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General Overview of the Breakaway Society Part II

by John Witberg and edited by Daniel Salla

The topic of the Breakaway is a vast one. Their population currently stands at 9.6 trillion people, spread across thousands of planets within 3 galaxies, namely the Milky Way galaxy, Andromeda galaxy, and Pegasus galaxy. The Breakaway, as of 2022, is thousands of years old through time travel, though they organically began in the 1850s, Earth time.

Religion in the German Breakaway is primarily variations of Asatru. ICC colonies have religions of many types. The exact practices of the Germans varies between colonies. On Vega Prime, they see themselves as connected to the soul of the planet. On New Atlantis, the practice consists of engaging in DMT fueled orgies as a way to summon the Gods. On Centurion, the religion is essentially practiced in the same way as it was in the Germanic tribes thousands of years ago. On Mars, I don’t quite remember the practices, but the Martian sect are the only group I’ve met who self identify as Illuminati. The Breakaway elite practice far darker variants involving black goo drinking and human sacrifice. Some of the elite women are Vril priestesses. They blindfold themselves, take drugs, then engage in a very odd form of divination, attempting to channel information from the Gods

The Breakaway has a caste system that is nearly impossible to rise in, unless you have an extraordinary talent that the Breakaway elites find valuable enough to invite you to their inner circle. The ultra wealthy live in palaces and have private space ships. They also have access to luxury cruises around the galaxy. A step below them are the white collar middle class colonists, and the blue collar middle class colonists. These people are able to travel, although they don’t have private spaceships. They travel on cigar shaped civilian transport ships, which are roughly the interstellar equivalent of a Greyhound bus. They also don’t have access to the cutting edge medical technology the elites have, though what they do have access to is still almost unimaginable from an Earth perspective. A step below these is the officer class. These people live in relative comfort, though they’re trapped in a lifelong military contract, and have no say over what’s done with their genetic material. The sale of their DNA is a major component of the economy of the German Breakaway. The next step is those people belonging to the so called merchant class. I was of this group. Despite the name, this class also includes subsistence farmers, highly paid professionals such as scientists and engineers, paid servants of the elite, as well as diplomats like myself. Despite being only one step up from the bottom, these people generally have the highest amount of freedom, with the exception of the elite. The very bottom of the hierarchy is the slave class. These people live in squalor, often in caves with no running water or electricity. This class also includes enlisted military personnel and cyborgs, who, despite having been human originally, have had all ability to think removed, aside from that which is required to do their jobs.

Daily life of citizens varies significantly based on their class. The elite live in luxury, have access to portal tech, and as such often have homes on multiple planets. The middle class colonists and merchant class colonists generally have jobs which give them a decent amount of freedom, though middle class colonists have higher paying jobs in exchange for less freedom. Many aliens of various species also live in the Breakaway. They’ve generally been subjugated, and as such are rarely able to rise above being either merchant class or slave class.

The Breakaway has a thriving entertainment industry. Movies and tv shows are popular, as is music. Many of these things are bootlegged from Earth, then passed off as having come from a colony. However, a number of colonies do have their own entertainment industry. Many films and reality shows are shot on the ocean world of New Atlantis. In the German colonies in particular, there’s a very heavy emphasis on cultural entertainment. Operas and classical orchestras are very popular, as are many types of museums. Many sports, particularly soccer, are played, as are video games. Casinos are common in corporate colonies. The Breakaway also has a large pornography industry, much of which comes from Mars and Typhon. Amusement parks are also sometimes found in the colonies inhabited by the ultra wealthy.

The main languages of the Breakaway are English and various dialects of German. There are numerous colonies that are home to other languages, some common ones being Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. Vega Prime has a small Greek population, while Centurion has a small Czech community. However, in order to to travel in the Breakaway, being able to speak and understand German and/or English is required.

