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Fact Finding Mission No.1 Jan 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Adams fact finding mission using the Neo

I went down a purple and green tunnel, when I see these visions it’s like looking out my eye. But with purple around it.

Possibly Operation Cyanide

Adam sees himself as a sniper on a very tall building. Adam feels like I might have been on the building as a sniper as well.  It’s a small city with tall buildings and then small houses further away. There was snow on the ground. It looks like Russia. His sniper scope was pointed down on a building like this…..into a business meeting.  (Draw a better picture)

Snipers Target

Inside he sees a long table with 8 people sitting around. He sees his kill target the person’s first name is Eleriae (last name don’t remember). He looks Russian.

Right then someone kicks him in his legs. There are 4 to 5 people in blue and black camouflage and wearing a black Russian beret.  He yells into his headset he’s been compromised. They take him into a black SUV and he is then knocked out.

When he wakes up he is going down a path.  There are trees around in a forested area.  He is now handcuffed, and the Russian guys have their arms hooked around his. His feet are dragging.  There is a drawbridge in front of us and yet more forest. They are about to cross the bridge but the bridge starts to go up and they are in a panic, they yell something in the intercom to have the bridge go back down. It starts going down then they get ambushed.

There are five of his team members hiding in the snow possibly under white blankets they had white coats on with white ski masks and AK 47 weapons on their backs.  There are three of them are on the right and two are on the left. They lunge forward and put knives to the Russians throats and drag them off to the side bridge and put duct tape on their mouths.  Then the memory ends.

Russians- Black Berret and Blue and black camos


Alpha Squad – White Ski mask   white and grey camos


 The area near the draw bridge


After this happened Adam saw a bright orb shinning in his eyes. He traced it back to the capital building in Washington. D.C. and then to the pentagon. I had him try to trace it to where in the pentagon but he saw the place highly shielded to remote viewers which he couldn’t penetrate.

So he goes back to the capital building. He sees a room (what room or office?) with a red 6×6’ oriental carpet.  Underneath is a wooden hatch which opens up to a stair case.  At the bottom is a room with metal walls. On the right side of the stairs is a wall. On the left side of the stairs which opens up to a large storage room that is perhaps 40 feet long by 20 feet wide.

On one side (which side?) there are tubes (how many?) about 5 feet in width and 7 feet in height (what’s in these tubes?).

On the left wall is a bank of 12 very advanced computer towers, possibly connected into the artificial intelligence system, three of which are turned off. There are 4 white guys which look all the same (are they clones of each other?) and one black guy in this area (who are they and what are they doing here?). They don’t see Adam but they sense he is there and give him a nasty look.

At this point Adam comments he can see everything even though his eyes are closed.  As Adam approach the computers they all turn and begin processing files consisting of names and addresses…

On top of one of the computer is a serial code which reads

Serial Code #13374

SIDR Numbers


Timothy Adams

SIDR numbers might stand for Secure Inter-Domain Routing, which requires a special certificate in order to access the secured network. Can’t find out what sccic numbers are though.

Around this time the phone connection breaks up after redialing a few times we successfully make a connection and then use the neo to secure the conversation.

He recalibrates his position and is back in the area. He goes to the terminal and types my name into the search screen and found 11 to 14 different profiles (or alias?). The first one is in 1986, the next one is in 1999 and then there is a new one for each year after that. It reads as following.

James Michael Rink

Date: July 17, 1986

Shows a picture of me I am much younger, I would have been 6 years old then. It looks like a snap shoot they took at their facility and not something you would find in a family album.  Below the picture shows all the information they had on me at that time.


Height 4′?

Weight 90??

Area of attendance: Jackson’s

Rest is a bunch of random numbers

Date of chair: 88

Next profile

Date: 1999

Snapshot of me I look older. I would have been 19 then.

Serial Number #1654432897766

This serial number appears to be my clone id number. Below that is another picture of what looks to be my clone, It’s a 3D image you can move the screen around and see the body in full detail.

According to the information it seems that 1999 is the first year I got a cloned avatar body and I get a new one every year after that. But they don’t call it an avatar they call it a Sibeus and later Arbeus. This word might be based on the word swēbaz, and that is from the Proto-Germanic root * swē-  meaning “one’s own” people.  I couldn’t find anything for Arebus expect for a slang dictionary for the word ARBUS which is an acronym meaning Ass Raped by Uncle Sam. Which says “Originated over-seas by a small clique of disgruntled soldiers, after their tour of 14 months got involuntarily extended five months. It does not replace BOHICA, but is used in extreme ass raping conditions where a stronger noun is needed.

The profile goes on to say I was trained since 1986 but started real missions in 1999. So he skips to the last one which is in 2006.

Height ‘?


Cloned Arbeus no.

Field compromised

MG64IT Gunnery


Revived attempt failed.

Final revive failed.

Under investigation and repair

March 14, 2006

I couldn’t find any info on the MG64IT Gunnery but I found that mg64 is a type of machine gun possibly world war two era.

World War II era MG 64 Machine Guns

On the next page we read…..

Main Project

Project Name Recovery
Project Surrogate


He sees about 20 to 30 here including:

Operation Live On
Operation Tailboat
Operation Ravensky
Operation Pink Mist
Operation 714
Operation Cyanide
Operation Torpedo
Operation Eyes On
Operation Purple Mist
Operation Stinky Eye
Operation Stargate
Operation Cyanide/2
Operation You are not supposed to be here your supposed to leave

then a bunch of slimily faces and x’s

And this point the computer looks gibberish and he breaks the link.


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