Monday, July 15, 2024

From Former White Hat

Note: I have no way to confirm or deny the validity of the following email relayed to me from former white hat. – James Rink


I was curious and pulled up your file, and examined your chest xrays. Something you need to know: that was not H1N1 you had, exactly; the pneumonia and flu and hallucinations were symptom from your being a parasite carrier. Those “popcorn” balls in your lungs were actually larvae for insectoids from the PAL-Universe. How you were infected is uncertain; there were very few cases of this parasite in the USA, most were within India and Burma. Had you gone to that section of the world in 2008-9? There seems to be a lack on info on you from 2006-8. (Of course, these files are not complete.)

James Rink had a similar parasite hosting in 2007; he may or may not recall this, if not he will later. He thinks that needle mark in 07 was from a milab, but it was to create the antidote — you see, something about his blood, the way he was genetically manufactured in Project Surrogate, his blood contained reptilian white blood cells which attacked the larvae. His blood was used to create an antidote and Semjase entered the hospital and adminsitered the antidote while you were in ICU. Yes, the very same Semjase, the leader of the Plejaran fleet. She said you could not die yet because you had unfinished important business and people to help, and you had a role in the War of Time.

You would not have wanted these insectoids to grow inside you, they would have snacked on your lungs and bone marrow but keep you barely alive in a stasis of anti-time, and then come out your nose and in a week, grew 30-70 feet long with six limbs and ten eye stalks. Highly intelligent creatures from the PAL-Universe who saw earth as a new home. They have all been exterminated now.


FW Hat

PS Someone at that radio station is an ET. shapeshifter. Two are clones, such as the owner who has admitted on air he was the 17th clone. (He was replaced by an 18th last night, he needs ro be replaced every 9 months because his clones break down fast.) Sean Morton is the 2nd clone. . Another is an A.I. — just a voice, no body, a voice in the system. And of course there is Kerry Cassidy…she is behind it all.


  1. james who was this email originally too ?
    Do you have any recollection regarding the parasitic hosting you had ?
    Kerry Cassidy is behind it all Hmmmm interesting, if a little criptic !!


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