Thursday, June 20, 2024

Full Detailed Testimony:Freemason SRA Survivor Karly Franz

The time has come that I tell you who my perpetrators are, where these events took place, and everything that happened in chronological order. I hope that someone will save my videos in case anything happens to me, because I’m putting myself in extreme danger by bringing the darkness to light. Since hackers already doxxed my perpetrators names and cities, I figured it was time to do this video. My purpose in life is much greater than myself. It is what God wants me to do, to be a voice for the children who didn’t have one, to stand up and be counted as a whistleblower against the evil forces that run the entire world. I know that I will face repercussions for speaking out, but there are many of you who are just like me, and even if only one person is helped by my videos, my heart is happy and I have accomplished what I set out to do. I knew that when I was a little girl that this day would come, exposing my perpetrators for who they really are. What’s more is that my experiences are part of a global and ancient satanic tradition of the most disgusting and heinous acts against children. My heart goes out to all of you that have been subjected to this evil. To all of my fellow extra-judicial targeted individuals, I love you. To all of my fellow brothers and sister in Christ and God almighty, I love you. To all of the evil people in the world who are working in the darkness against mankind, God will cut you down and it will happen sooner than later.


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