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“You need to get your head checked for real. No super soldier is some scrawny shrimp that cant even do a pushup. Look in the mirror and get a reality check.” C.S.

“Mr S. if that’s your real name I am a alpha squad super soldier they do not use me in this physical dimension, i am plugged into cloned avatars or shape shift. I am purposely kept weak and small to ensure i do not go rouge I stated this clearly on my interviews. Please use better discretion before judging others out of ignorance it makes you look stupid.” – James Rink

“Sorry man you dont even know how to spell the word rogue. So how do you know you are kept a certain way to prevent you from going rogue if you cant even spell the word. Rouge is makeup. Duncan said you are a joke.” C.S.

“OK Grammar Nazi” – – James Rink

“Duncan said you are a liar. You have no proof. The pics of your sore lip dont show shit. Why dont you get your head checked” C.S.

“Triangular shaped scabs, scoop marks, implants, three prong needle marks, and laser cuts would fit into the category of a little more then just “sore” . What would you define as proof? So far all i heard from you is “Duncan says this and Duncan says that.” It would be nice if you could think for yourself.” – James Rink

“I do think for myself and I know a crazy person when I see one. If you had in fact found implants that would definetly be proof. But sorry to say the things you have pictures of are not. Why would the powers that be let you keep running your mouth if any of this was true?” – C.S.

“Hello I have found rod shaped objects which has since come out of me. I would love to have them analyzed but i am not sure where to turn. I do have a lump in my ear lobe which should not be there. As to answer your last question. They can control certain aspects of my life. But while I am James Rink i choose not to cooperate with the programming I have been involved with, the price i pay for my insolence is daily needle marks. What other questions do you have?” – James Rink

“I just dont understand why you think you are a super soldier. Can you not entertain the possibility that you are just suffering from some mental issue? A mental issue certainly seems more reasonable considering you have no proof aside from dreams of being a soldier.” C.S.

“I have reviewed my file that have been stored on computers at the NSA. If you don’t believe me why do you keep writing me? All i heard so far is someone who is extremely negative and judgmental.” – James Rink

“If you reviewed your file why dont you provide it for the masses to see? Also why would you randomly get access to the NSA you dont have clearance for that.” C.S.

“I have in my video series. And it wasn’t random access it was pulled as a favor.” – James Rink

“So lets see the files. Never heard of people at the NSA pulling favors to let civilians in.” C.S.

“Im not a civilian well not officially anyway lol.

Bleak: 1992-1999 – Project carried over from project in the 1970s. This project dealt with recruiting young males (older than the average operative late teens early 20s) and monitoring to see if certain trigger objects or words could be used under certain social situations. This was an MK seed project.

Abandon: 1996-2002 This project dealt with taking super soldier candidates who were found to be physically or mentally incompetent for the project and doing DNA modification and injections (later nano injections) on the candidate in order to see if these individuals were “correctible”. If these candidates improved mentally and / or physically then they would be moved on to super soldier alignment projects and begin trip seating and alteration standards.

Equalize: 1999-2004 This project was a carryover project from earlier project dealing with possible star seed children. These candidates would be checked for genetic mutation and alien DNA such as two hearts and enhanced kidneys, also other enhanced organs which might be useful for a super soldier. If certain aspects were found that were favorable to the super soldier project then the candidate would be sent to a specific department for alteration, program session, and a caseworker would then develop a specific program for the candidate.” – James Rink

“Ya but James you cant even do a pushup hence you arent a suitable candidate.” C.S.

In this physical dimension they keep me weak and sick so i cant fight back but in my alter form i am very strong and telekinetic, i thought i covered this or do we have a communication problem here? BTW my file says i was corrected.”
– James Rink


  1. ‘@ C.S. To be honest with you. All you sound like is duncan’s little fan boy. You claim James doesn’t have evidence to back up his stories, but honestly where is Duncan’s proof? He can say anything he wants. All i see is interviews done by him that could mean NOTHING.. Now i’m not trying to choose sides here, but it’s best you watch what you are saying before trying to judge someone of having a mental illness. As far as i know you are not a psychologist and don’t have the proper degree to diagnose someone.


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