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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The Earth Alliance is now focused on eliminating all Deep State Cabal human trafficking operations.

The power outage in NYC was a cover for a failed Deep State Cabal attempt to assassinate Jeffrey Epstein.

The power outage occurred on the anniversary of the NYC 1977 blackout (coincidence?).

Jeffrey Epstein is currently a prime target for the Deep State Cabal as he agreed to cooperate and give the names of those involved in the human trafficking scandal.

Q said watch NYC.

The upcoming ICE raids of illegal immigrants will act as a cover to bust human trafficking rings nationwide as they are run by MS-13.

MS-13 is being used as a front for Deep State Cabal human trafficking operations.

High profile take downs (42) are about to occur (Who is 42?).

Bill Clinton was the 42nd President.

Also, Hillary Clinton is being criticized for aiding illegal immigrants to evade ICE which could lead to prosecution.

Meanwhile, Trump has been seen wearing a gold tie which is symbolic to the gold-standard returning.

Sources still believe the RV will occur sometime this month as the transition to a new Quantum Financial System (QFS) is expected to occur in August.

The RV must occur prior to any major global economic change.

The Earth Alliance expects to completely eliminate the Deep State Cabal by September.


Operation Disclosure


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