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Ex Mind Control Illuminati Participant Aspen Testimony

Tune in as Aspen share about the Illuminati, super soldiers, and underground lairs


  1. My heart hurts reading these posts. No one deserves this kind of abuse. Supposedly we sign contracts prior to incarnating however what would be ones purpose for these contracts? Does it say somewhere in our galactic history that suffering brings us closer to the light? Moreover, who benefits?

    • Petra, yes our soul is in the university of physical life. Since All-That-Is is also inside and part of us, we are NEVER separated from SOURCE. All negative emotions are part of the package, which gives quality to the learning. Most of my life I have raged at life and wondered, why!!!!, too. Those wearing dark shirts are part of the eternal play. I am sure in some of my incarnations I have worn the dark shirt as well, thus getting a balanced experience and knowing. The recent interview [done at the SuperSoldierSummit] between Erin and Mr. Johnston from the UK,
      helped me to remember that two sides are needed in most of the games we take part in. Also the interview with Miesha,
      showed that she was able to cancel some of the contracts when it became too much for her….she knew that she would abort this life if some of the contracts were not cancelled, so at least she is stil in the game, here in the physical……

      • Thank you George. It seems that the negative critical mass is so high. I understand this is a polar integration however the reptilian agenda/illuminati seems so extreme. Also to explain this to the average Joe in order to increase consciousness and awareness is judged ludicrous. How can we fight a war when no one knows what’s really going on? It used to be beautiful here in the beginning, why can’t we create a timeline that reflects our potential versus our evil?

    • Well said Charles. I still intuitively feel that the reason for the elevation in negative critical mass is because humans as a whole are not learning from their mistakes. If a child is denied knowledge they never learn. I feel if we were given the opportunity to know the truth and the wisdom that hopefully comes with it, we can eliminate the enemy. I understand we have incarnated to learn but also to rebuke enslavement. These poor people like James and Michael prince and Erin among others don’t deserve to be puppets of these evil waring entities who orgasm on our fears, drink our blood and consume and rape our babies. Its wrong and too dark. According to Alex Collier and others they have only been here about 150 thousand years or so. When is the game over?

      • Niara Terela Isley was at the Super Soldier Summit II. While we lived in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, New Mexico from 2008-2012 we drove up to Colorado and interviewed her for 5 hours and posted it on our youtube channel.
        She later talked at the meetings we attended monthly in Albuquerque, where Norio Hayakawa is a member as well. This talk is on the youtube channel also. I titled the youtube channel MILABSAMNESTY because I felt, and still do, that since they are taken against their human conscious will, and then messed with via drugs, torture, etc. they need AMNESTY-FORGIVENESS so they can come forward and talk openly. I know that exposing secrets and lies helps all of us to come to terms with reality and improve our lives.
        My step dad raped and beat me when I was 6. Looking back on that now, I realize now that this was planned to keep me from getting lost in the soup of daily human consciousness, and to keep me on the outside looking in as a life long observer.
        I appreciate the work James Rink, and others are doing.
        I have furthered my knowledge/awareness base because of their work, talks, and examples that they are setting midst the difficult process of being brave and coming forward.
        I read Michael Andrew Pero’s story because James talks about him.
        I am currently reading Anthony Sanchez’s book UFO HIGHWAY because James talks about it.
        Niara speaks her mind and heart and says the criminals need to brought to justice, and their controlled slaves need amnesty. I agree with her and you on this point. The UNIVERSE does have a police force, according to Drunvalo. Niara was drugged and raped while in the Air Force, stationed at Nellis AFB and working at the Tonopah Range. I have read four of Michael Newton’s books about life-between-lives and it seems that we each know what we are getting into before we choose each body and life time to work and learn in. Cheers.

        • Thank you Charles I will review these. Sorry to hear about your own personal experiences. I’ve had many of my own through out my life. I still have so many questions. Blessings. Petra


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