Monday, April 22, 2024

FREE RANGE: Gail of Gaia talks with Super Soldier Penny Bradley about Mars, Council of Five Justice

This is a fascinating account of Penny’s life as a SuperSoldier after she has recovered many of her memories. She talks about Mars and here experiences with giant spiders and living conditions on Mars and the colonies there. She talks about the replicators that Drake Bailey mentions and the quality of the food they produce. She shows a picture of the Galactic Council of Five administering justice to those who have taken advantage and abused humanity and their children! She serves as a Bailiff on the Council with the prosecutor. Penny is protected for what she reveals as long as she tells the truth. The Guardians protect her. They are called Canids and are wolflike benevolent creatures. You will find this discussion fascinating and amazing. Space is occupied and humans are feared at this time for entry due to our hostile nature. Our collective consciousness must improve and people need to open their eyes to what is truth and what is lies. You will find this talk full of information and will increase your knowledge of the galaxy. You will see a picture of the Council of Five. Some very dark entities have been executed and Baphonet is one. Learn what you have never been told.

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