There seems to be a very strange relationship between the German Breakaway and its allies, which consists of the various other national factions and their colonies, and the corporate Breakaway. These two are in direct opposition to each other, yet they often work together. They frequently exchange personnel and technology. They’re often on the same planets. And while the alien races at the top of these factions are different, the races they work with on a smaller scale are often overlapping.

As previously mentioned, many aliens have become a part of the Breakaway, either through trade deals or subjugation. The Draco and Imperial Mantids are unable to live among the human population due to their extreme psionic energy, which kills most humans. However, many other mammalian species, as well as most other species of human, and a few non Draco reptilian races, can and do live amongst the Solaren human population. Certain races are also unable to live amongst humans, due to the fact that they require an atmosphere and/or gravity level which is unlivable for us. For unknown reasons, the colonies on Vega Prime, Mars, and Titan generally forbid humans and and aliens from intermingling, except for official purposes.

Transport in the Breakaway is varied, though generally excellent. Public transit in most colonies is via maglev subways. Interplanetary transit can be done via jump gates where available, or on cigar shaped ships built by Boeing. The elite class have privately owned starships.

Most Breakaway colonies are on Earth like planets. A common misconception is that a planet has to be identical to Earth in every way to be habitable. This is false. Humans can survive and thrive in a variety of gravity levels and amounts of sunlight. The most crucial thing is that a planet have a breathable atmosphere and high enough levels of moisture. Virtually every star in the galaxy has a planet which fits this criteria. Also, all planets are either hollow or honeycombed, which makes it possible to build underground on any planet which has a solid surface.

Other colonies have been built on other types of planetary bodies, such as moons and asteroids. Many of these colonies have been built underground, where it’s possible to create an artificial biosphere with a habitable environment. A few have been built on the surface. It’s possible to create an artificial magnetosphere, or electromagnetic force field, in which a habitable environment can be created. Attempts at terraforming have occurred, particularly on the moons of Jupiter and Mars, but they’ve been largely unsuccessful.

Europa galactic checkpoint, Solar Warden

My memories of Europa are the most numerous of all my SSP experiences. A little background. I was cloned at age 13, and the clone was age advanced to being a man of around 30. All memories were erased, and an artificial personality was downloaded into this clone, creating an alter. So this alter, Adam, is a 30 year old man with no memories of any life before waking up in a hospital bed. For some unknown reason, his personality has bled through several times, giving me large chunks of memory each time. His personal story will be recounted at a later date.

After waking up, and a cover story being given for my amnesia, which I won’t cover here, I went to the Europa Solar Warden base/colony. We went via portal. This portal was of the Stonehenge variety.

The base is surprisingly small, given its importance. It has a permanent population of around five thousand. It consists of a very long street with a few side streets. I lived on the main street, in the nightlife area. This was close to a pedestrian tunnel leading to the checkpoint and its associated offices, where I worked. This was all underground.

My apartment was really more of a motel room. It had a kitchenette, a bed, a tv, a tiny wardrobe, and a table with just enough room for 2, all in one room. It also had a very small private bathroom. But it was free, provided by my job. It was on the third story of a five story building. On the ground floor was a nightclub called Les Langue Du Chat, or The Cats Tongue. My landlord was a red ant person, around 7 feet tall.

During my time on Europa, I was a bit of a Captain Kirk. I won’t go into detail, but I do recall a number of sexual experiences with various alien women.

Around a quarter mile walk down a pedestrian tunnel from my apartment were the offices. These connected to the landing pad for the checkpoint. The offices had clearly been designed in an era before personal computers. There were some private offices elevated a level above a typing pool. Solar Warden was so paranoid about getting hacked that all information was on paper. At the end of the workday, a girl from the typing pool would come to my office and I would dictate my report to her. My favorite typist was a black French Canadian girl named Marie.

The landing pad was a sight to behold. It was connected directly to the offices and was in a cavern open to the outside. This cavern, due to being used as a landing pad for all types of ships from across this galaxy and a few others, had to be enormous. It was around 20 miles long, 5 miles high, and 8 miles wide. It opened to the surface of Europa. How it was still breathable inside the landing bay I don’t know, as the surface of Europa has no real atmosphere to speak of, much less a breathable one.

