Thursday, April 18, 2024



Erin wrote me a email claiming her family is endangered by her interview. In the name of integrity I am going to take this video down. I want people to be safe. But please understand by taking this video down I want no more further communication with you ERIN.

I love you Erin but you issued threats, that’s not how friends conduct each other. But I want to keep her children safe. Of course Erin, of course ill remove this interview for the sake of her children. You never had to attack my character, threaten to sue. YOU NEVER HAD TO BE SO DRAMATIC PERIOD.


  1. The only comment I have is that yes, I did have to attack you. You were not listening to reason one bit. I asked kindly-you refused. You waited until it got out of hand. And you did it for yourself. So this is done, 100%. I am through with you-do not ever speak to me again!!!

  2. This was about MORE than just her video James and you know it. If anyone is dramatic its you. pfft. Why dont you start telling the truth! She had to threaten to sue you before you took it down. Your a real piece of work.


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