Sunday, June 23, 2024

EP 200 – Former US Marine: Anthony Zender – Military Abduction – Black Op Programs – Temporal War

SECRET SPACE CONFERENCE LIVESTREAM REPLAY AVAILABLE HERE!!! Click here: Merlins Lab Orgone Pyramids – 10% off with promo code ‘JOURNEYTOTRUTH’… Our website: Donate: Thank you HOPEWELL FARM CBD: PROMO CODE ‘ ultrajtt15 ‘ gets you 15% off all 1000mg and 2000mg cbd for a limited time only! To Learn More and Purchase Hopewell Farm CBD Products. Use Promo code JourneyToTruth10 for 10% off! Crypto payment option now available! CLICK HERE: Shirts and Merch: Use promo code 20ANDBACK for 20% off!… To Learn More and Purchase the Omnia Radiation Balancer. Use promo code TRUTH (all caps) for 10% off! CLICK HERE:… Get the new poster here! journey-to-truth-podcast.creator-spri… If you’re looking for a great Web designer and developer check out KWS Development DUTCH SECRET SPACE CONFERENCE DOCUMENTARY: Must have VPN set to Netherlands… Anthony Kaminski was born in 1985 in West Palm Beach Florida. At an early age he demonstrated gifted and talented abilities in the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual realms. At six years old he had his first military abduction expierience as part of Operation Greenstar for the CIA. During his childhood he was abducted numerous time to Deep Underground Military Bases where he was turned into a Generation 6 MK Ultra Supersoldier. He was groomed throughout his whole life by the military and at the age of 16 was when he began his service for Dark Fleet for the Military Contractors Kruger, and MSL(Monarch Solutions Limited) In his regular life he was a standout in the sport of wrestling, compiling a record of 122 wins and 18 losses during his high school wrestling career as well as going undefeated his senior year and winning the State Championships. After high school he enrolled in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry assaultman. During boot camp he was a standout and was nominated for the honored position of platoon commander or otherwise known as the guide. In boot camp he graduated second out of over 300 Marine recruits. During his Carreer as a Marine he did a combat tour in the city of Fallujah during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2. After 4 years he was honorably discharged. After his honorable discharge from the Marines he embarked on the Martial Arts quest and began a career as a professional fighter where he still actively fights to this day and has fought 33 times. After his service in the Marines he started having ESP expieriences and he opened up pandoras box and took the red pill to find out that there was more going on in his life than met the eye. At the age of 25 he started getting memories back of his service in the secret space program and ever since then he has been going through the total recall experience of being an MK-Ultra MILAB Supersoldier for Kruger and the ACIO. Since his awakening he has been active in the UFO/Disclosure community promoting the release of the truth for full disclosure and justice for MILABS for the optimal timeline and Ascension of the planet to a type 1 civilization. Facebook: Anthony Zender You tube: Anthony Zender Email: Website: ACIO website:


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