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Etienne and Marko – Deep State Virus vs Earth Alliance

Marko is a soul created form the source. He is one of the 50th oldest souls in the universe. He has incarnated first time as patriarch of Andromndea. He has two lifetimes as an Orion military lieutenant. He had fire bending abilities on Orion. Today we will have a discussion about the virus situation released by the deep state and the counter plan put into place by the Earth Alliance which is a breakaway group from the SSP that is trying to bring about positive timeline for humanity as we shift into 5D around 2025. We also Etienne Charland who will be speaking about these topics and his intuitive perspective how he perceives we will transcend this situation. Someone please kindly post the link when available.

Etienne Charland, founder of the Hanuman Institute, is one of the many starseeds who incarnated on Earth to assist Earth during its ascension process from 3D into 5D. Once known as Hanuman, he has recovered his full psychic powers and he is known to be a fierce Warrior of Light ready to face any adversities. He is one of the major players in Orion, and is constantly involved in inter-galactic affairs between the various groups and federations, who communicate with each other telepathically. He is also the author of the book, The History of the Universe, where he describes the context of what’s happening on Earth, who the Dracos are, and how the dark forces got defeated in 2016. Since then, our planet is going through a karmic cleansing as we go through the greatest vibrational shift known to humanity.

Etienne https://www.spiritualselftransformation.com/blog
Mark https://www.andromedianalchemy.com/
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MAY 28, 2020 NOTES

Since last interview 10 days ago

Etienne – Had a 12 year and back mission, 5th Reich Nazi’s now control 42% of the SPP. Worked in upper management in an alternative timeline reality as a super soldier?

Mark – Had a 10-year SSP mission. Would do lava bending experiments, worked with crystals and sacred geometry on Venus with the German SSP groups. Were trying to weaponize his abilities to create fire tornados. Surface of Venus has many crevices and volcanoes, no mountains, Lightning from the volcanoes. Gravity is lower. Sun rays come so directly it creates lightning. 1 part of 1 millisecond lightning. You can see heat waves coming off the ground. NASA is correct temperature is close to 850F. The light wavelength is higher and sky looks greenish. Service period 1991-1999 age 7 to 17, but he was not reaged back to a child??? Marko was supposed to be there for 20 years. But he managed to get a friend to hack some of the teleportation devices in exchange for a crystal that can recover memories. After he was picked up, he was instructed to make landscape on Venus flat so they can build a base. He can tolerate a lot of heat due to his Orion DNA. He lived in a spiral complex that could harness the fire energies.

James – Had a tornado and almost died

ACIO – 20% of it based out of a flying platform off world

Lazy Man’s Path to Enlightenment, Hijacking of the grid from upper dimensions.

Purposes of Virus

1. Cleansing matrix people and empty shells, 8% done
2. Breaking the false light matrix, 18% complete
3. Teaching the lesson of adapting to deal with situations without fear, 8.3% done
4. Taking a break to integrate the massive shifts of the past few years. January 21, 2021 is the deadline Draco’s and Shapeshifters must leave the earth. 16% done
5. Quarantine to isolate people to loosen and disintegrate the social grid and allow each to live in a separate reality and face their individual karma, 15.8% done
6a. Create the space for the Alliance to cleanse out corrupt people, 98.6% done
6b. Create the space to establish a new order, putting people of higher integrity into the right places, 4.5% done

Possible directions of the timelines measured in probabilities as result of Karma Cause and Effect.
1. Guerrilla Warfare in Europe resisting immigrants brought in to homogenize the races.
2. New settlements in Brazil, increasing its importance.
3. Migrations from Europe to Madagascar, Brazil, Australia


Lots of deaths in some countries, few in others. No clear explanation other than collective karma. We’ll talk about the current situation and not the future for now, to have solid data. Etienne and Marko spent hours together to evaluate and re-evaluate those numbers to remove distortion and have pretty solid numbers.


