Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Feedback – Albert Einstein embedded with Casbolts Medic Company?

Hi James I do not thing it is Einstein in that photo as well. Have you noticed something not right in the photo. There were two Asian women in the photo with red shoulder arm badge epaulet as they are called as well as a white women with the same. It reminded me of red china. If the guy is Einstein He is a bit chubby unless it is a clone. Some clones tend to be a bit chubbier than the originals.

It is interesting how they are having a few problems with the time travel in the effects of the body. My Avatar does not get any of that at all. However the bases that are within certain time lines would be well equipped to handle problems with personal coming and going. Must be a different division. There is a device in my left arm that lets me know when I am going to be used for time travel. The device is in the middle and there is a spot where it get very hot.

Anyhow I saw you again this time you were standing in a line with others doing exercises of some sort or about to. Looked as though it was a training area of some kind. I got the impression it was at an army base. 

It was a quick flash image. You were wearing a creamy top without arm sleeves for training. And you were focused forward with the rest of that group. I think the second one down from you had black hair and a little taller if you can remember this. The wall behind was whitish and it went high up. I think you were wearing greenish pants with a black belt.


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