Join the First Silicon Valley Secret Space Technologies Business Applications Conference. Tickets and info available here: To Learn more about Jean Charles Moyen Story visit the links: Secret Space Program Starseed Revelation, documentary:… Sci-Fi Movie Based on True Events:… 0:00 Summary 1:18 Introduction about this episode and Jean Charles Moyen 2:11 Getting the context and Jean story with a list of quick questions 4:00 Why SSP is secret in his opinion 4:25 Silicon Valley event with Jean 5:22 Summary of SSP program 6:00 A battle on Mars where he almost died 8:58 Super advanced medical technologies to repair his injured body 10:15 Relationships with other ETs, friendship and communication 11:40 Jean telepathic and telekinetic skills in the SSP 12:20 Sleep 8 minutes with the med bed a very special technology 14:00 Leisure and food technology, the replicator 14:55 Personal rooms and their technology 16:00 Interacting with ETs and the problem of mind reading 17:25 The last day in the SSP saying goodbye and memory erasing 18:30 Jean Charles movies and documentaries 19:25 When and how the government will finally release the information