– Official numbers of deaths outside China have 13.6% accuracy. Death count is 30% higher in china, and has been going on for years now, accelerated in 28th October when this new strain was released…. Masks are not effective about 45% if you have N95, eyes also have ACE2 receptors, need to wear googles. Social distancing does not work if you cough, vapors travel 35 feet and then spread like pollen. Masks decrease oxygen and lower the strength of the immune system. Anti-malaria medications combined with zinc is effective if taken at beginning. Virus will slow down in the summer then October will surge until January 21, 2021 then it will fade out.

– Official numbers of infections outside China have 8.2% accuracy, infections are much higher than they are telling us. Death count is somewhat higher than what we are being told.
– Chinese numbers have 0.12% accuracy
– There are different timelines with different numbers, and we keep flip-flopping between timelines. There’s also lots of distortion making it difficult to measure the right numbers so we worked on this together.
– As of May 23, 2020, officially 1 million but India has 29.1 million deaths 3.3% population, China’s population is 675 million (they are lying about the population counts), of that in China 41.6 million have died
Bangladesh has 165 million actual is 48.5 million of that 3.8 million died about 8%,
Nigeria has close to 890 million people and fastest population group officially its 205 million population about 400K died.
South Africa 9.2 million,
USA population is officially 330 Million but its 270 million.

other countries 1.1 million (58.1% Africa, 2.2% Europe, 25.8% Asia, 12.6% North America, 1.2% Central/South America, 0.1% Oceania)
– cross-check: 98.9% accuracy on those numbers, 4.2% distortion

Virus mandate from heaven is to reduce shell, soulless, and trash souls. Their DNA was manipulated by Draco’s to be progressively worse and are brought into anchor families and systems, etc to destroy them (chaos beings). After being removed we can move to 5D.

In Europe, coronavirus deaths are inflated by 10x, particular Spain and Italy

– Europe will karmically be dealt with differently possibly civil wars, sovereignty and push back against immigration of foreigners. Collapse of the Euro and EU. 76% of Italy between Nov and Feb of this upcoming year
– Death rates are 30-100% higher than usual depending on regions, counting deaths other conditions as COVID. Get paid money by insurance between $10,000 to $150,000 dollars if they code COVID.
– 89.2% had no soul, empty shells
– 60.2% were chronically sick, 18% in good health
– 95.4% have connection to God below 0.1%. deeply stuck in the matrix, judgmental and rigid.
– 99.1% of increased deaths are due to psychic storms and black vortexes. When karma needs to be cleared god will use these storms or fields of energy, not always physical portals can open astrally and draws out grey energy and souls from people, to clear out negative people or heal them.
Sweden – 86% above average. So, approach Sweden took was not good
– Cross-check: 97.4% accuracy, 8.2% distortion

– In USA; 53,300 deaths of coronavirus compared to official 96,700 (45% less)
– In New York, 29,600 deaths of coronavirus compared to official 28,000 (2.5% more)
– 20,600 deaths of coronavirus in rest of USA compared to official 67,800 (70% less)
– cross-check: 99.1% accuracy on those numbers, 4.4% distortion

– Normal death rate in USA is 6,800 per day
– Death rates are currently 35.4% higher than that across the country
– Death rate in New York is 88.2% higher than usual
– Death rate in California is 47.8% higher than usual

If you put aside “cause of death”, total deaths are official data that is hard to manipulate. We can then compare that to the average of the past 5 years. In China, India and Bangladesh, those numbers cannot be obtained publicly.

We feel that total death certificates count per month could be obtained for South Africa, perhaps someone could try to look into this. That would be interesting to compare.

Massive energetic shift in New York for rescuing 20,200 children of 26,500 (76% rescued). Mercy Ships. Found in underground bases about 90% of the children that could be rescued were rescued. These children were Germanic in ancestry and were to be used for sacrifices. The other 10% of these children are safe but still living in underground bases. The children that were rescued will most likely be blank slated and placed in dorms or inserted into new families after being reaged. Reptilians prefer these bloodtypes to harvest adrenochrome .Most of these children are all AB blood group of slavic or germatic type (blue eyes, white skin). They seek that blood type for Satanic rituals… we don’t know why.


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