Europa was chosen to have this checkpoint because of the Jupiter wormhole/star gate. This wormhole can be used to travel all across the Milky Way galaxy, plus around three of the other nearby galaxies. Europa is the closest moon to said wormhole, so it was chosen to be home to the checkpoint for those using it. As Solar Warden is essentially border security for the solar system, maintaining this checkpoint became their job, in exchange for technology and a seat for Earth at the galactic table. I believe at this point that Solar Warden is lead by the Tall Whites.

My job was communicating with the captains and/or pilots of incoming and outgoing ships. It was my responsibility to ask to see their registration and all other relevant documentation, such as ship manifests, licenses to transport weapons and other restricted items, and generally keep them distracted while a security crew searched their ships to ensure no contraband was carried. If it was, then the repercussions varied based on how serious the contraband was. If it wasn’t serious, then the contraband was simply confiscated, and the ship and her crew were sent on their way. If it was serious, then the ship and all of her crew were arrested. I never knew where they were taken upon being arrested.

The captains of these ships came in all shapes, colors, and sizes. I was usually dealing with alien species, in particular reptilian species, as I have a genetic predisposition for such things. There were also human SSP ships. I didn’t generally deal with them, but I did see ships belonging to Dark Fleet, Kruger, Monarch, and various national factions.

A few notable cases of the aliens I dealt with include the following. One was a ship full of Martian Raptors who were refugees fleeing the genocide being committed against them by the Germans. Another was a cargo ship piloted by a female Arcturian. Her call sign was Spectra. I saw her often, she regularly delivered food and supplies from Earth and Mars to various human colonies outside the Solar System. I saw numerous other species, including Aquatic humanoids who came onto the landing pad in portable tanks, many species of humans, all sorts of greys, and numerous reptilian races.

Underneath our offices, in a sort of basement, was a cybernetics and cloning lab. I would often smuggle coffee to the Doctor who was head of this lab. Her specialty was calibrating implants so as to manipulate the abilities these clones and cyborgs had. She did this for many factions, even though her lab was in a Solar Warden base. I once came into her office after her assistant had incorrectly calibrated the implants of a certain clone, which lead to him killing two guards and destroying the lab. Other guards showed up and shot him, which made the clone unusable. This clone had been supposed to do a job personally for Mrs. Kruger.

Somewhere on this base was also a weapons factory. I’m not sure where it was in relation to the rest of the base. They produced guns and other types of weapons for Solar Warden and their allies outside the solar system. I carried a pistol which looked like a Desert Eagle but shot plasma. I also had a plasma rifle tucked under my desk in case someone I was interviewing attempted to cause me harm. The weapons factory also produced various edged weapons, including axes, swords, and combat knives. One notable product was their bladed weapons with diamond edges. Due to the low cost of diamonds from the asteroid belt, producing these was very cheap.

I also have some recall of the daily life on this base. There was a rather unimpressive nightlife, which was centered around a few clubs in the general vicinity of my apartment. Most of them included prostitution. Alcohol was imported from Earth. Foodstuffs imported from various planets were available at a store near the edge of the base. I don’t remember the payment method on this base.

The base was inhabited around 85% by Earth humans. However, certain alien races who worked with the U.S. Government did have a presence, doing odd jobs. A number of the prostitutes were humans who’d undergone genetic modification to look like certain aliens. There were also a few individuals living on this base who were human animal chimeras, as well as a population of people who’d had genetic work done to become bioluminescent.

I don’t remember the context surrounding this, but I do recall a time where I was exploring an abandoned colony on the surface, where an attempt had been made at terraforming Europa. This was unsuccessful. While it had been possible to create a breathable atmosphere within a force field, getting plants to grow on the surface had been impossible due to a lack of sunlight.

