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EMS Test for Milab/Abductee Confirmation

Note this message is from Sue M. She is offering specific milab/abuctee tests for $25. Though I have not had this specific test done personally. The EMS test she did for me seemed very accurate and helped me pin point the issues I need to work on through meditation and homeopathy.  There are very few people in the world who knows how to help milab and abudctee victims and Sue is one of them. 

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Do you feel that you may have been abducted by the military or ETs? A simple saliva test can confirm some items that are issues with milabs/abductees. These include disassociative disorder (multiple personality disorder), post traumatic stress disorder, cosmic radiation, scopolamine (a drug used by the military/CIA/other agencies to render you helpless, compliant and without memory of what transpired). We can look for old fractures, and other issues. When you place your order you will be directed to a mail-in sheet for your saliva sample; just include anything unusual that you are concerned about; we may not always have a frequency to check for it, but we will certainly try.

Through your saliva sample, our testing device can read your DNA, and pick up what is challenging your immune system – specifically, for purposes of this test – milab/abduction issues.

The EMS (or EMT) Test is a non-invasive, full body evaluation that does not require your presence – simply submit a form with your saliva sample! The saliva test is offered to clients out of our area who would like an assessment of their health. We view all health issues as either balanced or imbalanced – our evaluations will reflect this.

We are available to train you to evaluate yourself using the EMT System. The milab/abduction scan is limited to only checking for issues that are consistently found in milab/abductees. For a more detailed scan, order a full EMS scan.



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