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Etienne Charland and Marko – COVID Update, NEGAS, and Timeline Shifts – Includes Notes

Today Etienne and Marko will be going over death rates, lock downs, micro worms, psychic storms, Negas, and Timeline Shifts. Marko is a soul created form the source. He is one of the 50th oldest souls in the universe. He has incarnated first time as patriarch of Andromeda. He has two lifetimes as an Orion military lieutenant. He had fire bending abilities on Orion. We also Etienne Charland who will be speaking about these topics and his intuitive perspective how he perceives we will transcend this situation. Etienne Charland, founder of the Hanuman Institute, is one of the many starseeds who incarnated on Earth to assist Earth during its ascension process from 3D into 5D. Once known as Hanuman, he has recovered his full psychic powers and he is known to be a fierce Warrior of Light ready to face any adversities. He is one of the major players in Orion, and is constantly involved in inter-galactic affairs between the various groups and federations, who communicate with each other telepathically. He is also the author of the book, The History of the Universe, where he describes the context of what’s happening on Earth, who the Dracos are, and how the dark forces got defeated in 2016. Since then, our planet is going through a karmic cleansing as we go through the greatest vibrational shift known to humanity.

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June 28, 2020

Last time, Etienne Charland gave us an update on what’s left of the 5th Reich German SSP groups. Today we will be going over death rates, lockdowns, micro worms, psychic storms,

.04%-.08% COVID death rates in the US, compared to 0.041% vaccine death rate. Currently, death rates are 25-100% higher than usual. Third world nations vaccine death rates .07%-.08% in Africa. Death rates in China is totaling over 50 million people 9.8% of the population. This is a result of their karma. 98% of the infected people are false light matrix people.

Of the population of planet earth 23% of the people are shells, entities in human bodies with no soul or spirit they tend to become violent and aggressive. 23% are matrix people with no souls who are passively aggressive. More than 50% are buffer people with souls connected from 2D to 6D lower consciousness people. 95% of the population on this planet are considered false light matrix. 5% are those who can make a difference and 1% of 1% are galactic star seeds light workers who are making a difference, most advanced soul in the universe. If light workers get it, they can heal slowly over time due to their connection to 5D and 6D sources. 73% of infected population are already permanently damaged.

COVID deaths will gradually increase over time, with several peaks, with the highest peak in 2027, and will calm by 2032. Many of these protestors are false light matrix people and we are looking at 50% death rates over the next five years most of them are already infected. This is probably why we are having a spike of COVID right now the virus is mutating and mutated strains are spreading all over the place. This death rate is not because the Deep State decided so or even the Federations decided so. It is because God is doing a karmic cleansing to remove matrix people and empty shell people as the vibration of the planet is going higher.

After June 2021 COVID will most likely fizzle out and deaths of false matrix people will be the result of psychic storms.

As deaths escalate in the USA, the media will continue polarizing the data by simultaneously reporting much less deaths and blowing the numbers out of proportion to create fear. Exactly as they’re already doing. However, the total death count no matter the source should remain accurate so look at that.

Everybody is forgetting about the virus but it’s not over. With the shift in media narrative, and the massive shift in timelines, I’m not detecting any change in terms of projected virus timeline. If anything, it slightly increased.

Overall deaths this year. Timelines can and will change, but this is the current trend. Average deaths are normally about 1% of the population per year; and so is the birth rate.
– California: 6-9x deaths, 94% probability
– Arizona: 2-3x deaths, 98% probability
– Florida: 3-6x deaths, 91% probability
– New York: 7-11x, 91% probability
– Mexico: 8-12x, 96% probability
– Europe 2-3x, 92% probability (Worst hit areas will be France, Scandinavia, and UK)

World excluding China, India, Bangladesh and Africa: 5.2x more deaths on average for 2020.

88% to 92% of the virus cleansing and damage will be before January 21st 2021.

Damage is 80% in the lungs, 12% kidneys, 4% heart, 4% cardio-vascular. That’s the kind of damage that karmically won’t be healable for ~22 years in most cases, which means karmic energies stuck in the system long-term.

