Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Good idea not to buy this perfume!

Fame from Lady Gaga . It probably contains blood and semen. Crowley and his progeny and poison, but also nanities to control those unwitting souls who spray it on themselves and like a virus it attacks the third eye. Made and bottled in a factory in east Europe where there are ritual sacrifices performed with young victims that are kidnapped. Not a coincidence it was produced by a division of RSA films. RS for Ridley Scott director of the alien movies etc. Note RSA also stands for ritual satanic abuse.

Starts with all seeing eye then goes on to the black milky substance which represents blood. Then we see the claws then onto more rituals and sacrifice and blood drinking that seems to give a little power. This is one of the more telling side of masonic and Illuminati occultism rituals.

The claws represent reptilians, dracos, and fallen angels. Enslavement Nazi and cloning is also a theme and sexual ritual sacrifice. Also when they add the blood and seaman it is mixed well with formulas that give of the aromas real chemistry is performed here. A matter of fact it is near enough to the same mix that the greys sock with in there vats. This also why the mixture is black. When blood is digested it turn black and will come out as red dark black. Idiotic masses do not understand.

For her fans the video looks great but for the trained eye it is all ritual. In this video not only is she selling her product and she is also giving it all for the Illumin-nuti and the Demons that is behind the Ilumin-nuti. It is like a full blood ritual being played out. These rituals are bloody and are played out for real behind closed doors all the time with the Ilumin-nuti. She know what she is doing she is a full satanist any how.


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