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Global Vaccine Experiment

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Contributed by Oksana

A 4chan anon found wild data from the CDC showing that the vast majority of vaccine adverse events (miscarriage death etc) are caused by a tiny minority of vaccine lots. Here’s the craziest part. the lots are split between the 50 states. So it’s pretty clear its the lot that’s the problem, not a particular age group or county. Out of thousands of lots these alone cause 20% of the reactions:

EK5730 EH9899 011J20A 039K20A 026L20A EK9231 EJ1685 EL1284 037K20A 025L20A

So here’s the questions I have: What makes these lots so much more harmful? Are these lots the treatment lots and the rest the control group?

The vaccine lots have different alien groups experimenting here on humans by using a lot of different vaccine chemical components and combinations of those. So one vaccine under a certain name is split into many testing substances and they mark them by those numbers to see how they act in human body and what effects they have on humans. Once this alien DNA is injected into the individual it acts as abduction contracts for various ET races namely the Draco and Maytra to use humans for more testing or conversion into cyborg slaves off world.

They want to eventually come up with a perfect combination. So each vaccine is different and they use that nanotechnology in vaccines to give the information to them which they keep in their database of the biological processes accruing in humans after those doses. Global experiment going on right now.

Saline water also has nanotechnology in it. Saline water has always been contaminated. Everything in the matrix control system is contaminated but if you directly inject it into your muscle tissue with a needle your body cannot really take it out because it got into the body in a very unnatural way. The food , water air are all polluted but our body gets rid of those particles and that’s why they want us in masks so we do not .

Ironically my mother’s PhD dissertation was: Effects of hypoxia on cellular and humoral immunity. And everyone who wears a mask especially outside and for prolonged periods of time like I see those people and their kids everywhere are experiencing hypoxia. I see lots of little kids outside in masks. Makes me sad for them



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