Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Good Advice

Here is some good advice from S.

“There are alot of people out there that are self made journalist and bloggers or interviewers that have freelance radio shows etc…listen taking on subjects like conspiracy natural health or awakening people takes alot of will and strength to take on these things because of all the criticism in these areas of work…I commend you for getting peoples stories and giving out different views…however if you wish to be successful take some ques.. make sure you dont promote people that are abusive or have mental issues so that its furthers their harm.to others..interview people of substance that can help make a change.. constructive criticism is good when its done in a positive way..no article should bash anyone I believe that no one should be exploited because people have interest in their lives and using these people to get hits or more viewers is exploitation… get your facts right go to the source and ask questions don’t get caught up in what others say about anyone go to them yourself..your saying you want to make a positive impact do it through actions..be selective use common sense when choosing what to put out there and be aware it affects the masses…keep your karma good…also never join into gang stalking fb drama or badmouthing anyone when you do so your no longer good at your profession and should change it since you cannot keep an open mind and need to join drama..this isnt about bringing the public more drama this is about a mission to help out others and the world…listen up your either going to do it professionally or be like the rest of these people in the mass media which are disgusting for exploiting and lies and being shady..your choice.”


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