Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Gene Decode – Return to the Republic End of US INC

Today we have Gene Decode and special guests from FESIG the free energy special interest group which I sometimes host. Todays topics include current events including developments as a result of the US elections, the Vatican update, and what’s going on underground.

Gene has come forward as a whistleblower with information regarding the liberation of deep underground military bases and the emancipation of human trafficked children from these bases. Gene is a 21-year veteran with the Navy. He is a Vietnam vet. He worked in electronics on submarines in special forces. He has a background in martial arts. With a strong desire to learn more about the human body, Gene researched holistic medical practices, acupuncture and the science of herbal medicine, much of it through a Chinese foundation. Because of the nature of his expertise, Gene was privy to high military clearance sometimes higher than some of his commanding officers. His father was a scientist for Martin-Marietta and Gene grew up hearing about covert military operations.

Also joining us to ask questions from gene is Crystal Goh founder of FESIG. She is a Business Consultant in London, UK, a Consciousness Activist, Mind Mastery Coach and a Free Energy enthusiast. We also have Pontus of Sweden who is a member of the FESIG R&D Team. He has worked as a Test Engineer on free energy devices, Aircraft Flight Technician, with Volvo Engine Motor Laboratory. To learn more about FESIG please visit http://truevisionofpeace.com/.

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