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Gary Carlson: “7 years of trouble followed by Ascension in 10 years is important news”


Gary Carlson: “7 years of trouble followed by Ascension in 10 years is important news”
“Mild Tribulation” Purging – Trump presidency, Brown Dwarf flyby, five years offloading Karma, then Ascension to 4th/5th Density for planet Earth
By Alfred Lambremont Webre
VANCOUVER, BC – Gary Carlson returns to with a new report, “7 years of trouble followed by Ascension in 10 years is important news”.
Detail-filled report of predicted Brown Dwarf flyby
Gary Carlson’s report includes a detailed filled description of a predicted Brown Dwarf flyby that he has been monitoring and the impact of the flyby on human society, both as it prepares for the flyby and in its aftermath. The predicted context includes the following developments:

  • the elimination of 50-80 negative Matrix controllers with hybrid reptilian-human [Ed. Or Hybrid Insectoid-human] souls that have been maintaining a great deal of the negativity on Earth’s infrastructure and human fabric;
  • a Trump US presidency that Gary Carlson states could be beneficial if advanced policy, technical and spiritual advisers can influence Trump to act “for the public good and not that of the bankers”.
  • Although up to 90% of the human population lives on the coasts of nations with a sea coast, Carlson says, much will have move inland to avoid Tsunamis
  • A five or so year period after the Brown Dwarf fly so that souls incarnating as humans in 3rd density on Earth “could clear their Karma” in preparation for Ascension.
  • The Golden Age begins. All false religions are knocked out. The torsion field of the God energy carrying divine DNA across all universes
  • Ascension, which is a process of density transition of the hologram of biosphere Earth & Gaia and all flora and fauna (including humans) in the dimensional ecology to 4th and 5thDensity as the Source field of this our Universe creates this Ascension event for this planet Earth alone [and not the solar system or galaxy as a whole, according to Gary Carlson]. Thus the Source Field appears to be an embodiment of infinite intelligent energy and Law.

DISCLAIMER: and this reporter do not endorse specific views of Gary Carlson. Some, like the Brown Dwarf meme, may reflect an AI Artificial Timeline. We are providing a lawfully protected platform for their expression and publishing this article in the public interest for the daylight of Truth.

Gary Carlson “Mild Tribulation” Trump presidency, Brown Dwarf flyby, Karma, then Golden Age – Was this the AI Timeline?


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