World economy will recover in about 6 months from now, around January 21, 2021. NESARA variant, 14% of what is being told on the internet. Not really about getting free stuff, but there will be more financial stimulus. International financial systems are being dismantled and being replaced with microeconomies which are decentralizing the system. Crypto is part of this revolution but Bitcoin will not as strong in the future.

Long-term damage from the virus. This has shifted up considerably since last week. The anger and karma the protestors incurred is making things worse for them anyway.

– California: 72.4% will have some permanent damage, 25.2% will have significant damage, 17% will have severe damage (nearly double of last week!)
– Arizona: 25.1% with damage, 10.1% significant, 9.2% severe
– New York: 85.3% with damage, 32.2% significant, 25.2% severe
– Mexico: 35.2% with damage, 12.6% significant, 12.2% severe
– France: 72.1% with damage, 25.2% significant, 9.2% severe
– China: 90.4% with damage, 48.3% significant, 15.8% severe
Deaths are excluded from these numbers. Chinese virus kills but otherwise doesn’t do as much damage.

CCP controls only about 30% of china now as of June 28,2020. China population is now at a 10% death rate. It makes no sense but has been validated by several other people. It will go up to 13.8% by the end of 2020, and 18.2% by the end of 2021. I find it hard to believe these numbers so let’s take it with a grain of salt. 60% of the karma is in China is a result of the hive mind. This needs to go for change to take place in China. Westerns who live in China seem to lose themselves in the hive mind. The CCP will probably be gone by January, then will split into many territories. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Xing Jiang, Inner Mongolia.

California and New York are like the North and South poles of America. As the energy is shifting on the planet, America is one of the most important anchors that affects what happens everywhere else. As the energy shifts abruptly, first the North and South poles will break, resulting in massive deaths in California and New York. 95% of deaths will be due to psychic storms and black portals with no logical physical explanations. People will blame it on 5G. Certain natural disasters or events may also contribute. Those poles will break in October, November and December and finally snap during the winter solstice. Thus, those months will see the most deaths.

October, November and December will be the wildest months, and the US elections are on November 3rd right in the middle of it!! That will be wild.

After that, in 2021 the energetic shifts will happen to the rest of the country, wider but not as strong.

Overall deaths after COVID passes in 2021. Estimated, timelines can and will shift.
– California: less than average
– New York: less than average
– Arizona: 34% above average
– Texas: 38% above average
– Washington: 42% above average
– Canada: Quebec/BC ~3%, other provinces 15-80% above average
– Mexico: 75-90% above average

Lockdowns will end gradually from now until October depending on which country. The most deaths will happen in October, November and December. Those extra deaths will be due to psychic storms 75.3% and virus 24.7%? Both the virus and the storms will go together in a wave of deaths, so we won’t be able to differentiate them from each other.


Choose your battles

For Lightworkers:
– Develop your abilities: alchemy (which helps in cleaning shadow, amplify light, and finding your purpose), self-hypnosis, mentorship, online classes)
– Importance of connection to God – meditation
– Invest in yourself to gain new knowledge and adapt quicker to a new reality. Don’t just try to figure it out on your own. Subscribe to Super Soldier Talk. Don’t throw all your money into crypto be sure to spend some on helping yourself.

2020 is creating the space to create a new world. 2021 is where we must put the new energetic and physical structures into place. We and the Federations will build the new energetic structures, along with the Lightworkers who step up for the task.

Cross-check: 96.1% accuracy, 14.2% distortion

I would like his perspective on the riots and if it’s part of the blue flame cleansing the grid.


NEGAS – NAGA’s Serpent Warriors have taken over parts of the SSP through battles and combat. The positive ones are considered the ascended master of the reptilian tribes. The negative ones are fueling a lot of the rioting but they are disappearing as the andromedeans are taking them out using energetic methods. The energy behind black lives matter is connected to the negative Naga’s.


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