Monday, April 22, 2024

Five Alters

A few days ago I had an opportunity to work with a medical intuitive and learned of some new information which may be beneficial to other milab survivors.
She began by scanning my body to find the source of my numerous food allergies and imbalanced gi tract. She saw that my Adrenal glands where burned out due to constant exposure to the flight or fight response of trauma. The Adrenals regulate the body’s hormone system and immune system. 80% of the body’s immune system is the Gut and so if the adrenals are not working properly due to trauma then everything else is out of balance. It may also explain the fatigue issues and how to heal it by focusing on healing the adrenals to balance my body.
When she looked at my aura she noticed my crown chakra was lit up like a lighthouse which is good but everything else below my throat chakra was shut down. So she tried opening up these lower chakras and found there was some type of cloaking device around each of these chakras. When she opened them all up she found the astral body of a reptilian in there controlling me but it wasn’t possession because this being apparently wasn’t causing me harm. It’s more like he was one of the scientists who helped create me and his job was to keep me under his watch.
This being expressed sadness because he knew he was about to lose control over me. He also said I was 80% Pleiadian, they tried other DNA mixes of various amount of reptilian and Pleiadian and turns out the ones with more Pleiadian survived and the rest died.
She saw that I had 5 alters, they appeared to be in one room on the right side in the corner. The reptilian being said that my alters are different in that I was created in a very scientific meticulous way. Each alter was tied into a certain DNA code so when they want a alter to come out my whole DNA code switches and I physically become a different person with each alter. Additionally she noticed there were no portals into my home when I was James Rink. Portals are how they are able to access me and inject me.  It’s only when I switch into the alter personality that a portal tunnel opens up. The good news from all this I was in a unique project which was mostly about scientific advancement of mark ultra-programming and was able to avoid most of the satanic programming so many milabs where forced to go through.
When she tried to look at the alters specifically she couldn’t see anything because they had cloaking devices over them. And she noticed that one of the alters, the one used as a super soldier, was trying to get into her mind and give her false info. So she had her guides analyze the situation and they informed me that the super soldier alter works with very negative reptilian beings and they have done some horrible things to me. She looked at my aura and saw it loaded with so much trauma it could literally take years to go over the details of all the trauma I was forced to go through. We did a sweep of my aura and remove about 80% of the trauma blocks. But then we ran out of time and had to stop the session.
Overall it seems accurate. I don’t know how much longer these beings are going to be able to get away with what they have done but I suspect it wont will be much longer. In the meantime I will continue working on healing myself and in the process hope this message is able to help those who need it.
James Rink


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