Fan Feedback

From time to time my fans like to give me their feedback on how I am doing. Thought this was noteworthy.

“I have to ask my self why some average run of the mill rich kid with too much time on his hands thinks hes a super soldier.Is this all a big prank? You think the Government would let this remain in the public domain? It sickens me that some ordinary Joe Smoe believes lies like this. If you were truly one of the Super Soldiers you would be lying in wait for your time to come, not exposing yourself like some moronic kid you actually are. Please tell me this is fake, that this is all done because you have nothing better to do. I want to meet you. I want you to look into my eyes, and tell me your a super soldier. I can tell immediately Your are not a super soldier. We are genius, our strength is seen through our actions and words. We are Legion. and sadly nothing about you says that you could handle the stress of the battlefield. You have no eye contact, your bearing is lazy, you have no conviction in what you say. Soldier is discipline, duty, and honor. You have none. If your a super soldier, whatever you were made for is Fail.I have survived against all odds, and am tested in combat. I will eat your heart out. It would do a better service feeding me, then pumping blood through your meaningless, deluded body.

You know nothing of what we actually are, and you would be saddened to know the truth.”

I responded back to this person asking when they would like to meet and so far have not got a response.

Heres another one…….

“I would like to inform you that no such projects have occured how this man describes then. There is no current super soldier with such powers. No yes there was operations like Mk Ultra and time travel, but there is no chair that brainwashes you. This man is a lair and is just adding fantasy to things because he wants to be known as someone.

I think you are not fully there bro. I think you have developed this idea in your head that you are a super soldier because well you think you aren’t good enough to make it in this world. The reason why people pay attention to you is not because you are correct it is because they wanna hear you make a fool of your self. I’m 16 an I am believe I am way ahead of people mentally that is. I know a liar and you my friend are just that. A GOOD LIAR BELEIVES HIS OWN LIES. I suggest mental help mr.Rick because you are trapped in this mental state of mind that you will not get out of. Now I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say you probably have nothing bu this super soldier lie right? Probably, bullied as a kid? Stayed home and thought of ways to grab attention. So what you did is develop this super soldier thing and post it online because well no one knows who you are. You have a brand new start here and you saw that so what you did is feed us this lie. Am I in the ball park?

Who ever believes you is one of the dumbest beings on this earth. Why in the he’ll would government spend money on someone who’s mind is clearly not fully there it would be stupid. If they were looking to do so they would look for someone with a suffisticated mind not a mind who is clearly missing. Listen I know there is something wron with this country an when government fails the people I will be one to rise against it and give the people a voice but I will also fight to protect people from people like you who feed them lies and in turn ruin this society. So if you are going to talk make sure it’s something not fully of bull.  If I were the government and one of my dirty little secrets was out talking about these things one Id make sure you were either dead or back home_-“

Your logic makes no sense but would explaining that be the logical thing to do?

This was from another person…. My comments can be found after the hyphen.

I been watching your videos and I am a skeptic.I don’t know if you just bored or making this stuff up or just a great story teller or etc.

– I could also be telling the truth

But Let me tell you something this is from the bible.Aliens who claim they are our gods or say they made us are in league with the DEVIL and ANTICHRIST and False prophet. I aint trying to be rude or etc just stating the facts and, I feel like you are being used and also trying to get people to buy stuff to make money. I don’t like that. In another words you trying to make a profit.It the same with doomsday people trying to get people to buy underground shelters or doomsday people saying get these books etc .The reason why they are with the Devil is to make people not believe in god and god saids anyone who claims they are god or say they made us besides him are not god and are with the DEVIL.

– the bible is Satan’s little war book. Finance 101 . a business must make a profit in order to stay in business. I don’t quite understand what you are suggesting???

Number One I suggest if you really trying to see if you have nano in your body and etc then go get a MRI like you said and if they won’t do it go to another doctor or etc.

– The blood test would have to be done under sophisticated microscopic equipment which can analyze the codons in my DNA. I have had a blood test and i have high amounts of potassium in my blood which is normal for ET’s which are used in outer space operations.

Number Two I highly suggest you read the bible maybe go to church and get out and get a job and do outdoor stuff.I mean this in a nice way.

– why would i want to read a book which is about genocide and war. I had the bible commissioned in my past life as King James so people can break free of the catholic church now I bring the truth to people so they can break free from all cults.

Number Three If this is really true what you say then bring it to CNN or MSNBC or Foxnews or ABC CBS or NBC.

– Some of those companies are owned by military contractors.  And if they were to tell the people the truth their credentials from press conferences would be pulled and their board of directors would be replaced by the government which happens to own these companies.

Again not trying to be rude or etc just saying this because as I said I am a skeptic and you look someone that wouldn’t fall for this crap and don’t understand why you falling for this doomsday aliens stuff.

– I never said we are in a doomsday scenario, you said it not me.

James Rink