Europa is also home to an indigenous civilization within its subterranean oceans. This idea has been theorized by NASA and many other mainstream groups. These oceans are full of life, however the only sentient creatures are these 10 foot long bioluminescent eels with human like arms. They’re highly telepathic and have a basic Stone Age civilization at the bottom of these subterranean oceans. They generally detest humans, especially Solar Warden, whom they see as an invading force.

Europa, from orbit, is breathtaking. It’s mostly white, with a few streaks of red. It’s covered in ice coated mountains. The red streaks are the valleys. The mountains also have caves leading underground and to the subterranean oceans. The view from the surface is also incredible. The stars are very bright, given the lack of an atmosphere. Jupiter takes up a massive portion of the sky.

Given my talent for telepathic communication with alien races, I was occasionally called to other checkpoints in the solar system, if the personnel were having difficulty communicating. I visited checkpoints on Mars, Titan, Ganymede, and Enceladus. I’ll elaborate on that in a future series of notes.

This concludes my notes regarding Europa. There are numerous other details and small stories of my time there that I remember, far too many to record.

Titan New Nuremberg Major German Colony

Titan, New Nuremberg colony. Major German colony. Solar Warden personnel also present.

Titan is a moon of Saturn, inhabited by the German SSP for about 700 years, through time travel. It is home to numerous naturally occurring portals/wormholes, leading to numerous places in the Milky Way galaxy, and several neighboring galaxies, making it a very important transit location.

The German SSP first colonized Titan in the 1920s, but at some point went back in time, so that the colony, known as New Nuremberg, is currently around 700 years old, with a population of around 40 million.

I don’t have a clear memory of the native inhabitants of Titan, but I believe them to be a plasma based life form. Numerous ET races have also set up bases and colonies on Titan, both on the surface and underground.

The topography of Titan is that of an uninhabitable desert. The colony is under an electromagnetic force field dome, or magnetosphere. The natural atmosphere is highly toxic, with very high levels of sulfur, giving the sky a yellow color. The temperature is hundreds of degrees below freezing. The landscape consists of bright red rock, with yellow sand, streaked with black sand, which seems to indicate that Titan was once a volcanic world. There are also huge lakes and oceans of methane, which reflect a rainbow when the sun shines directly on them.

The colony itself was built not by the Germans, but by the so called ancient builder race. At its northernmost point is a massive pyramid, which has been converted to office space. As a general rule, New Nuremberg gets poorer the further south you go. The poorest sections of the city are at its southernmost point, where the living space is carved out of the sides of cliffs. These areas contain no electricity or running water. The city is surrounded on all sides by a massive wall, from which the magnetosphere is projected.

In it’s southwestern point is a military establishment, over a hill from the city itself. From its northwestern point is a 300 mile long covered highway, which leads to the ET inhabited areas.

I lived in the northeastern portion of New Nuremberg. I was in what was called an apartment, but really more of a hostel. The bedroom itself was completely private. However, the bathroom and kitchen were communal. The entire northern half of New Nuremberg is home to both German colonists and various corporations.

Transport consisted of two things, the first being a maglev subway. This was open 24 hours a day for military personnel, but less for civilians. The second transport method was through portals. A few of these lead from one area of the city to another, a few to the ET colony, and some outside the city. Having a car or dune buggy was necessary for transport in the countryside.

Outside the city are numerous mines,bases, and ancient sites. Far below the surface is a major ancient site built by the race native to Aldebaran. I went there once and found several artifacts,most notably a looking glass and a diamond pendant. When looking through the diamond one saw a map of star gates across the galaxy.

Due to my rather limited recall of my time on Titan, I am unable to provide more detail. This will be added to when and if I receive more memories of this phase.

Centurion, Alpha Centauri. Major German stronghold

Centurion is a massive jungle planet. It’s home to numerous bases and colonies in the German Breakaway. There’s also a small Czech population in the capital of New Berlin.

