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Etienne and Marko – Galactic Federations, Skynet, Skyranet, and Timeline Shifts

Marko is a soul created from the source. He is one of the 50th oldest souls in the universe. He has incarnated first time as patriarch of andromndea. He has two lifetimes as an Orion military lieutenant. He had fire bending abilities on Orion. He will be talking today about Anlepledeia Federation, and will be talking about ascension of this planet, the 12 dimensions of reality. Because this planet is shifting after 2025 as we will be going 5D. We also Etienne Charland who will be speaking about these topics as well as dimensions of consciousness, federation reality vs the singularity timeline, the virus situation, and much more.

Etienne’s website: https://www.spiritualselftransformation.com/blog
Mark’s website: https://www.andromedianalchemy.com/

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12 Dimensions

There is no duality in 5d/6d but there are archons work in high densities. But dualities come back in 7D.

0D – no duality – 25%
1D – Physical – 14.8%
2D – life – 12% are in this category
3D – intellect – 95% are here
4D – psychic – 92.6% – collective energy
5D – Love – 3.6%
6D – Peace, False Matrix Light people cannot go beyond 5th or 6th dimensions. – 0.015%
7D – Spiritual Light
8D – Crystal Codes
9D – Underlying currents
10D – Greater cycles in creation / clock – Matrix of the universe
11D – Access in the middle of creation/ clock, eye of hurricane or cycle, Primary Feeling
12D – Connection with source, consciousness or source of life.

After 10D there is an infinite number of dimensions.

144,000 are light warriors. Only 25% or 36,000 of them can operate above 6D. These people are leading ascension of the planet.
Only 1% who are spiritually evolved are leading the rest, they need to be in 6D.

Population of planet is 4.6-5.3 billion people. —- .01% is 45,000 people.

There are some groups of ETs on this planet that are in 6D. Marko says we will reach 6D by 2025


The memories are not coming to us because the alien blockages on this enslavement planet. You have to get rid of the splits in the mind/energy chakras and the information comes in.


What matters is what knowledge do you have in your souls?
Remembering Abilities?
Self-Improvement – The movie the secret helped with the awakening.


2012, woke up from a dream and heard a voice in head something needs to be changed
Cleared limited beliefs
Visited by Metatron

One of the pillars – Andromeda. Anlepledeia Federation – are more spirit Center
Second Pillar – Lemuria Royal Family – are more spirit Center
Third Pillar – sub federation of the Pleiadies – Taygetans – are primary beings of love.


Goal is to make our civilization more stable.

Avian’s and Orion’s are more similar to us. They use money (10D technology) and genetics, Yang (more so with Orion’s), and sprit centered.
Pleiadians and Lemurians are very Yin based, good at healing teaching, artists.

Orion Federation – 12,000 years ago this civilization collapsed and became other sub federations. The original was destroyed now they are fractured and splintered groups. More fascist. Rely more on technology. Planets made of crystals used as generators which stabilized everything else in federation.
Draco – Dark Oriented, controlled planet earth for a very long time. Controls 7% of the universe
Galactic Federation – Neutral Oriented
Nordics – Nazi 5th Reich SSP aligned group. Work with the Draco. Promote Racist philosophy, look human. Negative Oriented… moving to more positive and promoting Earth Alliance.
Arcturians – Had half of military power in the universe. Some positive and some negative.
Tall Whites – Can be mixed with many different races. Have bases on this planet. Related to the Avian species. Triangular skull.
Anshar – Based on the Vampires Legends
Anlepledeia Federation – Positive Oriented, Light Oriented. Consists of 9th dimension Pleiadians. Controls 55% of the universe. Relies on technique. Alchemy, energy work, crystal technologies.
Lyrans – Origin of Human Races at least as far back as knowledge goes. Humans come from another space/ spacetime dimension before that.
Lemurians – Crystals Technologies.
Pleiadies – Taygetans were kicked out three times from other galactic federations due to their unstable element. They are recovering from these unstable aspects of themselves. Focusing on primary archetype of Love. There was a 8% influence of Black Goo infection 2.8% has a mandate from heaven.
Andromeda – shifting from 6D to 7D, some of them are incarnating on this planet. Selenite , Zeolite Based Technologies.
Sirian Federations – Dolphin races, Dogon tribe contacts – Some were kicked out of Montauk. Siruis A some were pure evil now they are more neutral, were involved with Montauk. Sirius B (Dogon) their DNA changed and they became unstable.
Annuanki – Manipulated religions on this planet. Daoist Gods are positive annunakies, they have advanced 5D/6D spiritual knowledge. They have strong knowledge, but does not bring much love of god into it. The annunakies seem to be promoting this. Chinese immortals are all annunakies.
Inner Earth Civilizations – Shamballah – Some positive groups of different races. Some of elongated skeletons, whiteish blue skin, dark hair, luminescent glow. Some have wings. 1.7% have pure Arcturian DNA.
Ashtar Command – Who are they?
Astral Realms –

The one who has the deepest connection to god, vibrate higher will be the beings who will bring about ascension.
There is one god, but many expressions as it executes its will over the universe recreating what already is.


Skynet = singularity timeline, A.I. upgrades consciousness. Borrower something else’s power. Causes massive distortions in our energy field. Virus is connecting us to the singulatiry. Skynet is a 4D grid of oneness. Quantum Based.
Skyranet = Network to connect lightworkers together for a stronger connection to source. Made by Galactic Federation and Orion located in astral and upper dimensions. We cannot remove the virus so we can energetically step over A.I. virus exposure. Virus is a 5D purposes but its karma is 10D. We can steal its 10D purpose. Upper dimensions laws override the lower dimensions. Most lightworkers operate in 3D/4D . People who want to opt in by touching crown and root chakra visualize a gold color. Say “Skyarnet confirm.” And the downloads will commence.


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