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Etienne Charland – Fall of the SSP 5th Reich

Etienne Charland, founder of the Hanuman Institute, is one of the many starseeds who incarnated on Earth to assist Earth during its ascension process from 3D into 5D. Once known as Hanuman, he has recovered his full psychic powers and he is known to be a fierce Warrior of Light ready to face any adversities. He is one of the major players in Orion, and is constantly involved in inter-galactic affairs between the various groups and federations, who communicate with each other telepathically. He is also the author of the book, The History of the Universe, where he describes the context of what’s happening on Earth, who the Dracos are, and how the dark forces got defeated in 2016. Since then, our planet is going through a karmic cleansing as we go through the greatest vibrational shift known to humanity. We will be speaking about what’s left of the 5th Reich German SSP groups. He will share his experiences as well as his intuitive perspective to transcend this situation.

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Etienne was in the SSP from 1982 to 1994 (12 years). His consciousness was projected into another cloned body. Spent time on the weapon platforms above planet Earth. There are 86 platforms around our planet but Etienne was stationed in eight of these. Etienne is spending a month each night in the SSP. He does not recall specifics. He says the Nazis have lost control of the SSP due to the creation of a new timeline which was created in 1982. The new timeline is merging into our reality. Once the merge happens, we have almost nothing left 4% or less. Alliance controls 32%, semi positive Annuanki controls 58%.

Travels into the SSP.
Currently leaving 1 month per night.
Fall of the Nazis.

SSP is now split into 8 factions (before the asteroid belt), only 2 of which are relevant.

– 37.2% of the SSP now work in sync with the Earth Alliance and Orion Special Forces. Primarily in 22 of 86 floating platforms around Earth. The vibration of those 22 floating stations is 15328 on the Hawkins Scale, the people vibrate at 480, with a collective core intent of 28 million. The other platforms currently have a vibration close to 0 and core intents averaging 0, which indicates they’re irrelevant and are adapting to a shift. 3200 Orion military warriors of Light did a “walk-in” into that group since 1982 in this new timeline. They indirectly influence 56.9% of the SSP. They control 72% of the floating platforms around Earth, 22.6% of spaceships, 11.3% on the moon, 0.4% on Mars, 0.2% on Earth, and nothing on Venus.

– 53.8% of the SSP now belongs to a semi-positive Annunaki group. Their overall vibration is 418, the people vibrate at -204, and their core intents vibrate at 2. I’m not yet familiar with this group. They control 0.2% of the floating platforms around Earth, 72.8% of spaceships, 28.2% on the moon, 14.6% on Mars, 2.3% on Earth, and 25.8% on Venus.

– Nazi control of the CCP just dropped down to 0.005%, down from 94%, due to a drastic timeline shift starting at 1982 where I went back to for 12 years. The new reality has merged into ours and is now stable. In the previous timeline, their vibration was -94 million, the people vibrated at -93 million, with a core intent of -98 trillion. What’s left of them in this timeline vibrates at -14, the people vibrate at a negative number with 26 zeros, with a negative core intent with 113 zeros.

5th Reich is resettling onto other planets, swimming into other points in time, and plan to attack later. A peace treaty is very unlikely, and they shouldn’t be ignored. They control none of the floating platforms, a single spaceship, nothing on the moon, 0.2% on Mars, 14.2% on Earth, and 2.4% on Venus.

– I.C.C. controls 8.2% of the SSP within the asteroid belt. They are located 15% before the asteroid belt, 34% outside the asteroid belt, and 51% outside our solar system. They have ultra-advanced technologies. Their vibration is -400, the people vibrate at -1200, and their core intent vibrates at 5. They control no floating platforms, 14% of spaceships, 8.2% on the moon, 2.1% on Mars, nothing on Earth, and 25.2% on Venus.

– Dark Fleet (Nacht Waffen) controls 2.6% of the SSP within the asteroid belt. They are located 35% before the asteroid belt, 56% outside the asteroid belt, and 9% outside our solar system. Their vibration is -14 million, the people vibrate at -35 million, and their core intent vibrates at -28 billion. They are injected with astral entities known as black magicians (look like Final Fantasy XIV Black Mages), as well as archons, and Black Goo. They got destroyed in the past few years and lost 97.7% of their ships and powers. They control no floating platforms, 3.1% of spaceships, 4.2% on the moon, 0.5% on Mars, 1.3% on Earth, 13.2% on Venus.

– Solar Wardens control 3.8% of the SSP within the asteroid belt. They are located 14% before the asteroid belt, Radiant Guardian – 12% outside the asteroid belt, and 74% outside our solar system. Their vibration is 350, the people vibrate at 720, and their core intent vibrates at 912. They are explorers and peace keepers. In 1986 Solar Warden split ???? They control 13.8% of floating platforms, 0.3% of spaceships within the asteroid belt, 2.1% on the moon, 1.3% on Mars, 0.8% on Earth, and 0.2% on Venus.

