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Future Timelines and more

Hi James

I know exactly what you mean about the self destructing. It seems to get bad every time I start to get going good. I personally refuse to let it defeat me. And the feeling I get is you wont let it beat you either. I know words can just be empty to you when your in the self destruct mode. But I say this not because it’s the right thing to say to help pick someone up. But it’s a overwhelming feeling I got as I was reading your email. Your to strong for them to beat. Just remember they might be able to control some of the stuff we do but they have never and will never be able to control our spirit.

I personally have been having some very vivid dreams about what I think might be the future. I see myself and people I know running and fighting against what I think is government people. We are protecting family members and friends. In the dreams I have had Florida was getting really bad so the group of people I am with leaves Florida and heads for high ground. We still fight for survival. And set up camps and safe places.

Some times I don’t even want to wake up from the dreams so I can see what all is going on. I got a journal today so I could start writing them down. I feel rather strange when I wake up. Like I was really there. Kind of out of sorts. So I kind of see where the famine thing might be coming in at.

James I think it’s going to take warriors like us to get this country back to some what normal living. I plan on starting to get back into shape by walking and working out. I think we need to get prepared. It’s a gut feeling I have.

Oh I have a question I wanted to ask you before. I didn’t know if it was to personal or not. Do you ever feel numb. Emotionally? I find myself feeling numb emotionally sometimes and it makes it hard in my relationships. You don’t have to answer I just didn’t know if anyone else in milab’s felt like this. For instance. Last year my dad died and I didn’t seem to feel upset very much by it. I know he was a monster but he was still my father. I kind of expected to feel something at least. Other things have happened that should have bothered me and it didn’t.


I guess part of my frustration is now i cant hardly eat anything. Nuts, Squashes, Soy, Wheat, Rice, Sugar, Corn, Chocolate, Dairy, fruit are all just some examples of foods i am not allowed to eat anymore cause my GI tract hurts so bad.

On top of that im still getting needled, i been told the cabal is nearly finished they only got a few strong holds left but soon that will be gone too. So i guess that’s good news except my health is not the best and im trying to get rid of this jaundice look i no suffer with from i beleive all the injection toxins i got in me.

Yes i feel numb i thought it was because of growing up around a family who never showed me love. Maybe its a protection mechanicism to help us escape the pain we deal with.

I had the opportunity to regression another gifted indivdual and this time decided to look into the future. Bascailly it appears that we will see 600% inflation by January 2014 and from there it goes sky high. The first people to suffer are the poor and middle class. The rich can still buy food but soon they will be effected too.

My source was telling me to stock pile freeze dried food and get a indoor hydroponic garden for a 18 month famine. The famine wont end so I was told until the govt releases replicator technology which they got right now but suppress the technology for greed purposes.

Was also told energies coming in from the photon belt are going to cause super hot summers and the polar ice caps will melt, causing increased tidal activity around Florida. Another psychic saw basically a 20 mile swatch of coastal land being washed away from the rising tides all around Florida but didn’t see the whole state underwater so who knows really. Melting of the polar ice caps will reveal ruins if ancient civlizations which will be exposed and the govt wont be able to suppress that our civilization is alot older then we are told.

Also portals are going to start opening up beginning April 2014 to May 2017 which we need to step through to get into the 5th dimension. Those who don’t go will be left behind on 3D earth which will fade away from 5d at that point. If we prepare ourselves using meditation and kundalini awakening we will be fine. Those who are not aware and prepared will eventually spontaneously combust and be no more.

Not sure what to take of this, truthfully there are numerous timelines and possiblities so i beleive we can change our own reality and through our thought intentions end up on the timleline we deserve based on how we treat others. Thats the big secret not taught in school.


Dear James,

I didn’t know you were unable to eat so many things. There’s not much left after the list you sent me of things you can’t eat. How are you surviving? It makes me so angry to know they have caused this. Do you think if they stopped messing with you. You would be able to get well? I can truly see your strength now. The feeling I had about you is becoming clearer now. I can see your strength is off the charts. I see what my daughter goes through and its not much compared to what you are going through. So I can only imagine what you have to deal with every day. These monsters need to be stopped. I am unsure how we will do it. But I think it will be together.

I know the feeling about the bank thing. Banks are part of the evil that plagues us. They are all owned by the very people we fight. Just one more way to mess with our psyche.

I really thought it would be earth quakes that would cause florida to flood. I don’t know why I just feel like thats what will happen. Maybe the vibration I am feeling is the actually waves coming in. I know either way we are in for a rough ride.



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