Note I never believed Aaron M would join something like the Idylwild group. The following info seems to confirm this belief read on.

Free White Hat and The Idylwild Group.
I found the FWH posts to be funny and decided that somebody was out to poke fun at the Truth Movement and the players within it. It was so bad it was good, if you get my drift.

At first, an obvious choice would be Aaron McCollum. He has been off the radar, recently issued a Manifesto, in which he gives some reasons why the Truth Movement is now in tatters. So I sent him an E mail but he said nope, not me. I then thought Bill Ryan. He and Kerry Cassidy had a parting of the ways and he has the knowledge. But….well ???? Then the Idylwild Group appeared stating that Aaron was a member,so I sent another E mail and he said nope, I am not in that group and never have been.

So I decide to get their feeds to my RSS google reader and low and behold in the left hand column there is the web site designers name and E mail.  He is also on Facebook. Now as we all know, if you want privacy, don’t go near FB.  The web site designer is Eric Rothoff Andersson who is 18 and lives in Sweden. He has just left high school and is a computer nerd with loads of computing skills.  He claims authorship and so there must be a connection with the Idylwild Group and through them to FWH. What better than to bring a few friends in to help???
So we have Sigrun, an advisor, who happens to be the Rune of  Victory in Norse mythology. Norway is adjacent to Sweden and an ally, but more of that later.

We have Orlein which turns out to be a family name which is difficult to originate. They have travelled all round the World and are to me found in many countries.

We have Nellit. Something musical?

We have Chenauh  who according to is a tau ceti  BABY.!  Nice (same) picture on both sites!!!!
Then we come to Aaron McCollum in this Group.  He assures me in E mails that he has neither been contacted nor given permission to use his name and/or details in anyway.  If he ain’t in it, then it calls for their authenticity to be questioned. .I have asked them to name Aaron’s dog. I bet they don’t answer or may not even print it.  Oh on that note..

I commented on a picture of a German saucer, on the ground, with men and trucks nearby. I said that it looked photo shopped from the very funny movie Iron Skies.

Within two minutes the photo was swapped to an old sepia tone  one, different saucer with neither men nor trucks in attendance. The movie bombed but is becoming a bit of a cult.

On the cult note,older Americana is big in Sweden. Well in the land of the midnight Sun it gets dark for long terms!!! This whole site is just a complete piss take of super heroes comics and movies juxtaposing people who have been through very dangerous programming and situations with their web versions.

It is reminiscent of Flash Gordon black and white films where an announcer gives the story so far and then updates you.

So if I am, in fact, correct then Eric and friends should bow out gracefully. Oh yes, I forgot, could Tommy A Hansen be a Norwegian cousin or have they just been watching Kerry Cassidy videos a lot??

Let battle commence……………………