The native inhabitants of Centurion are skin colored Greys. However the planet, along with every inch of the Alpha Centauri system, is owned entirely by the Draconian empire. This is who I dealt with during the early colonial period. The only wildlife I remember are green parrots with a wingspan of approximately 6 feet, and a black beetle with yellow spots and a wingspan of approximately 2 feet.

My first memories of Centurion are during my first stint as a diplomat in what I previously considered Dark Fleet, but I’m now fairly certain was Kruger. We time traveled back in time to 1915 to do these negotiations. The Germans had discovered an abandoned white city, originally constructed by the Arcturians, but was now abandoned. A negotiation was done which allowed the Germans to acquire this city. The city was then renamed New Berlin. There is also a city on Mars called New Berlin. Both of these cities claim to be the capital of the German Breakaway. There’s a cultural rivalry between these 2 cities.

The negotiations to acquire this city took several months. There were around 30 diplomats involved, mostly German, but there were also American and Japanese diplomats. The diplomats and their security all lived in a jungle lodge. This lodge had a bar, as well as a portal in the basement, which was used for deliveries. This lodge was situated many miles from the city which was renamed New Berlin. We were supposed to take an unpaved road through the jungle, which took approximately 6 hours by Jeep, but one of the commanders refused to take this route, so we took a paved road. This cut our journey time down by approximately half.

I also have recalls of visiting this city at a much later date, I believe in the 1970s. By this point, the city was very well established. The security was incredibly tight. I had to have a chip installed my head which uploaded all my thoughts to an underground super computer. If I had a thought the system didn’t like, I’d have dropped dead on the spot. I also had to be escorted at all times by a super soldier. The Germans had also put a dome over the city, to protect it from orbital bombardment. This dome was made of an unknown transparent material. This city was inhabited by the very highest level of the Breakaway elites. There was also a high slave population. This was one of only 3 colonies where I saw slavery being practiced openly.

The religious practices of Centurion were a very dark variation of the Asatru religion. I don’t remember the specifics, but I remember a massive Asatru temple in the city center. The variant of the religion practiced there involved black goo drinking and sacrifices of both humans and animals.

I also remember visiting a city in the southeastern hemisphere. This was an ancient crystalline city, original builders unknown. It was near the coast. I recall several Nazi elites living there. There were an unknown species of blue Greys who had been enslaved. Centurion also has 2 moons, both of which are also colonized. Many alien species have also set up shop on Centurion.

Centurion is also home to a massive archive of files, underneath New Berlin. This is hidden behind multiple biometric locks. I seem to have a talent for breaking past these. At one point, I had discovered that Earth was still in existence. On my next diplomatic visit to Centurion, I broke into these archives. I don’t remember much from the files I read, but I do recall watching archival footage. This footage was mostly of the very early Nazi Breakaway. I recall footage of the very early Martian colonies, and battles with the native Martian insectoids and spiders. I also saw footage of early genetic experiments, which were highly unreliable. I remember one girl who had a random third arm growing out of her back. I also saw footage of early experiments with manipulating bodily movements using implants.

Centurion is also home to numerous ancient sites. I have faint memories of living in some type of camp in the jungle. I went to a location deep underground, digging for ancient technology. I remember finding gold plated boxes and scrolls. I don’t remember the purpose of these.

A number of the various corporations that are in the Breakaway also have a presence on Centurion. It’s one of the planets which is used to showcase the planetary defense grid technology, invented by Raytheon. This is a network of satellites which have missiles. These are designed to stop any and all projectiles which may be hurled at the planet from orbit. Kruger also has a base on Centurion. Many elite Breakaway families live on Centurion, this includes the Krugers, the Rothschilds, the Serenes, the Marshalls, etc.

