beneath the picture of the immigrants in a holding facility of some sort:
    1. The (first) paragraph which begins with the words, “I should make it clear” and ends with, “etc. you come across”
    2. The paragraph which begins with the words, “It seems illegal immigrants” and ends with, “to abductees ensure this. –JSNTLC”


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