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Etherics (scuttlers) / Nanodrink

Etherics (scuttlers) / Nanodrink
Hi James,
I experienced some years ago a something I think was a nanotech attack that was delivered to me over a cocktail that I drank in a big hotel in Munich that caused a three weeks long amnesia and loss of pain and feelings and facial recognition for that period. Glad that I recovered.I think that some group or agents must have known it over a telephone appointment I had with a friend that we would go to that Hotel for some drinks.
Actually felt that something was in the cocktail when it was close to me but I was convinced that it would help me & and also not in a way. It tasted metallic and some parts of my skin started to feel strange.The heavy effects kicked in hours later and it was noticeable that they disabled mental functions and memories. Proceedenly to my surprise I started automatically to somehow react on it and stay calm and and grab memories & recalls and divert / shift them into other areas. Not all could be saved I think.
I still wonder if it was for the good or an attack.
1,5 years cognitive issues and energetical blockades from the corpus collosum up to the cortex of the central part of the brain. It seemed to have disabled/erased memories & PTSD and blocking/reroot certain neurological pathways possibly access hidden memories.
An other one delivered over a meal did something to my sensory communication functionality of my inner palms of my hands.
Lost the ability to fear and I had really intense sharp pain at the Hypothalamus area, difficulties to apply mind related things. However when trying to access certain memories, it starts a painful burning sensation in my brain and I can‘t think them.
This unknown substance in the cocktail was force given to me unwittingly at a hotel after having talked to a doctor weeks ahead about certain abilities. I think that it is perhaps not good to talk about special abilities like Alara Blackwell tells about or if one feels certain electrical commands for a craft running through his hands, with a common doctor or psychologist. I think there seems to be on a witch hunt like style run.Thank’s to you I got a better picture of what may have happens to me.
So I think that the purpose of this drink was to shut down memories by modulating the neural access pathways of the hypocampus to the storage areas, solve PTSD and better react to certain situations, put psychic abilities offline for later use if needed and change how one keeps memories.
Did I tell you that I actually have had many intense personal encounters with so called “Scuttlers“ over the last years with some I call “Etherics”, their effects on me and what helped to countermeasure them ?
It could help others to countermeasure them if needed! Had many in my flat and in cars, public transportation,hospitals and cinemas (seeming to scan emotions and thoughts). Interestingly in cinemas. Maybe a sort to gather intel of people by an alien race to understand how we think and feel about certain things like how we do in scify movies like Independence day2, I was able to perceive out of them.
They appeared in different shapes. Some like very thin cigarette smoke in a constant form like a sea star when light hit them. In the night I perceived them glowing. One could feel a pressure field and those felt as if a thin scarp or feather was moving across the skinn. .They can grab and pinch and seem too. Feels electrostatic.
Be able to influence bio electric body cells and energetic on ones body by applying vibrations. Also read & insert and influence thoughts. Countermeasures that helped me against Etheric constructs.
Most appeared high tech like from an alien race. One appeared synthetically build and was pretty much in cubic simple shapes. I think that those could have been build in a microwave like looking device that imprints the ether over x,y,z emitters.
Spray dispenser filled with an ionic liquid such as lemon juice and soap. Excellent to neutralize them. One should be careful on the effects on surfaces before using.
Anti-static cleaning gas for PC’S.
Metallic dish washing sponge.
Best defense. It seem to destabilize their shape and effects.
Close gap metallic fence / net.
Tinfoil prevented them to penetrate but seemed able to walk along the surface. Not with meshed up metallic fence.

Full enclosed motorcycle Helmet with metallic fence at open areas and mouth when sleeping prevented them from entering the mouth and during sleep. They seem to come through electricity plugs and through open windows. Was able to energetically countermeasure some at first but it was energy consuming and difficult if one had to sleep. One needs to sense their vibration and then simulate this one in ones mind and then apply and play with ones phantasy on ones desired result with them to control them.
They were most active in the evening and through the night. Perhaps it has something to do with the lower and more stable magnetic field of the planes atmosphere on the night side of the planet due to the solar wind drags it up.


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