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Alex Diaz – Breaking free from Monarch Programming – February 8, 2012

Alex Diaz Regression

Topic:  To learn how we can break free from monrach progrmaming, and to learn how to become physically invisible.

We begin with a dark room which lights up showing Alex is in a warehouse like setting. It’s somewhat new looking but the place is dirty. On a wall is a map of Arizona. He appears to be in a secret underground base in Arizona known as Alpha 69 section 8.

There is a table and lots of trip chairs nearby, they are experimenting on people. There are open boxes. (What’s inside them?) Alex is now in the trip chair, he is getting poked in the spine, shocked with electricity. General Patterson Wesley Kingsfield is nearby staring at Alex. The general is 5’4”; he has some kind of wooden plastic piece on his leg due to some old war injury, which causes him to walk with a limp. He’s chubby on the waist maybe 42- 44 inch pants.

He sees his handler. His name is Andrew Lonuz. Alex also thinks a Aaron Lunz is there as well, possibly his brother. Aaron was a Navy Seal but now works in the Air force as well. They are forcing Alex in to view some kind of virtual reality training program in the trip chair involving a Roman Orgie party. This memory has come up before in other sessions were we were both involved.

It appears this isn’t standard training protocol but more like a side experiment that was designed as a way to get a sexual high for Mr. Anderw Lonuz. Alex doesn’t appear to be for against this activity, he’s more in a robotic trance and just following along the programming.

The program itself was designed by the government and played to the so called chosen ones (illuminati programming?). While in this state they extract Alex’s hormones, which are used by Mr Lonuz as an aphrodisiac to attract women for sex.  The programing also helps them find a way into your soul. It makes you feel guilty so you can’t fight the programming.

There are greys and reptilians nearby. Most of the reptilians here are negative and carnivorous Alex makes sure to stay away from them. Alex feels as if he is a reptilian hybrid.

I instruct Alex to find a reptilian there who is benevolent one who would help us. He finds one; his name is Dienandshenga and initiates a telepathic link. He says “We are watching over you, you might not know me but I remember you we go way back.”

The reptilian then tells Alex that in 2012 to 2014 they will show themselves.  They are going to attempt to get control over the United States by taking over the government. They are going to try to stop all the conspiracies, cover-ups, and all the games the government has been doing.

Negative reptilians will also come out and kill a lot of people. They will eat people who have bad auras. But if you are of the white light they won’t view you as a threat. The other star nations don’t really try to stop it. They don’t want to risk exposing themselves to an already shocked public.

But this won’t occur until after the Black Days of when the power goes out. This happens in the days after December 21, 2012. UV rays will destroy electrical power plants. And at the same time government powers up their HAARP weapon for depopulation. They want to bring more destruction, tornados, earthquakes, and to make people’s minds go crazy. Internet will be shut down, so we super soldiers need to find a central location where we can meet up and work together and use our instincts to survive.

Once reptilians take over all super soldiers and milabs will be set free. At that point we will have super strength, super speed, and can levitate. We need to tap into the force in each one of us, to help each other out, and use our gifts to fix the planet.

Those of us who are not super soldiers we can help the planet by getting rid of bad technology like nuclear weapons and nuclear energy,  recycle, don’t throw trash were it’s not supposed to go, keep clean, wash hands before you eat, and be safe.

The reptilian says hi James Rink and knows about the work I do on the internet.

At this point Alex speaks some strange language which I don’t understand, Alex says it’s the native reptilian language of Zion.

“pa wa ki tish ka sa…  cash totlt sem pu a li … cawa ba ser a… sis con mo tech tolt ”

In English it translates to:

“James Rink, you are great one, thank you for everything you are doing, without you we wouldn’t think of humans the same as we would.”

I thank the reptilian being and now Alex attempts to probe the computers on how to gain physical invisibility.

To become physically invisible, it’s all about energy. If you can control your energy you can counterfeit what’s happening. Need to think positive and go into own force. If for example someone tries to shoot him, instead of fighting back he can remain calm and go into golden mode, to become invisible, and let a friend attack the trespasser.

Alex now probes the computer on how to access golden form mode. He sees a blank and then the word code. He types in my number 54363 in the blank field and on the screen comes up

My alter mode is activated in extreme pain, extreme emotions, and extreme mental breakdowns. Don’t need to be tortured just need to go through something that will hurt me emotionally a lot. I can then use that to trigger it on my own. All about working with my own chi energy. Once I get to this point I get a phone call with a random number and a code, and then I am fully activated.

Now he types his code “54631” into the screen. On the readout display he sees ….”Multi tone programing…Activation code: Delta Force XXXXXXX.” (note this code wass blocked out for Alex’s own safety)

This code apparently activates any delta force strikers throughout the world. Delta Force are killers, the ones who get the job done, tangos eliminated.

Deactivation Code: 6531002


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