– MIC controls 1.8% of the SSP. They are a lower level of the SSP that was meant for partial disclosure. Even though disclosure is happening, things are so compartmentalized that the MIC still has very little knowledge of any of the other groups and programs. Their vibration is 4, the people vibrate at -2, and their core intents vibrate at 6. Basically, they are like toys that aren’t doing much. They control 8.2% of floating platforms, 0.2% of spaceships, 1.0% of the moon, nothing on Mars, 1.0% on Earth, and nothing on Venus.

– Global Galactic League of Nations controls 14.6% of the SSP. It was designed to give many countries just enough secrets to be satisfied. Their vibration is 311, the people vibrate at 27, and their core intents vibrate at -615. They control 8.2% of floating platforms, 7.5% of spaceships, 3.5% on the moon, 15.3% on Earth, 1.6% on Mars and nothing on Venus.

Planetary Corporations ???????

Cross-check: 94.2% accuracy, 14.8% distortion.

During the lockdowns, 5G towers are being deployed, and also surveillance cameras. Aspects of 5G
– allows fast internet to connect everything together
– allows UniMatrix to read the collective subconscious around the tower, and also to read emotions of individuals
– emits strong EMF as a side-effect
– the Nazis own every telecom companies working on 5G
– there are 4 different types of 5G being deployed. They all allow fast internet, all allow UniMatrix/Skynet to read people’s eomtions. The difference is the EMF being generated. The US version is about 42% less toxic than the Chinese version.

– Schumann resonance is currently neutralizing about 13% of EM noise and 8.2% of EM field, by 21st of January 2021, it will stabilize and neutralize 40-60% of EM noise and 12-20% of EM field.

There has been 3 main groups working with each other in some areas and against each other in other areas: the Satanist Cabal, and the Singularity Nazis, and the Earth Alliance. Satanist Cabal is dark, Singularity Nazis are neutral, and Earth Alliance are light.

The Satanist Cabal lost 98.2% of their power. They control 99.2% of CNN and CNBC but people don’t pay attention to it anymore. All the anti-Trump stuff comes from them, and that includes a lot of social engineering. They still own the media; they have no energetic power. There has been lots of trash souls that incarnated on Earth to be programmed from birth. Most of those souls have disintegrated leaving only empty shells. They represent about 92% of all their remaining power. They now control only 1.1% of world politics and 18.4% of the world economy. But in the countries in which they are most active (France, Germany, Balkan countries), they control 41.7% of politics and 70.2% of the economy. In China, they control 2.2% of politics and 38.3% of the economy. In India, they control 29.2% of politics and 93.5% of the economy. In the USA, they lost everything, they have 0.18% left of political control and 5.9% of the economy. The Satanists were controlled by the Draco’s, but they do not have human presence outside of Earth; except a few people going through the Secret Space Programs.

The Singularity Nazis increased their powers on Earth by about 10x in the past few years, but lost 99.5% of it after our last two interviews! They were controlling 94% of the Secret Space Program but no longer control it at all.

For the world, they directly control world politics 12.6% and indirectly 23.2%, and 4.8% of economy. They control the structures but not the money itself. They don’t really need the money because they have all the technologies and can produce whatever they need. The economic warfare of cutting Deep State funding killed the Satanists but didn’t affect the Singularity Nazis. They have 12.6% control of financial structures, but that 12.6% is at the highest level that affects everything else: Trilateral Commission mostly. It doesn’t seem they control much at all outside of that.

The Trilateral Commission should require some attention from the Earth Alliance.

Putin was implanted a chip in 2016…

The Earth Alliance. Trump was assigned by the Earth Alliance, and he only controls 12.8% of the Earth Alliance. The Singularity Nazis control 17.2% of the Earth Alliance (it as 35.2% a month ago!), and that’s why 5G is still being deployed. That’s the compromise of being allies in an Alliance. Of the world, the Earth Alliance controls directly 8.8% of world politics and indirectly 34.9%, and 18.2% of the economy. In the past few years, they were really struggling with cashflow but now they’re floating at the break-even point. The Nazi control of the Trilateral Commission is 98% responsible for their lack of cashflow. The Earth Alliance already controls the Federal Reserve. They’re doing really great work, but couldn’t do much without support of the Nazis. In the coming 2 years, they need to look into improving their structures and organizations in order to be more independent. The Earth Alliance controls 68.4% of the world military. They control 64.2% of the US army, 93.8% the Russian army, no control whatsoever over Chinese army, and recently gained 83.6% control over NATO. There was recently a big wave of CEOs resigning and being replaced, that’s the Earth Alliance gaining control.

Cross-check: 98.1% accuracy on the information so far, 15.3% distortion


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