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Former White Hat on Aaron M Clones

The last time I had a run in with Aaron McCollum was in 2011. A friend of mine sent out a mass email list with links to my Change is on the Horizon documentary and some links of my super soldier talk series and without making any judgement on the content asked the recipients to investigate. Interestingly Aaron McCollum wrote this individual back with the words “DON’T MENTION THE NAME JAMES RINK TO ME EVER AGAIN” No clarification or further response was given to his negative reaction.

Now I am not in the business of promoting hearsay I can only provide information and let others decide what may or may not be true. But i have been in this field of research long enough to know when someone gives a bizarre reaction to certain content with no clarification or a poorly reasoned clarification probably indicates they are a clone and lack a soul and connection to god source and a minion of the dark side. I have seen this happen to my close friend Nathan Wilder after he was changed out he first denied he knew me , when that didn’t work he claimed i was delusional and ignored any of my emails. When Casbolt contacted him he accused both of us of suffering from mass delusion. But when a friend of mine contacted Nate , he admitted he had a strong alter and had to abandon James because of it. And also admitted he could swim and run faster confirming he was indeed being used.

This also happened to a former business associate. When he was changed out his personality became dimwitted and ugly towards me and with the first opportunity he could would back stab you to steal your work and try to ruin your reputation. When the original contacted me he warned me what his clone was doing and asked me to warn people about whats going on even if it made me sound a bit off my rocker.

Living around cloned family members is not much fun either, try talking about the ultra milab super soldier program around them and they will look at you with empty glossy eyes. Instead of trying to help you find healing or asking for more information will look for reasons how this content damages the family name and reasons why you shouldn’t talk about this subject mater.

Now i have no opinion either way of former white hat. Everyone has their beleif system and maybe this idelwild group is the real deal. Since Aaron doesn’t exactly approve of the work I do. I have no way of contacting him to get his side of the story. So sadly all we got is hearsay. With that said, Former White Hat sent me a interesting tidbit of information, I will let the viewers decide what they want from this.

“The Aaron you emailed is a clone they put in his place. There are clones of Aaron in Ohio, Washington State and Alaska, as there is a clone of Jim (James sp?) Michael Casbolt in Michigan and in the US Army. The Aaron with the Idylwild is the real deal. Of course his clone would say that.”


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