Breakaway timeline

In the early 1800s, certain German and American scientists and engineers began receiving technology. I believe this was mostly Atlantean/Ancient Builder race technology that certain spiritualists were lead to in Egypt, Turkey, and in abandoned alien facilities in the mountains of Eastern Europe. These spiritualists, who were mostly German, British, and American aristocracy, were in communication with aliens. These aliens taught these spiritualists and scientists how to use the ancient technology they were finding, and they also taught them about the ancient network of wormholes, both artificial and naturally occurring. By 1840 these aristocrats had begun to establish colonies on the Moon, Mars, and Titan. These colonists were mostly ethnic Germans from the various German diasporas in Eastern Europe, the United States, and Latin America. By the 1890s they had begun using the wormhole network to colonize outside the solar system. At this point, they maintained very strong connections to the aristocracy on Earth.

The Germans and Americans continued this exchange of tech and personnel until the two countries became enemies in World War I. At this point, the German colonies in space began establishing themselves independently from the American and British colonies, and began to enter into communication with new alien species from the ones they had been engaging with previously. The chief among these were the Aldebaran Nordic Aryans. These species were extremely racist. They claimed that the German people were their descendants, and that all other humans were inferior subspecies, particularly Jews and Slavic peoples. This, combined with Germany’s humiliating defeat in WWI, lead to the creation of Nazism. With the assistance of the Aldebaran Nordic Aryans, the German SSP flourished throughout the 1920s and 1930s. Japan and the Soviet Union also began reviewing technology in this period, and they also began colonizing space. While the American colonies that had been previously established still existed, their technology began to plateau, leaving them vulnerable. However, the American government on Earth began receiving assistance from alien species who assisted them in winning WWII.

Following their defeat in WWII, the Nazis and the militaries of Imperial Japan began fleeing to a few colonies in Antarctica and on other planets. At this point, sensing opportunity, the Draco empire approached the Nazi leadership. They guaranteed the Nazis and Imperial Japanese military protection and assistance in setting up new colonies, so long as these military groups agreed to be mercenaries for the Draco. They agreed, and very soon after broke all ties with the Aldebaran Nordic Aryans, and to this day, these groups have ceased communication. After this alliance was broken, the Nazis ceased with their racial practices. While they are still fascists, they no longer care about skin color.

A few Nazi scientists were brought to America as part of Project Paperclip. They began giving information about the Breakaway Germans to the American government. In 1947, the American military attempted to take over the Nazi colony in Antarctica, but were easily defeated.

In 1952, a delegation of Breakaway Germans returned to Earth and approached the American government. They signed a treaty that the Nazis would leave Earth alone, so long as the American government gave them 150,000 children every year, in exchange for some technology. The Americans agreed. In 2007, I was one of those children. The Germans also signed similar treaties with various governments in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and East Asia. With so many new nationalities being brought into the fold, the Breakaway switched from speaking German to speaking English, though German is the mother tongue of a significant minority, and is still used at ceremonies and on official documents.

It was at this time that the Germans in space began experimenting with hyperspace travel. This allowed them to travel through time as well as through space. As they continued colonizing, they also began going into the past and picking up people from Earth who had died in wars, plagues, and genocides, regenerating them, and then using them as colonists. To increase their population, the male colonists were all given multiple wives and concubines. That also began going into the past to establish their colonies, so that some colonies now are over 2 thousand years old. The Breakaway currently has a population of 9.6 trillion, spread across approximately 10 thousand planets, moons, asteroids, and space station habitats.

Once the American government had made this treaty with the Nazis, they began to see WWII as being unfinished. They began pouring huge amounts of money into their own SSP, and also began to increase funding into the colonies they had already acquired in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They brought many other United Nations countries into the fold, as well as various corporations. They also began seeking new treaties with new alien species. This all lead to numerous black projects and Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, or USAPs. These included things such as MK Ultra, Project Monarch, Solar Warden, the Montauk Project, etc. A space faring mercenary company known as Kruger was also founded at this time by a Project Paperclip Nazi.

Eventually, the corporations who had been assisting the American government split off and became their own faction. I don’t remember what this group calls themselves, but other whistleblowers refer to them as either Planetary Corporations, or ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate). This group is noted for having no loyalties, and will share technology and personnel with both American aligned groups and Nazi aligned groups, provided the pay is high enough.


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