Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Full Audio – Capt K Interviews Part 4 – Physical age regression & regaining wiped memories

This is the full audio of Part 4 of Captain K’s testimony where we learn about his efforts to regain his memory after trying to lead a normal life.
To listen to the ExoNews TV broadcast of this interview go to: http://youtu.be/CWRtbjlgq9Y

For Part 3, Earth Defense Force: Secret Space Fleet go to: http://youtu.be/yTIaIvJ81yE
To listen to the full audio of Part 3, go to: http://youtu.be/oWLZwD4qq2c

For Part 2, Mars Defense Force: Defending Human Colonies go to: http://youtu.be/ZJ6OpdyNHIQ
To listen to the full audio of Part 2, go to: http://youtu.be/YCTYkYcYuI0

For Part 1, Super Soldiers & Operation Moon Shadow go to: http://youtu.be/iJVWc9cZBVs
To listen to the full audio of Part 1, go to: http://youtu.be/9vj4N2RHYc0



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