Tuesday, April 16, 2024

FREE RANGE: Gail of Gaia talks to James About Super Soldiers, History & Galactic Races and Slavery

James covers the different planetary corporations, break away groups such as the Alliance, black goo, off planet slavery and colonies on Mars. This information is not typical and will inform you of things you have not heard before. He covers some of the Galactic races, ancient technologies and alien technologies far beyond what most humans are aware of! This is informative and mind boggling! Please help support the channel by liking, sharing and donating if you possibly can.

To donate use a Postal Money Order or however is best for you. The it as hard as possible I cant do this, so please help if you can . Also we have found that audio gets affected on upload many times and it is not a problem on the raw data. Google has refused to monetize my channel. I am trying to upgrade my equipment. A very special thank you to Garrett Ward for helping with the processing of the videos, putting together the introduction and donate pages. He volunteers his time as I do. Your donations make it possible to pay it forward to Garrett and also get software for this process.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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Gail Ross
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