Milabs, Monarchs, Mkultra

Getting some mk things off my chest.

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  • Annunaki says:

    He must put down his music of off to hear wath his speak.

  • Jewel says:

    Hello (Michael?)
    I listened to your interview & it broke my heart. I believe I am an MK survivor as well. (Abuse, torture, alien abductions etc etc) I am a woman now 61, still trying to piece together what has happened in my life. I have a lot of the same world view, anger and hurt as you do, because like you, I can see the lies that constitutes what passes as life for the masses. I would never tell another how to live their life, but I will tell you this. You may not feel it, but you are special in that you have the ability to discern TRUE right from wrong, TRUE good from Pure Evil. In spite of how you got it, you have a gift of sight. I wont tell you that this gift is not painful or that you will ever be free from the tortures of what you know and feel, but if nothing else you are on the ground floor of a very much larger thing..the awakening of humanity. Look beyond this world, find your core, that absolute pureness inside you. That cannot be raped, tortured or MK’d out of you. You are part of something much bigger and you have power. I sincerely wish you peace..

  • Spencer says:

    I am just discovering at least some of this stuff happened to me – thank you very much for making this, it helped a lot.

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